Hichilema Headed to UK Next Week

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has been invited to speak at The Royal Institute of International Affairs in the United Kingdom.

Hichilema will be a guest at Catham House with the spot on his party’s policies and the role of the opposition in a democratic set up.

With his political fortunes back home on the edge Hichilema has been looking to improving his international profile.

His recent incarceration for about four months over treason charges made for an international story with the opposition leader making the most of the mileage coming off its coverage.

The institute’s website reports that the discussion will be chaired by Alex Vines, Director of Area Studies and International Law who also in charge of the Africa Programme.

Recently the Commonwealth brokered a possible peace deal between Hichilema and President Edgar Lungu stemming from the post August 2016 general elections.


  1. Advisor

    Finally, its like someone told HH that he should pause with a smile. This wonderful cause you can’t be a sadist whole year round. Its healthy to mile.

    • Sj

      Chris Phiri the reporter must ve been @ pains to find this one of him wearing a smile, for once.Comment

  2. f

    Violation of political liberties usually puts the country under political survey. The happenings in Zambia are what has brought this international attention. We should to respect human Rights and curb corruption.

  3. f

    Zambia has attained international attention.

  4. Vincent mooya

    That’s good once again my pre

  5. Amagenge

    Great smile HH.

  6. Wise me

    Bad idea. No matter the wishes by the former colonial masters. Zambia will never be a colony of any country again.

  7. Tam

    the political disabilities has brought shame in our country, let the future prsdnt go nd present our on that issue.all the best mr h h.

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    Smile for it

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    All the way sir thats great.

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    I Like The Smile Of Great Fellow Farmer

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