Chaile: The Boma Iyanganepo Syndrome Is Zambia’s Biggest Problem

Former UNZASU president and now opposition leader Vincent Chaile says the boma iyanganepo sydrome is one of Zambia’s biggest challenges in addressing poverty.

Chaile believes the boma iyanganepo sydrome has breed laziness among Zambians.


The boma iyanganepo syndrome is a ròot cause as to why this country Zambia has not made significant head ways ….even 53 years after independence.

There is need to change our culture and our mindset that not everything should be provided by the govt…as Radical Revolutionary Party, our primary role and principle is to make our people realize that developing a country is a collective responsibility of each and every citizen…

The government and its people should meet half way and have a common grounds. America is a america today not because they have the most intelligent individuals on planet earth but each and every citizen have and has a duty to contribute something to govt coffers …

As long as we don’t change our mindset and culture we will not move forward as a country…

Even at household level families have failed to develop because we have allowed a situation where only one person is working and the rest are busy milking from him without any conscious …

And this has caused poverty to recycle in our families from generation to generation because of too many re liabilities…and overdependance on one individual.


  1. Chipata

    Well said. This is the generational transformational shift in thinking. If we have many Zambians to start thinking like this, the next 50 years will be much better for this country.

  2. Tito


  3. zimba bwanali

    Yeah that’s a powerful thinking. We need to remove that mindset of depending on govrt so that we can contribute to the ground and fight over poverty.

  4. Bwalya

    Brother may this reach those at technal class because people have suffered because of the way have said. Let Zambia be a good country with changed culture

  5. Abel

    For sure you are a good leader.And that’s the leader we need to have in the country.?


    that is the kind of tinkng we want! we also shud be mindful wen choosng a program of study i.e at tertiary level.lets nt always wait 4 these white collar jobs.lets learn to be creatve at al times! if 60% of youngsters can tink in those directions,then zambia wil be a bdtter country for sure!

    • felix mambwe

      It’s truely our iconoclastic is bad if they’s people in Zambia like wat you said on news on line it can contribute to improve the economic and distress poverty. Be conkyed with the crute of publication, it can be marndetory to improve our social sector including orograph traditional and culture in Zambia

  7. Ck

    Yes government should not be the provider but a facilitator. But what we see is exploitation of the nationals by it’s own govt. Nationals for example are being exploited thru zesco and indeni

  8. Wayne

    Bro i think ur are the next into the government

  9. Lubinda

    How can you contribute if there is nothing you can provide.

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