Kambwili Demands Fuel Price Cut; Feasts With The Poor On Day Of Fast

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has challenged the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to immediately rescind its decision to increase fuel pump prices.

Kambwili is disappointed that despite the increased cost of living, ERB has decided to add more problems to poor Zambians by increasing fuel prices.

He has accused government of failing to protect its citizens.

Kambwili said “what kind of people are they? Who don’t think for the poor, this price of fuel must be rescinded, if they don’t rescind then the best thing they can do is go back and re-negotiate salary increment”

He charged that government has duped the poor Zambian people with a 7% salary increment yet they knew the prices of fuel were going to be increased.

“Give the people of Zambia a break, they have had enough, atleast give them better salary increments atleast 40-50% to cushion the challenges they will come with increase in fuel price,” Kambwili stated.

“They increased tariffs on Zesco and this has led to an increase in the cost of living,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kambwili announced yesterday that he spent the Day of National Prayer and Fasting feasting with the poor in his Roan constituency.

“Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. … But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish,” he posted on his Facebook page.

“Today [yesterday,] I spent my Day attending to the poor and needy in my constituency, we shared food, drinks, laughter and wisdom such that I learnt so much about the undying love of God.”

Kambwili’s political partner Mwenya Musenge, however, pitched up at the prayer session in Kitwe.


  1. Ndindindi

    What kind of govt is this, it has no mercy on its citizens, ala MWe Bantu don’t think you are clever, God is watching you, people are really suffering and you continue loading the suffering on their heads,what CK is saying is true,zesco hiked the tariffs abnormal, and you are busy chanting national Ponono(prayers) BA Pilato naimwe imbenipo aka lwimbo,coz you speak for the speak less,

  2. Pleito Reverend

    I would have been the first man to thank your words if these words and action were done while you were in power mr Neckless. You are talking out of frustration. Continue you may the poor from these visionless politicians

  3. Pleito Reverend

    I would have been the first man to thank your words if these words and action were done while you were in power mr Neckless. You are talking out of frustration. Continue you may save the poor from these visionless politicians

  4. Michael simuyemba

    While Ba CK is trying to put up a point. He as well be mindful of what he says. ” he spent the day of prayer and fasting , FEASTING with the poor.” How do you FAST when you are FEASTING. Strange mwe.

  5. KL

    I think life is not difficult in this country and that is why people are not complaining. I f it was otherwise then reactions would have been allover. The only action that has delivered is violence and as our 1st president stated, I quote;” When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.
    The inability of those in power to still the voices of their own consciences is the great force leading to change.
    The power which establishes a state is violence; the power which maintains it is violence; the power which eventually overthrows it is violence.”

  6. Franktok

    Consider the Bible man who persecuted believers but was forced to change his belief. If CK’s frustration has turned him into a positive contributor to the development of Zambia, pray then that those squandering the country’s resources must fall into the same frustration and see the light that has turned Kambwili into a better citizen today.

  7. Daniels

    Mr kambwili dont say “what kind of people are they” instead you should be saying” what kind of people are we”. You are in pf as well the governing party. Stop distancing your self.

    • Lc

      I totally agree with you my bro he should say us in pf because he has not resigned from pf & he is still mp on pf ticket a wise man would leave the stage when people are still clapping. How many times was fuel increased when you were the chief spokes person and since when did you condem that?
      Natumisukilapo nomba you are seasonal job seekers keep cool

  8. Lyford banda

    Fellow Zambian is it in order to announce the fuel increase and the following day pray for hash suffering. Prayer and fasting would have come first and God was going to listen the outcry of his people.y

  9. Mbayo Jackson

    CK when you where in PF your eyes were closed…you where unable to see all these mistakes you have seen today…..
    In Bemba we say “Umucele ukufina, Umfwa kubausenda”
    The reason why you are talking about all these things is because you are not the one governing the Nation…
    You don’t know how to thank when things go well in Zambia, you only know how to talk-talk when things are unwell….
    You where in government, fuel prices used to rise and fall, u did and said nothing…. But today your voice is on top of the Nation shouting about fuel prices…
    The government has increased the salaries (7%)…you are just talking negative things about it…
    Please Zambians let’s just unite and follow our good government..let’s not let these talking-talking politicians destroye our Mother Zambia……
    One Zambia one Nation……(PEACE)

