Kambwili Seeks Conciliatory Meeting with Pres. Lungu

Expelled Roan Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili is reaching to President Edgar Lungu after having pledged to tone down in his attacks on government.

Kambwili has in the spirit of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting made peace with Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata who poured water on him at parliament during an altercation.

The outspoken Kambwili has thought better of his stinging attacks on government and is looking for a way to make peace with President Lungu.

His efforts have however hit a brick wall with his sour relationship with President Lungu’s aides.

“Kambwili has been trying to fix a meeting with President Lungu but has not yet succeeded. The problem is the people to arrange it for him as he has not managed to reach the Head of State directly. President Lungu’s aides are not willing to see him make peace because he has been hammering them saying they are very corrupt,” the source closer to the development said.

“He has asked honourable Harry Kalaba to help facilitate the meeting. He is hoping to be invited for the Independence Day celebrations so that he can get his chance to speak directly to President Lungu.”


  1. doms

    Good move honerable kambwili & any nomal human being shuld suport yo good disision dt U v taken.

    • Dominic

      This is commendable if it turns out true.Jesus forgave those who persecuted him on the cross.If Kambwili is trully remorseful,then ECL must reach out to him.

  2. abilima

    So, what happens to the insults that he has heaped on the President – ask for forgiveness like he did in Southern Province?

    • Zambian

      What’s wrong with that? This is what it means to be a Christian. Forgive up to seven times seventy times. If you don’t forgive, then you are of the devil.

      • Anold

        Kambwili should learn to term his mouth.

        • musonda munakango

          xFactor UPND has nothing to do with kambwili.If luck of contributions better quite

    • Mpombo

      If Kambwili reconciles with the president a lot of people will develop diarrhea.

      • Hummer where it hurts

        Who cares with kambwili rejoins his thieving group? …next time ba Dr button or better zip your running mouth tight when you don’t recieve your desired share of the looted money.Anyway thank you for exposing how weird Pf is. Go well and teach your bunch new ways of stealing.

    • Joe Kawimbe

      My brother, it Takes a real man to swallow his pride when he realises his error, take steps to apologize and rebuild friendships. If you do not forgive, you will continue living a life of vicious anger and misery; it will also make you look ugly because inner anger transforms an, otherwise good-looking face, into the looks of a”sokomuntu”…..That’s Honourable thinking by Honourable Kambwili, I say.

  3. Mbayo Jackson

    That’s the spirit we want as Zambians….

    • Kkybite

      Which Zambians? You guys are mad. ECL does not hate Kambwili. He hates himself. Let him go on barking like a dog.

  4. one dube

    mr kambwili why you behave like camilion?

  5. Kenny Zulu

    Good move Dr kambwili. Ukumfwana kwachila fyonse.

  6. xFactor

    He cant find life in UPND.

    Now following Miles Sampa. Way forward….. !

  7. mr real

    me from the word go i new kambwili that je has no brain.who ever believed his crap must be very disapointed with the madness of kambwili.

    • Kenny G

      The man is extra insane… He was behaving as if he wasn’t in govt… I personally cant vote that rubbish with low and shallow mind same to mwenya musenge.

  8. bk

    Thats the best way to go but it was much better if he wrote an apology notice to the Head of state.Infact when you want to make piece with a friend it all begins with your heart.May it be so!

  9. YP SIMZ

    Political prostitute,yamupesha life alefwaya abwelele,mwiponta mukabwela.

  10. FLO

    Ukusaamwa pa first,kuleta insoni pa last

  11. mulongoti

    Mr kalaba facilitate fast thkusumad strong walls to win the 2021 election Ba ecl u mwana kasembe mweleleniko Emupashi yo Ba ck ukuicefya kusuma mubwesheni alebapwisha nababelesha sana

  12. Lulu jay

    it really doesn’t matter what these politicians say about each other because at the end of the day they know each other, drink and eat together while us the ordinary citizens are busy killing each other for no reason what so ever ,who ever thought Dora would is be a minister in pf after all the bad stuffs she used to say on mr late Sata? this is politics no wonder it’s called a dirty game.

