Paramount Chief Mpezeni Vows Never to Go to State House

Paramount Chief Mpezeni has given up on going to State House complaining that President Edgar Lungu’s aides treat him like trash.

The traditional leader said that his efforts to seek audience with President Lungu has been met with resistance from State House aides who have been blocking him.

He said that he has been turned away on more than four occasions leading him to vow never to ever go to State House.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s complaint is consistent with complaints from various stakeholders about being blocked from meeting President Lungu by aides that prefer charging people for meeting the Head of State.

Catholic Bishops were earlier this year forced to issue a stinging press statement on the state of the nation after having been denied access to President Lungu to air their grievances.

The traditional leader said that he had wanted to meet President Lungu to bring to his attention some of the challenges his subjects were facing in his chiefdom.

He said that he was saddened that State House aides had a very low opinion of traditional leaders.
The traditional leader said that his subjects had issues with the manner agriculture policies were being implements with farmers that supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency yet to be paid.


  1. Kalaharian

    Ehe, kaili this is the man you were campaigning for.. Mwana wa kwanu. Live with the consequences, but I don’t know what sort of importance he feels he is due. We need to leave some of these archaic figureheads behind. Give people power based on their own merit not because of your name.

  2. Fu Prøp

    Any part of the country has representatives either mps,councillors etc that’s their duty to report and investigate any complaints that the people there have.its to important for the Chief to visit State House for personal reasons in the name of the chiefdom.let the people given the authority to do there job that’s why there are in that offices.
    The other thing is that you the State House aidas lean to respect any person in Zambia with out us you are not thing.
    #one Zambia one nation

  3. wizkid

    Even chiefs have seen that certain policies are not in order.There is too much corruption.

  4. Mutobola

    People Open your eyes don’t let these people use us… As if we are laders …
    If someone doesn’t want to co-orperate with the chiefs now what is that anyway…. Child of God we should understand that what ever goes up for sure must come down….

  5. Ndindindi

    Why are you blocking the chief, moreover Paramount, hez got all rights to see the presdo so that he release his pressure kuli BA Maine,momba you stinking pigs you are taking the law in your hands,in fact you are very lucky, if it was Chitimukulu,Ku milowa mwanya no kunys

  6. JP mwata

    Head men,counselors,chairpersons,MPs,provincial mp,permanent secretary,Wht ar duties of these pipo mentioned above? State house has protocols to visit nt wamwa vikachasu uko u ar going to state house……… NO

  7. mulongoti

    The chief shud not go any how just because he’s a chief suppose if the president he’s not there he shud learn to make appointments so that every one knows the chiefs visit was he on the visitors list?chipangano a mpezeni ni chabwino oats chamuka chabe follow procedure twapapata imwe banthu



  9. Chola sakala

    And we youths lack the freedom of express of things we may intend needing, such as career training,,,

    Proudly Zambian!

  10. king

    State Houseeeeee state house ifinshi

  11. Mpombo

    Just like himself Nkosi yama koswe wouldn’t appreciate visitors to be going to his palace any how without appointments so is State house. Don’t blackmail government for your personal benefits

  12. bustar

    One Zambia one nationa

  13. The only with some of these traditional leaders they wants to be know and become rich.now in this it can be like this.

    Please don’t blame others while things are just clear.bcz some of these traditional leaders they wants to earn more from government than their people.

  14. Annie

    But How??

  15. Dingani

    I never head press Lungu visiting Eastern province but only copperbelt every Month why?

  16. Madiba

    Dingani listen to news

  17. Chikoz Chiks Chiz in one Name

    How do you comprehend
    issues……………….. What about the State House Aides’z perspective? Thereafter you proceed to take an action.

  18. chembe

    Consider chief Mpezeni’s complaint

  19. michael


  20. Phiri Boy

    Nkosi ya kachusu speak.

  21. Angels

    Phiri Boy, kumwenu ngatakwaba infumu I advise U to respect ather pipos chiefs, morova U R just a Manselebende.

  22. MT

    Ankhale chabe. when did he become an MP? or he should go through chiefs n traditonal affairs ndipo. Let chiefs continue practicing witchcraft. when i become president, No salaries for chiefs, money meant for salaries will b channelled towards scholarships for orphans from Grade 1 to tertially.

  23. Jacksonian

    Old habitats die hard……he’s been used to go there.. Ad now surprised that things are turning the opposite…

  24. Guy Sadabwa

    But it’s so important to follow the right procedure becoz wen u use shortcuts the result is sometimes embarrassing

  25. Peter foska


  26. Bjorn

    wala chimona u choose alone we told u to vote wisely

  27. Jr lordgamer is a God


  28. Chimyk

    This z wat most of u u wanted .You thought Lungu was capable . Y do u cry fow 2 day.
    As the say goes ” I pointed out the stars for you , but what you could see was the tip of my finger “.
    Same as in this politics issue , we as UPNDs we pointed HH 4 u but wat u culd c was Poor family PF which was singing ,???????? DUUNA DUUNA YAAAAA! DUUNA REVERSE .Now this the song DANCE IT.

  29. sir roy

    To the chief Ref:eye opener
    Dundumwezians are well off.they
    dont mind if not given acceses to see the presido but the chief,one that probably compained for the presido?eesh certainly it may hurt him most.

  30. Obed Kimya

    Did He Follow The Rigt Procedure? If Not, Learn 2 Follow Procedures

  31. Nathan muyoba

    Mmmh politics

  32. Gerror

    But mr lungu u hav dasapointd as i nava thought u cn do ths

  33. wanadi

    BAKUFUMYA FWAKA. GOOD EXAMPLE,we told u vote wise

  34. Last Ngoni

    Khosi! Don’t meet him next time he come to plead for votes. The man is chameleon ( Rango) branding.

  35. Tyson

    it is not easy to predict the future outcome, na mpezeni taiishibe ifyalakonkapo after voting and now he z beginning to see them a bit by bit

  36. mozes jr

    Such is life no one is respected, jst hope u dont regret your decision

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