Kambwili’s NDC Meeting Sends Panic In PF On The Copperbelt

The Patriotic Front on the Copperbelt Saturday afternoon were left in a panic mode after the National Democratic Congress Party invited Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili as a guest speaker at their mobilisation meeting held at Chillers in Kitwe.

Pictures from the mobilisation function circulated in all PF WhatsApp groups with most of them showing some of “its” members in attendance caused commotion among party loyalists.

Some officials from the Chimwemwe Constituency were spotted in the pictures that circulated in all media platforms, a situation that unsettled the executives in the province.

“We need to step up our efforts, look at what our friends are doing let’s just work hard and stop complaining, we have been so complacent and some of our members are going,” one of the Provincial Executive in one of the PF Media Platforms.

Kambwili, who has been working closely with the NDC and is seen as the ‘messiah’ of the frustrated, as usual hit hard on government raising corruption allegations against Ministers.

“The corruption we are witnessing today is something I have never seen, I will continue to speak out because I know Zambians are suffering yet a few individuals are benefiting then what type of government do we have?”.

Kambwili however stated that “I am not seeking for any reconciliation with the President, pointing out these mistakes and corrupt activities doesn’t make me an enemy to start seeking reconciliation”

He told the members that had gathered that there was nothing good in government anymore because those in charge don’t care about people that elected them but have since focused on enriching themselves.

There are reports Kambwili is still attempting to meet President Lungu to make peace.


  1. Sj

    Kulya noku putilisha. Comment

  2. Sj

    As voters we’re better spectators because in CK’S Current term of office we can’t see what Development has been delivered uko ku Roan Constituence. Save for the display of bickering and the Meal shared with colleagues on Prayer’s Day. Comment

    • Spy

      Who is supposed to take development to Roan? Govt or CK? Let’s think before we speak.

  3. Pleito

    Politicians are people who love money, talkative, cunning, no heart for others etc. They do nothing directly for people but use people for gain. Neckless is known not for doing good things for people but for insulting the upnd during campaigns only that he has no senses to mention going to upnd

  4. Wise me

    One painful corrupt thing is to retire into a situation where the government has no comprehensive terminal benefit payment plan. Money released by gvt to institutions is corruptly paid because junior officers manipulate lists without following the chronological order. They pay recently retired people leaving the earlier ones. Why can’t MOF collect lists of retirees and publish a payment plan instead of leaving this to individual institutions where control is weak. Another clear corrupt practice is by the Lusaka City council on issuance of Title Deed Land Record Cards. Why are people being sent away with their documents instead of the Council collecting and filing them until the cards are available. They want to cause confusion where people will bribe their way for the cards?. The point is such prevalence of disorderliness fuels discontent among those affected. The gvt needs to pay attention to some of these problems. Innocent people do not worry about competitors unless they know their weaknesses which give advantage to opponents. 2021?

  5. Patriot

    This is encouraging and worrying at the same time. Encouraging because at least the ordinary man has woken up and realised he is being dununad, he is receiving a raw deal. Worrying because if anything CK is in the same category of PF leadership and most likely his leadership could be as corrupt. We still lag behind in the identification and choice of leaders who are genuine, honest, straightforward, trustworthy, leaders who mean what they say. Example Levy was not taken seriously and it was only the party that made him win – on any other party he could have lost. He came to prove the doubting Thomases wrong. The other leader I think Zambia missed is general Miyanda. I am sure he could have brought sanity to Zambian politics. The other is Winter. Even the Chipimos, Mulatus of this world could be better than some our preferred candidates. Let us not see tribe, region, chitenge, corruption or how big or popular a party is in our choice of leaders but what they can do. Let us learn to analyse our leaders and parties.


      Not Winter naimwe! Ba General Miyanda, yes, can bring sanity into Zambian politics. The incumbent is far much better than Winter and Chipimo.

  6. mulongoti

    I think we’re tired of this kambwili issues it’s like in marriage the wife keeps complaining when she can’t change anything so let him leave if his a real green he could have fought the battle from within now he’s like a wife who shouts a husband outside when she’s not ready to leave him Ba pf bamisebanya pafula mukaneni you muntu akamipaisha ni tondo wamulomo

  7. Abel

    Thanks Patriot and wise me.what you have said is true.here in nchelenge we have elected different leaders but none as bring development we are just suffering.As lam talking l don’t even know the Mp for nchelenge district but come next year he will be the first to fight for the position.nomba bwana fwaka ibende limo.

  8. yobo

    We are watching them 2021 is coming!

  9. Wezzy Mukwasa

    When would the Citizens/ Politians stop pointing fingers? U can go round the whole world u will never find completely perfect learder may b an Angel, therefore just do yo part & fight whatever is hindering u from being a good leader or helper of other pipo. If Jesus did not heal all the sick in his time, meaning there is only yo space to work out yo mission no 1 else, but opposition is needed for growth

  10. nshilimubemba

    The problem we have in our country is the lack of politicians who are credible just look at the opposition , how clean is HH nil nothing what difference can he make such kind are those would rather keep quiet about corruption as they know they are guilty. You cant go in state with a bag of shame on your face .
    We are in a big problem

  11. mulongoti

    Ba spy it’s kambwili who is supposed to take development to roam e.g. Ba spy if the government employs you as a teacher who is supposed to buy food for your home is it the government or yourself So the mp is like a father to his constituency that’s why he’s paid a little more so that he can share with his people at least

  12. TJ

    One of Zambian “Crying Babies”

  13. chief baila


    • JGK

      Where are we going, mother Zambia sometimes we have hope and sometimes hopelessly. My GOD may be MIYANDA GODFREY.

  14. B3LA

    This is just the beginning.
    More to come.

  15. Abena kafue

    Kambwili keep on talking. I’m shocked by your support country wide. You have more support in pf itself.

  16. Eliman

    Development should be taken to roan by the Gvmt but through the area MP.MPs are supposed to stand for their areas in Parliament not just waiting for allowances. I have a very good example of our constituency Lundazi Central, our MP has done completely nothing apart from Sponsoring football games just with an aim to gain popularity. This is so pathetic because we voted for these people to stand for us in Parliament and bring development as close as possible. Zambians shouldn’t be taken for granted coz 2021 isn’t very far.You will regret being a politician.

  17. Chibota

    Let them know that we as electoralets we will vote wisely in 2021

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