Kambwili Invades Lusambo’s Bedroom, Gets Rousing Welcome

Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili today upgraded his shadow boxing antics with Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo when he visited the latter’s constituency on the pretext he buying fish at Kapalala Market.

Kambwili, a darling of Copperbelt political enthusiast, sent the exact message he had intended.

Kabushi’s Kapalala Market came to a standstill with the out-of-favor official addressing spontaneous meetings.

Kapalala Market comes to a complete standstill. Kambwili was happy to share the moments he had to his social media followers.


I would like to thank the people of Kabushi constituency and in particular traders at kapalala market who accorded me a thunderous welcome as I went to buy fish and vegetables. I took this time to listen to their plight, they explained exactly how much they are suffering following the burning of their market. The marketeers where promised help that has not yet come months after their livelihoods where completely destroyed, some marketeers shed tears as they explained governments failure to help them in their time of need. I would like to urge those that are in charge of the Marketeers Empowerment fund to find more money for the Kapalala marketeers instead of just concentrating on areas where there are impending bye elections and using the empowerment fund as a political tool. The people of Kapalala market are really suffering and they are the ones in dire need of the marketeers empowerment fund. My heart bleeds to see traders selling their depleted stocks on a football field, I spent my day interacting with the people and the reception was overwhelming such that I made a promise to the people of Kabushi constituency that I will not let them down and I will question the Minister of Local Government and Housing on their behalf, I will not rest until our marketeers lives are restored.

Hon. Dr. Chishimba Kambwili MP


  1. Bursted

    Ask Them Dr..Question Them Hard…Nimwebabako Mudala

  2. Tomas

    BA pf reconcile with CK he might seem not to be a factor but you will be shocked . It’s evident CK can’t win 2021 presidential election s but you are losing numbers and it’s not healthy for a party . To me it’s like you print a different news paper for the president that all is well . Amos chanda try to put mast news paper on the principal s desk every day this will make him know the real picture of things . Am pf and will not like it to pass the ball of presidency to HH never must we allow this to happen in the history of Zambia . HH is a sadist , HH is not a good person to sit on the codes of this country . HH is as bad as tsunami , tonardo etc , HH is like a witch.
    But if you pf ministers don’t advise mr lungu then you will blame yourselves after 2021.
    Bye for now

    • Mpelo saulo

      I find your writing Mr Thomas sir to be full of hate. Is it true sir in your allegations that HH is not a good person, HH is à tsunami, tonardo and above all HH is a witch.is it possible for you to prove beyond reasonable doubt that HH bewitched a member of your family or you have tangible evidence of you finding HH practising witchcraft. The nation recently observed a Day of prayer,repentenance, réconciliation and in the end when i read the torn of your message sir, it suggest to me that you did not participate. Lets use these platforms to build each other and by the way, god is the judge sir.

      • Francis Sampa

        Thomas had a point on CK and PF reconciling but he has gone too far. Why all that hate brother?
        Politics shouldn’t allow us to develop such hatred. Is it a crime that HH is the leading Political figure? If I were you, I would look beyond politics. Where is the lesson of Love your neighbour as you love yourself?

      • Chanda matafwalichanda

        I conquer with you

    • ine wine

      that’s the challenge with people who have water instead of grey matter. you don’t accuse people without basis like that. where is your evidence

  3. bb

    one CK king cobra 2…….I like ur actions

  4. bravo

    Thats nice Kingcobra two i like the spirit

  5. bravo records

    Thats nice Kingcobra two from the point of view

  6. indaba

    hiteede zyanu ba pf

  7. Gmm

    Papa ba CK you should visit some part of Northen province like Lunte

  8. blacky

    Last kicks of a drying horse.4 pf…Hh aleisa

  9. Weagan mulenga

    ck is a man

  10. Muchemwa

    Mps must get the back to their people and listens to issues affecting them

  11. nakonde

    Nimwe bakamba ki ng cobra 2

  12. pasha


  13. Wayne

    Mr CK what have you don in loan yourself

  14. Solomon Pleito

    First relinquish your position from of and we see how you can stand otherwise you restless seeing your friends driving using tax payer’s money

  15. Siame

    Mr ck we are really love you ,so just try to visiting people in some of places, we are going with you ,mbala,nakonde ,mplungu ,kasama,senga hill ,mpika and so on you are very popular Mr no pressure.