    • Wise me

      Dr CK don’t listen to voices who are unhappy about reconciliation. This is a good move.

  13. Ndindindi

    I HV now come to know that neckless CK hz no brains, he hz bn showering insults on elc since his expulsion, any way, since ELC is a good man,accept the bugger’s apology,nomba tachumfwa cikabwekeshapo,next tym cage him.

  14. Kayand beavance

    Wipota ukabwela kateka nikateka

  15. cleophas

    Nice one sir! He is God of peace let’s learn to for give one another we learn to our mistakes it’s God love.

  16. Anonimus

    Emupashi uyo wine ba Chishimba, with the projects so far being done all around the country peace within our beloved party PF is needed for 2121 to go our side or your side, since nimwebo mulyamo noku lyamo ba Polotician, so kumfwana fye.

  17. mk

    Only way out

  18. chifumbe

    Comment:the tunnel has ended.

  19. Gang

    Mr kambwili you have decided a good thing so now train your brain not to repeat that bul shit behavior again.

  20. Chembo

    Reconciliation brings peace but to those that are heavy hearted,it’s a devil’s move. Think Christian.

  21. Pe li

    That’s a good spirit Hon mist , people talks don’t listen to them just go ahard .

  22. Tisa

    Ebuntu ba ck

  23. Bk

    This is fake news Ck refused this.He has no intention whatsoever. He refused and I watched him on prime TV news.Go Ck go

  24. one love

    That’s a good idear Mr C.Kambwili. I support it to be done without any disturbance. Whatever a case, you are a human being and not perfect. Everyone is just like Abraham who denied his own wife and later accepted.So let reconciliation be put in place just like what happened to Abraham and king pharaoh. Reconciliation is needed.

  25. Chibwe Elias

    Umuntu mutwe just forgive him he don’t know what is doing to you God will rift up your blessing.

  26. Fs

    Kumawa timati mako in mako ngakale acepe mwendo.Come back Hon pf is your mother ,remember what you told as zambias that bees died own its honey . Tikuti zimu ifyila pauchi waine .That is your good move tuesday we shall be waiting for to show Zambians that you ‘re a christian your father mr ECL is a hable man he will forgive you and forget all what u hve insaulted him and his people but u should ‘t stop telling people what u have telling as about corruption.

  27. Cathy

    That’s brave of you honourable.

  28. Chisenga


    • Mr nofavour

      Kikikiki Mr ck that’s being passive aren’t you the one who insulted? Aren’t you the one who said Mr lungu was corrupt? Aren’t you the one who professed to know cirrupt of is? Now tha the lies have ran out you are seeking to reconcile. If you are a Nice man you would have persisted disclosing their corruption not getting back to them again. Anyway only recognise the good thing when its no more.

  29. The veterans

    That’s the spirit my man CK, make peace with everyone. That’s what we need in this country.

  30. medhone

    nice ba ck, ecl is our president wetha one disputes or not it remains a fact. zambians want dat amen

  31. Christopher Mwape

    Firstly and foremost lets differentiate Zambia from the rest of African countries being a Christian country you know what it means in a christian set up…,, remember the ten commandments in the Bible…, This is enough to support both of us. Let the almighty God bless us all!

  32. Ht

    Pf has so main senior which can advise ck and ck is a person who can understand and follow the advice. Look jeen kapata saw that she did was long went back and apologize.

  33. James MWALE


  34. Star Luvweyi

    Ck can you behaves like a normal person,let as no your stance,you should show a good leadership quality.if you are not careful, you be testless and your points will be come useless to the people.

