Pres. Lungu Launches $50 Million Fish Project

President Edgar Lungu has launched a $50 Million fish project under the Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project.

The project is themed “Zambia Aquaculture on the path of Sustainable growth.

President Lungu says 1,200 fish farmers and entrepreneurs comprising 50 percent women and youth will benefit from the project.

The Head of state says approximately 50,000 indirect beneficiaries will also enjoy the benefits of the projects which includes entrepreneurs in the aquaculture value chain such as fish processors, fish traders, fish transporters and employees.

“I am glad that the efforts made by my Government to proactively promote aquaculture have impressively delivered results by increasing the yields from 12, 988 metric tonnes in 2012 to 30, 285 metric tonnes in 2016.

“This is a pure demonstration that the country is on the right track to boost fish production which should enable the country to cut fish imports and instead promote local production for export.

“Let me reaffirm my governments commitment to continue supporting fish farmers and improve the quality of production through technical support and empowering them with the necessary management skills,” he said.


  1. Sj

    That’s development the +ve way because imputs will be locally (or least we hope so) sourced unlike awaiting items that would need sourcing from outside the country.
    To involve women and children in this launch of aquaculture is a blessing in disguise because they’re a most vulnerable in the groupings if not empowered economically. Once more DZIKOMO.

  2. Sj

    Except our Reporter Bwembya Mutale has not told us where the Launch took place from. Comment

  3. Dr Wized Nicholas Banda

    On the right track Mr President.

  4. Matuzi

    Mr President sir,may you look at fertilizer price in shops also that if suiting to the maiz price declared by you, farmers are to sell 5 to 6 bags of maiz in order to rich the demand.Mr President sir ,are you plotting to eliminating farmers before 2021 or wat is in your plans ?,mark this in your mind that FISP is not for all Zambians because same hav

  5. sir roy

    Yes@ matuzi talk to him our presido does he take into consideration the price of herbcides/pestcides &ferties to that of a farmer selling a 50kg of maize @ K50 imwe sure!

  6. sir roy

    We thought he was going to laungch a $50m fertilizer ploject..nabomfwa ba prezido aiini?

  7. mkv

    At lungu sir sorry pipo

  8. justine hoare

    how do I get involved coz already I have started the ponds and put fish in some of them.all I need is simple boosting? interns of machinery.

  9. PF

    Do we have the minister of fisheries. If so, why are we losing alot taxi payers money in payment of his/her salary, if it has to take a whole head of state to preside the function? And how much was paid to the president in allowances? Masobela!!

  10. Mary

    People should learn to appreciate not politics every time

  11. Matuzi

    wat I have notist

  12. Jadepa

    I hope this time he didnt eat one of those fishes like he did the Mango pa roadside

  13. Chankie

    That’s good

  14. Matuzi

    The matter is that this so called President adviser they are just rich in their pockets bat poor in minds.its not all that benefit from FISP supplement. Can you adres your Parliament and discuss insures of fertilizer price reduction for farmers to suit of a k50 maize price per 50kgs.if you don’t have ideas please consult from HH the economist. Maybe you don’t now calculations guyz. don’t kill farmers so slowly you pf government.fert is at k260+ in kapiri mposhi a 50kg ,zoona ni dununa kumbuyo iyi.a so called government baleicila nakuli BA ZOONA ama plans.Bamàn put effort to this matter coz its rain season ka.we voted for you bat we don’t want farkups .can you remove your councils out from un gravelled roads until mandated coz they are making congestions and they even don’t give invoice after getting payed.we are tiered with frustrations coz you have killed farmers both sides in RAODS and MARKETING of our goods. Please Mr President and your planing committee REPENT before 2021.

  15. inambao

    thats wonderful

  16. Biko DS


  17. chibwe mumba

    God bless u ba president for the project

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