Pres. Lungu in Congo Brazzaville

President Edgar Lungu has headed to Congo Brazzaville on another of his foreign trips and will join 12 other Heads of State at the Great Lakes Region Summit.

The Head of State flew to Congo soon after attending the Day of Prayer and Fasting in Kitwe.

He will be in Congo for two days before heading to Ivory Coast on another foreign mission.

The Great Lakes Region Summit will focus of the security situation in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Over 5, 000 Congolese have crossed into Zambia following the deteriorating security situation in that country.

The instability has been worsened following President Joseph Kabila’s reluctance to step down and pave way for elections.

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  1. Real man

    He greed he thinks he is the only one to rule DRC time matters remember Saddam in Iraq leaders of
    Nowadays awe kuloleshafye

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