    • Banda

      ck is doing the oppositions job, while the main opposition party is focused on past things which can’t be changed

    • Wise me

      If I can remember Zambans don’t waste time in putting into power people who promise them prosperity when the chips are down. The government is aiding people like CK by providing him with a lifeline. Issues of the economy require careful balancing. The government needs to be careful and moderate some of these organisations. They could be working against it. The kwacha has been trading below K10, then suddenly it is implicated speedly to exert pressure on the economic of the citizens. How!

  10. Commando

    Mwebena Zambia bonse abalecita criticise Mr CK,remember that in Zambia if not the whole of Africa,it’s bad manners to talk whilst eating.As long as they are plundering together,do you expect him to expose corruption in the government.?NOT UNTILL he gets fired.Leave CK alone for he’s telling the truth.They have hiked electricity tariffs and now fuel NAFUTI, apart from they increased their salaries,what of a poor farmer’s income?

  11. About Time

    Mbayo Jackson please PERISH with your good government but we will not go with you. In any case if that evil human being called Chavula had not done what he did you and your good government would be on the political rubbish dump! So shut up and take several seats!

  12. Voltron

    While paying for the same increased fuel price, don’t forget to reserve some money for toll gets.very expensive to own a car indeed.

  13. flamey

    The governments’ actions makes on sense.this land is of the rich but with this policy a few will enjoy this land.Intact people of not this land will see and use this wealth but it will be unfortunately for Zambian’s

  14. brian

    One Zambia one pipo

  15. oscar kapapa chanda

    Mr Mwanajiti said the fuel prices in Zambia were determined by international oil prices and the exchange rate of the Zambian Kwacha against the US dollar.
    Mr Mwanajiti said international oil prices increased owing to expected growth in world consumption, particularly in the third quarter of 2017, due to generally favourable economic conditions across the world.
    During the same period, the Kwacha depreciated by 5.04 per cent against the dollar from K8.92 in July to K9.37 in September in 2017, and that since the last price adjustment on August 7, 2017, the Kwacha had depreciated against the US dollar by about 8.1 per cent from August.
    The recent increase in international oil prices and the depreciation of the Kwacha, the unit price for petroleum feedstock and finished products, for the current fuel importation under review, was relatively higher than the most recent past importation on which the August price reduction was based.
    Mr Mwanajiti said the current price review was based on the 102,129.435 tonnes of petroleum feedstock cargo imported in September this year and imported finished products to be consumed along with the products from the feedstock.
    The other imported finished products to be consumed along with the products from the feedstock are 43,219.32 cubic metres (m3) of petrol and 87,581.62m3 of LSG.
    Mr Mwanajiti said ERB inspectors would be on the ground to ensure that OMCs did not breach their licence conditions by refusing to sell the petroleum products until midnight.
    He also said that the ERB would continue to monitor developments in the exchange rates and international oil prices and would only adjust fuel prices approximately every 60 days, if changes in wholesale prices increased or reduced by more than 2.5 per cent.
    The ERB announced the reduction in the fuel retail and wholesale prices on August 7 this year.

  16. Muzo

    Calling for prayer and fasting and on the other side you oppress the poor with the effect of higher electricity tariffs and higher fuel prices, its evil,holding a gun on your right and the bible on your left, its not right. 2021 is fast coming.

  17. fred

    Mr kambwili hope so you are not saying it under the frustration of the slaps

  18. Muzo

    Mr Kambwili is right we will not run away from the fact that our government is not considering the majority poor people, if anything what has prompted them to hike fuel prices??? Its too much.

  19. Deacon G. Bwalya

    I agree with you all, I just want to encourage each and every one commenting on this medium to understand that- such people we shall always have. We ought to pray to God that God that HE should come through for our Nation Zambia.
    In all this, we should know that there is no man who will bring sustainable solutions to the challenges mankind is facing today. With or without rise in fuel prices, we are called to pray always.

