Cholera Threat May Force Cancellation of Independence Day Public Celebrations

Government may consider the cancellation of Independence Day celebrations following a cholera outbreak in some parts of the country.

Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya has said the Public Health Act may be applied in cancelling Independence Day celebrations to curtail the possible spread of cholera that has already reached 111 occurrences despite the rains that is usually the main cause not come full force.

Dr Chilufya said health experts will assess the danger and advise before some a drastic step can be taken.

The Ministry of Health has already used its discretion to cancel the scheduled rally for the opposition United Party for National Development citing the cholera threat in Kanyama Township.
On Tuesday Zambia will commemorate its 53rd Independence celebrations.


  1. Mbayo Jackson

    That’s the bad news…. Our mother Zambia shouldn’t be suffering….. May our God help us

  2. GYM

    I don’t see any reason of living in town too much disease and killing so we are very much happy living here in Lunte

  3. Franktok

    The UPND rally was cancelled for the sake of public healthy. If it was a political below the belt punch, it will put someone in a political fix. One way out is to ban Kanyama residents from attending the celebration or simply make a statement that cholera has been contained .

  4. emmanuel

    Please God let mother Zambia be free with this disease

  5. Man Muse

    Too Bad Indeed If At All The Cancellation Wil Be Done.Health Experts Do Samthin 2 Curb The Situation.Last Day….

  6. Lyton

    Cancelling the day of independence does not really make sense to me unless you say people should stop going in to town cause it’s always clouded just facilitate measures that will curb this disease from spreading high.

  7. Kingpin lamar

    Why not have it at state house like the passed governments used to do,to avoid huge crowds of people

  8. Jones

    It’s so very bad…may Lord God protect us all.

  9. Jones

    It’s so very bad

  10. Kelvin Mubanga#kitwe

    The UPND rally was cancelled in kanyama township for public health (cholera) so the 53 rd independence day celebrations should be cancelled with immediate effect to be fair pls

  11. mulongoti

    Why cancell that’s the national day just contain it and put measures like putting water so that whoever buys a fruit washes

  12. chewe f

    Street vendors selling food stuff should be banned & chingwere dump site be closed .Lusaka is the dirtiest city in SADC region WHY?

  13. chewe f

    Street vendors selling food stuff should be banned & chingwere dump site be closed. Lusaka is the dirtiest city in SADC region WHY?

  14. Tee Jay Cee

    Do whatever that’s pro-life!! Don’t do anything for political expediency!

  15. Sambawaiona

    Its time we invest in health promotions coupled with serious disease surverance not business as usual culture

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