  16. Dingani

    This time poor people will Carry on with their poverty and rich people with their riches


    BA ck twafweniko nishi bamunda bayana pf kumanda

  18. musonde

    Ba Tomas thanks for your contribution because that is your opinion and your freedom of expression.To tell you the truth,hate will never take our nation anyWhere.The more we each other,the more we turn our faces from God.Let the PF handle the issues with ck,not what you are talking about hh who was not even which ck at that market.Think twice ba boss

  19. ndolesha

    #Thomas you are a riff raff and a non entity using your stomach to think. How does a person with the right flame of mind bring HH into this PFOOLS internal wrangling? Sir I would advise you to visit Chainama for mental check up

  20. Chansa Williams

    Ba #tomas namunya sana,go and wipe your ass,amafi pamatako.
    You are such an idiot for issuing such a statement…labelling hh with such names is a woe in your life idiot….

  21. mutuna mkc

    Anyway the photo is clear, but the minds of people??? i learnt a lesson when FDD in one of the presidential elections sparked like gold yet something else,hunger in most cases brings people together, it is a crowd puller in most countries in africa take it or live it.

  22. Real man

    Good comments ck

  23. Barotse.analyst

    Ck,you are a man indeed”, Iam seeing spirit of king cobra in you.And you are clever, I have monitoring you strategy. We need people like you.”ck you can do it.

  24. Matuzi

    Thomas please don’t think that you will be rewarded for your weaknesses stupid thinking.
    Stop commenting if you are mentally distabed .
    Live HH alone ,if you hate him then its you not all and put this mind that he will govern this Country Zambia very soon. Mr kambwili show them
    we don’t eat foolishness.
    tell them to construct LUNCHU BRIDGE before time up coz pupils and patients to and from CLINIC and SCHOOL will face difficulties.
    We don’t want promises bat work.
    I own you Thomas ngawafyalwa kumuntu stop talking at HON MR HH.

  25. hatombwe

    lessons are there to learn .As at now no opposition to Pf can cause a revolution in zambia.There is a lot of falsehood from people who are eyeing state house thus making it difficult to trust them.The Bembas say ,” Umulembwe wacipuba upwila mulitufwe”
    Market crowds should not fool us.As you criticise the current government bring also solutions for appraisal. Support our current government and Programs embarked on to develop this nation.Not long ago about twelve people within Pf challenged ECL.for presidency

    Where are they ? I thank God some have come to their senses not fight ECL.

  26. kingsley balances muzeta

    Thomas too much hate in you.rise issues that make sense

  27. Bernard

    its obvious how us Zambians make judgement even when we know what is on the table, C/kambwili is part and parcel of the pf parliament i can put government, i don’t see any sense in him coming out to the public in the area he don’t even operate all in the name of preaching his best interest….a wise member of parliament takes the issues in parliament so that its addressed by both parties and the solution can only come from there…fooling people in the name of politics is a violence way and its a source of confusion thats why Zambia is going through a rough time because of ignorant politicians….the president does not work alone Zambians..how can Ck notice where the funds go if he is not part of the thieves that eats those M/funds? trying to prove not guilt when you are the master planner of the vice to me its like you are just an empty vessel…why can’t ck provide this funds to his own constituency because people of Roan are lacking even roads there’s no development there because their leader is busy visiting and moving up and down in other areas…akacila kambushi kasengula apo kekele not at somebody else’s house think…there’s no proper market in his house, no proper infrastructures and he claim to be a hero…H.E. MC/Cobra was leading by example but C/kabwili has never managed a successful ministry wherever he goes he misbehaves and he is expelled..how can he be an hero for people of kapalala? malembe says WAKE UP ZAMBIA…God Bless Zambia…PEACE IS OUR PORTION ALL YOU POLITICIANS CAN NEVER DESTROY THIS BOND WITH OUR GOD…INSTEAD WE SAY SHUT UP TO VIOLENCE..EVEN U KAMBWILI WILL NEVER FEED ZAMBIA ONLY THE ALMIGHTY GOD..

  28. FGM

    Ck may not be a factor but his visit to Kapalala will definitely let some one attend to the needs of the marketeers there. Thanks to CK . Visit some more areas to awaken the sleeping representatives.

  29. Petros


  30. Mulenga ndici


  31. Michael Saviour

    Balanced advice appreciated and not insults Ba Zedians…

  32. Gardner kalunga

    Kambwili should have joined hh as a vice president coz making a new partywill take long to e on the top level…BT he talked sense now the problem his having is going to take wrong to renownce him self

  33. cp

    One zambia one nation many tribes let us learn to control one another.

  34. Sir Allan Ngulube

    The political arena in Zambia has been polluted by hate speech from our own leaders they too use very abusive language describing their opponents. That is why even us the commoners fall in this stupid situations. Kambwili can be selfish or something but you don’t know he can be a very reasonable Leader in the near future. Viva CK

  35. Isaac

    Fight for them doc coz if there are losing we are losing more as a nation

  36. Chanda matafwali

    Reconcile and move forward guys or someone will go down like my late Paul Tembo

  37. jackbunz

    CK start your own political party and fight the battle that our late beloved president fought not joining these used opposition political parties that have no directions

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