  20. Deacon G. Bwalya

    I agree with you all, I just want to encourage each and every one commenting on this medium to understand that- such people we shall always have. We ought to pray to God that should come through for our Nation Zambia.
    In all this, we should know that there is no man who will bring sustainable solutions to the challenges mankind is facing today. With or without rise in fuel prices, we are called to pray always.

  21. ck

    Twachula ba teacher imagine 7% _(k200) but removing housing allowance700. & ur told to support grz of the day. I hop the president can look into this matter otherwise its not a secret 2021 kuyabebele

  22. Bon

    This is a genius govt just endure you have put on too much weight

  23. Mk

    KL, the violence u are talking about will not only affect the leaders it will include u n ur family. Mind what u say because ur tongue has the power to build and destroy.

  24. mulongoti

    Ba ck Ba teacher start cooperatives it seems you’re the most hit don’t depend wholly on government you the money rite at you door step bushe ngamulepanga ifitumbuwa and sell my skull kuti mulepya? Am also a civil servant but I sell charcoal and I make more than I get per month so start something at least you have starting capital nga bamarketeer Ba ka complainer kwisa

    • hanene

      Mr mulongoti as a teacher kindly consider your ‘kamalaship’ its effects to the environment. Let us leave a good legacy to our children. Come up with a good project than what you are into.

  25. Martin Chansa Mwinyi

    But it’s true, gvnmnt is not looking for the poor people. Every single we hear the increment of prises while the gvnmt is looking for the income the Zambian people are getting, first plz the gvmnt ,before you increase the prizes, considere we poor people how are we going to survive ,because our salaries is too low,and I have never heard that you pleading to increase the salaries of inferior people, fuel mwalunda , but imwe muleikuta n you are even throwing some to the desturbins ,avoid being laughed ,these people like hh , chishimba kambwili they are talking the truth

  26. The Zinc

    The guy wont fire any who spends tym lickng ever shining shones, its exactly wat CK neva subscribed to.

  27. The Zinc

    Us Zedians we are brainwashed….kkkkk! so pipo if CK used to steal with them dont you think he would have been inside by now??? In Am Not Mundende Coz Am Not A Criminal Or Felon. Crimeless!

  28. brian b

    I wonder kind of people we have in Zambia, if someone is saying the truth becomes out enemy, and start calling such person names, CK is right, if you stay with thieves and you enjoys the fruits wrongdoings no matter how times some one will criticise that person even if his saying the it will keep on hurting u coz u benefit also from his wrong doing, please people fight this battle together let’s this government realise that what there doing the nation is not happy, praying, fasting repentance and reconciliation. We even read the Bible, the bible say let no one knows that u are fasting, in 1 corinthians, we respect human beings, than God, reconciliation and repentance, must be in daily life, not in yearly, you wait until next year, and make it a holiday, please read Bible. Let kami will speak for the poor. We know all who are blaming kambwili and call him names, Ba mutasha kalimwitobo, u are eating muleikuta that’s why u can’t see how other people are suffering because of the carelessness of this government.

  29. Chocker

    when did dr ck become a poor man’s friend? He knows that now its time to fall so he wants to set cushions to fall on, he is targeting the poor coz he knows they are great in number therefore he thinks he’ll get some votes from them, alezmbeleka fye abantu. A piece of chalk is still chalk, kambwili is from a corrupt government as he always claims so he is corrupt as well, Ba luansha isukeno amenso.

  30. pop g

    u ar saying the truth becoz now u ar out of gvnt

  31. Abel

    That’s the only problem with you guys.remember your self how you used to be when you were friends with lungu.

  32. Jayd

    Mr Kambwili,you want to be a hero because you no longer a minister.Did you object anything when you were a big fish.Now that are out ,things are perceived differently.A moral person will can a spade a spade.Not a spade when you are minister,a spoon when you are no longer a minister and a spatula when you are in opposition.Shame to say these are politicians we have today.Very few are moral

  33. kkk

    And to who would this increments goes to,is it only to government workers or what?

  34. Peter

    I would have loved if this statement was coming from HH.

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