NDC Founder Attends National Day Of Prayer

Opposition Political Parties that speak strongly on abuse of public resources should not be perceived as enemies of progress, National Democratic Congress Founder Mwenya Musenge has charged.

Addressing the media in Kitwe, Musenge charged that people that have been entrusted with authority must always uphold their offices with integrity.

He said the NDC will continue to speak for the poor in Zambia but that does not make them enemies of progress in the country.

“There is a misconception being created, why should there by reconciliation? Are we enemies? We are just providing what is known as an oversight role in the governance system of this country,” Musenge stated.

“For bringing out issues that we feel are pertinent, that does not make you an enemy with those in government, all we are demanding is that let the resource of this country be utilised in a prudent manner and every Zambian should able to be satisfied period.”

Musenge said this year’s 18th October, 2017 commemorations had nothing to do with reconciliation but prayer and fasting.


  1. Davison lighton malunga

    True leaders

  2. BEBE

    This is the first time i am hearing a positive view about the day of prayer 18th October.Surely reconciliation is to do with people who are enemies!!!!

  3. Real man

    Well spoken leader

  4. Star Luvweyi

    That is true, it show a good leadership quality.

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