OPINION: Could Sampa have Finally Grovelled his Way Back to PF?

Images of former Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa going to extraordinary lengths to go and kneel before President Edgar Lungu to seek forgiveness at Nkana Stadium on Wednesday made for interesting reading.

Sampa went an extra mile even in the face of extraordinary barriers around President Lungu to seek the face of the Head of State and beg for forgiveness. There could not have been a more befitting occasion than one staged on the national day of prayer with reconciliation at the very core of it for Sampa to press his case for re-admission in the Patriotic Front.

There is not one person who has gone these miles to be re-admitted in the Patriotic Front. Sampa has confessed to missing the Patriotic Front family and has in the last one year been pleading for re-admission.

Just in case we are not on the same page, Sampa had gone ‘astray’ in the aftermath of the Patriotic Front succession wrangles and in anger went to form a political party that turned out disastrous.

With the National Democratic Focus’ (NDF) catastrophic political experiment failing to hold, he went into an alliance of convenience with the UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema. That, too, spelt doom when Hichilema lost elections leaving Sampa previously so used to privilege and comfort devastated.

Everything that came with the privilege of power dried up including a chain college concubines.

Sampa lost his political self-esteem and publicly declared a sabbatical from politics. But he has spent the last year scheming a comeback to the PF family with heavy resistance from his former colleagues.

To be fair to Sampa less deserving personalities have been re-admitted to the PF with ease while he continues knocking on the door when he is one of those founders who worked so hard to ensure his uncle, late Michael Sata’s party, assumes power.

He happens to be the only former PF member who has been given a three year ban to prove his repentance before he can be considered for re-admission. Sampa has done almost about everything to win back the right to re-admission.

Having pulled that extraordinary stunt at Nkana Stadium, there is no doubt that if asked to go the biblical route of tearing his clothes as a sign of repentance Sampa may just do it. After all other members that had jumped ship like Edwin Lifwekelo and Edward Mumbi have been welcomed with open arms.

But then again we are left wondering what it is that Sampa is going through to reach all these extraordinary levels to get back to the PF? Why has the PF been so reluctant to re-admit Sampa to the party that he ran away from?

What value would Sampa add to the PF if he were to be re-admitted? Is the PF scared Sampa represents the Bemba brand that seeks to stop President Lungu’s bid in 2021?

Of course the PF may not have forgotten Sampa divulging PF bedroom issues in his short lived marriage with Hichilema.

Is it a question of once beaten, twice shy for the PF? Well maybe Sampa may have to go one more step in his journey with a ‘kiss feet act’ to be welcomed back? Maybe then his market value can shoot back to the top of the college stock exchange.


  1. clement

    What he did is out of love of God cong rats

  2. Ndindindi

    Nice move Miles, you are great, a gallant soldier,,,,,

  3. abilima

    Useless opinion, surely you can’t just an impartial opinion without bringing in tribalism?

  4. Philip mande

    Great move mile s

  5. mmmmm

    U so him kneeling, did u hear him reconciling.

  6. Akapondo

    This is the problem when you can not do business with out government connections , you go and get a loan to buy trucks in order to do business with government , most of these politicians are want to be in government Mont to save but for tgeir own selfish against, contribution to the development of the country is not only by being in government,

  7. Chikoz Chiks Chiz in one Name

    Mina babalekia muloa amutaye kwanu…….

  8. Chikoz Chiks Chiz in one Name

    Mina babalekisa muloa amutaye kwanu…….

  9. dingiswayo chinena

    he is stranded.he can’t stand with govnt corruption

  10. John Chinena

    The writer is a bitter person himself. Why such shallow imagination? What was wrong with him greeting the president? Without hearing anything you bring your opinion. Sorry not everyone will buy your biased opinion.

  11. Emmanuel

    The issue of maturity in politics is cardinal to Zambia’s political stability,any root one takes without this insight leads to political suicide,motivations that injure or injures masses are not is easily forgotten,those who aspire for high offices must be groomed enough to understand what statesmen do under difficult circumstances.To succumb to things that are unpatriotic lenders our personalities questionable.Its this culture of the past we ought to refrain from.Intraparty cohesion must be with those with similar agenda to avoid future mischief.We all must support those that are progressive where development and democracy is concerned.Any individual is no above national interest ,our rights and privileges must be protected so that national security is guaranteed.This will make room for economic growth and sustainable development in Africa and beyond.The issue here is are our aspirants responsible citizens? Are they capable of betraying the grassroots,Can we really trust them?For now lets be focused on what the common man wants ,that is true democracy,Government of the people by the people for the people.

  12. Solomon Pleito

    Mwandi sampa ngayakosa balabwela not ukulekela these visioless politicians eating and squandering alone tax payer’s money.

  13. vern

    Ichikalipa chumfwa umwine.

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