  35. Ian kasonde

    Its good to apologize

  36. Ian kasonde

    Way to go

  37. DC 10..

    Well thot of CK.pls go ahead thts th only way forward.Reconcile..no one is perfect on this cruel earth .we all make mistakes.Lts work together to strengthen our party 2021 is around th corner.Mwenye Musenge twapapata pls come bk.You lose nothing.Yo new political party won’t take you anywhere.Zambians are now sharp.Where is Wynter wth his Rainbow party?Pls may someone answer me…

  38. Hendrix simudini

    CK to seek an apology from Mr Stupid man awe Niboza into… I called Mr Kambwili over the same issue,,, but the response was contrary to your useless reporting ba imbwa imwe.. Lungu depends on isambambo lyamfwa part while Kambwili is leading his new formidable party

  39. Mwape Kazimbaya

    ‘One Zambia one nation’ no conflicts only peace

  40. sweet melon

    Comment kambwili has chibwili now kaaabwili

    • Dennis

      Its a good move Mr ck. Let’s learn how to respect one another no matter what the devil can do.

  41. Reverand Pleito

    Insoni ebuntu I’m sure mr kambwili you re restless no peace of mind.You’re a great sufferer

  42. kelvin

    Nababwelela pamalush eyobalukile, lol kambili has no brains after what he said nd now he wants to apologise for what. This man has just realised that his going no we’re….

  43. james

    nice descision mr.Kambwili,,brave enough to correct your mistakes

  44. Chikuwe

    That is how imbwili attacks just wait,mukamona my 2020 when of national convention ck will rise to be party President, watch out.

  45. Scott

    Mwasebana ba ck

    • Jeaffrey Tembo

      Takusebana but that’s wat it means been a true Christian.. Well done Ba Ck

  46. kalloyd

    Ck ldea during prime TV interview is far different from Zambia Report.pls. report what ck thought not u Zambia Report think.Pls.,Zambians understand ck ,this man is straight and one day he ‘all see God . ifi fine tulemumona efyo twamwene late Mwansa Kapwepwe ,late Data may their souls rest in peace. Leaders with heart for Zambian are always seen as bad,mad,and men who can bring confusion ,and yet become people to remember after being tested in leadership..If he has done that move like the one he did to the good people of Tonga Land praise God.differentiate him Chama who used bad language to the same Tonga’s and never apologized.For me alone ck is good,please let us forgive him without reservation he will make a good leader in future.

  47. Drugsquard Mbewe

    He needs serious deworming

  48. IAN


  49. IAN


  50. Danzazy

    don’t misquote the man .he’s not going back to pf but only doing that to show that he’s still a politician. by the fact……kambwili is a man you should quote like that.

  51. 2p wizzy

    A criminal will always be among criminals,a thief among thiefs,a corrupt among coruptors,a donkey among donkies,in lozi we say nja yamwa haye aina lubilo that’s chishimba kajamba.

  52. Jeaffrey Tembo

    Let’s put politics aside wen it comes to issues of reconciliation bcoz as a Christian nation God demands us to obey His commands n one of them is the route honourable kambwili hs taken.. I only encourage the president to open his heart for kambwilis request as a Christian n king of the nation currently representing the throne of righteousness.. Please Ba president open the door for everyone n show forth the light of God..rebuke those around u who ar hindering kambwili from meeting u..God is watching over mother Zambia

  53. Stephen zulu

    Thats good leadership quality nd by no means can we argue with it. We need a peaceful Zambia. Plolitics cant devide us as a nation

  54. Sure Ndithu

    In Nyanja there is a proverb that goes like this: Mumusasa su nyelamo. You do not defacate shelter after thinking you do not have much use for it because you never know you may want to go back only to come back to your filth. The closest in english is a dog going back to its vomit. Tionako chabe.

  55. Sj

    Reconciliation is a practical Joke. The grass is always greener near the Sewer. He’s only going back for some unfinished Business and not a genuine member. Comment

  56. Nasilele

    He actually a head less snake. Don’t allow him into state house grounds for he wants to spy and spoil your of celebrations. He is very unpredictable to say the least. There are so many Zambians who would like to meet the President. Let you be remanded hon that you’re not the only one. It is practically impossible for you to advise the PF. Only yesterday you were insulting the same head. So PF watch out. Some people are like the meat of a single elephant that tastes differently depending on where the moon is situated in the sky.

  57. ak

    njala yamunyokola

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