Arrogance Or Sheer Incompetence? FAZ Fails To Respond To CCPC Query

The Football Association of Zambia has displayed some alarming levels of arrogance after it ignored a query from the Zambia Competition and Consumer Protection Commission demanding clarity on the contract the body entered with mobile giant MTN.

The ZCCPC stepped into a dispute after City of Lusaka was banned from using Woodlands Stadium as a result of a deal the club signed with Vodafone that FAZ dimmed in conflict with their MTN league agreement.

When querying the matter, ZCCPC have denied MTN involvement in banning City of Lusaka for using the stadium for any football competition.

MTN’s response suggests the decision to ban City of Lusaka was solely done by FAZ.

FAZ has however failed to respond to the ZCCPC either because they are exercising arrogance of statutes or its one of the many cases of unbridled incompetence associated with the current secretariat.

According to a statement released today, FAZ have not responded to correspondence from ZCCPC.

The commission has since orderd that City of Lusaka be allowed to use Vodafone Stadium as the matter continues to be investigated.


Competition and Consumer Protection Commission
PRESS STATEMENT 25th October 2017


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission(CCPC) has in the interim directed Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and MTN Zambia (MTN) to allow City of Lusaka Football Club to use the Woodlands Stadium until investigations commenced by the Commission have been concluded. Further the Commission has allowed Woodlands Stadium to be used for other football fixtures such as cup tournaments with immediate effect.

The decision to place interim measures allowing the use of the stadium was made by the Technical Committee of the Board on 20th October 2017 in Lusaka. This interim measure undertaken by the Commission is provided for under section 62 of the Competition and Consumer Protection Act no. 24 of 2010. This section allows the Commission to offer relief to a party of an ongoing investigation of an alleged anti-competitive conduct. The Commission had received allegations on 24th August 2017 that the FAZ and MTN had issued a letter to City of Lusaka F.C. that prohibited the use of Woodlands stadium for any Super League matches due to the presence of Vodafone Zambia (Vodafone) paraphernalia and branding within the stadium.

It was also reported that FAZ advised City of Lusaka F.C. to find an alternative venue for their remaining home fixtures for the season as the branding by Vodafone was allegedly in violation of the sponsorship agreement between FAZ and MTN.

The Commission instituted investigations and wrote to FAZ and MTN on the above allegations on 6th September 2017, and to-date has not received any response from FAZ, while MTN responded stating that they did not make the decision to stop Vodafone from branding the stadium and evicting the club from the stadium as the decision was entirely made by FAZ.

Investigations thus far have revealed that City of Lusaka and other sponsors have from the 24th of August 2017 to the 4th of October 2017 incurred an estimated total loss of three million seven hundred and thirteen kwacha (K3,713,000) and are likely to lose sponsorship if the status core continues.

Therefore, based on these facts, the Technical Committee of Board put in place interim measures allowing the use of the stadium with immediate effect, until such time as full investigations are completed by the Commission.

The Commission will continue to get necessary information regarding this matter to enable a thorough investigation and the Media will continue to be updated on the findings and course of action.

Issued by:
Mrs Namukolo Kasumpa,
Public Relations Officer,
Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.


  1. xmonk

    Andrew Kamanga! Is a very dangerous man, he is a cancer ♋ to Zambian football ⚽. If serious people don’t grab that leadership from him will end up with nothing. Zambian Report have followed you well, you were against Kalu, Kalu is gone, you have seen now that a man leading FAZ now is a Flunk. So who is going to pay K3,713,000 to Vodafone they have lost. We have seen natsave, investrust brand on jersey of some clubs in Barclays Cup. Why did Barclays Bank behave the same. Why are so called Airtel,MTN and Zamtel afaid of Vodafone? Because they can provide us Zambians a best network and deals. I rest my case

  2. Gee Banks

    Faz & mtn be serous

  3. Macpherson Muyumba

    Maybe President Kamanga forgot about the urgency of responding to this matter. K3,713,000 is too much money to be lost in that manner. I wish FAZ well.

  4. Macpherson Muyumba

    I wish FAZ well


    Viva city yamoto.

  6. riipodazzikkah

    Am now failing to comprehend the impoverished systems of doing things in zambia. You don’t just do things anyhow you feel like doing them. FAZ is now giving us headache. I suggest if we have failed to reach that level in football where we can be admired, better we discover any sporting activity of our own which will earn us favour from rich countries than continue pressing on something which is always a shame to the nation. Let’s just go for chiyenga anyway. But ba FAZ be careful coz this is everyone’s country. I advise the board to engage themselves into much prayers and the fear of the Lord God or else people will react finally.

  7. geo

    Chi Kamanga iwe

  8. Kopala

    No wonder they fought off Richard Kazala, so they could ve the cake to themselves. I wondered how is possible that fazed would suspend Richard that he misappropriated k400,000? And yet to date we still don’t know how Kalu woke away with socks of money leaking from such discreet one man deals? I think all this is politically motivated and I would on my nose that faz has a seed of corruption planted in it. Ponga Liwewe and Andrew Kamanga are birds of the same feathers.

  9. no nosence

    FAZ sure

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