Hichilema Wins Top African Freedom Award

Zambian leading opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema will this Friday be the recipient of the African Freedom Award under the auspices of the Germany human rights body, Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Hichilema will be presented with the award in South Africa tomorrow.

The opposition UPND leader who spent over four months in prison on treason charges many observers believed were politically motivated has received international accolades for his fight for democracy in Zambia.

“We are greatly honoured to have been nominated to be the guest speaker and recipient of this year’s African Freedom award ceremony hosted and presented by Friedrich Naumann Foundation in South Africa tomorrow Friday 27th October 2017,” Hichilema has announced.

“At this annual event, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom acknowledges individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the cause of Freedom in Africa.

“After receiving the award, we will be presenting a paper on “The State of Freedom in Africa,” he says.

Hichilema has dedicated the award to Zambian citizens who committed prayers and stood with him and five others during their 127 days of incarceration.

“We will continue demanding and championing freedoms and basic rights for our people as well as respect for the rule of law and order as we believe that is key to national development,” he says.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom describes itself as a foundation for liberal politics that aims at promoting the goal of making the principle of freedom valid for the dignity of all people.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation promotes human rights, rule of law and democracy in more than 60 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central America.


  1. Francis Mwale

    He should lead the country one day.

    • Samuel

      To be honest, I would prefer Magande… He is my man! He has not trampled on anyone to make himself rich.

      • dada

        If he store y not investigated and convict him? u a just jealous of his wealth. Use your head also to be rich!

        • 'e' the independent f(x)

          they hate Hakainde because he ain’t a thief. they are afraid, that when he takes over control of national resources, their Wako ni Wako based SYMBIOTIC PARASITIC corruption will collapse.

        • 'e' the independent f(x)

          they afraid of Hakainde taking control of national resources because he ain’t a thief. they fear that their Wako ni Wako based PARASITIC SYMBIOTIC corruption will collapse.

  2. Bamfwewe

    Zambia is a peaceful country and no ones freedoms have been curtailed. This is crap from the foundation boasting of promoting rule of law, instead they are promoting seeds of discord in the nation.

  3. Precious stone

    That’s wat happened to Joseph in the Bible, from prison to recognition.

  4. Pompwe

    Ndimwe mubwelesa ma problems muno.go and give your award to Congolese were there’s war.one Zambia one nation one pipo

  5. Pompwe

    Hail Jah raster farrai peace be upon Zambia.

  6. Jr

    To be coming from the south, no wonder! The award can easily be bought

    • nsampi

      God always rewards people that fear him for good purpose and who are on his callender .

      • Faruk

        But this award is from the devil

        • james kaumba

          Let’s appreciate Germany is a country not comparing to our katemba

        • jk

          Check on yo party u think those fights in poor party will win 2021?

  7. indaba

    he is twenty 7 in one

  8. chrisy

    Congatulations president HH. africa and indeed the world have watched and heard you. They are all convinced and they know that you mean well and that you CARE.

  9. Howard Sikalundu

    HH forward.

  10. sky

    God is able and He is good all the time.

  11. Sj

    A Basic Knowledge of Ideologies will teach you to distinguish Sense from Nosense. We Have Been There and can tell what is meant well. Shemuna. SHAME. Comment

  12. Likolo Mwiya

    Congratulations my President. I know one day you will rule this country. Please may God guide you. Our country is rotten with injustice and corruption. Get in State House and fight for the majority poor Zambians.

    • Samuel

      Chiluba’s Privatisation was an injustice committed on the Zambian people. Some people were executors whom I question patriotism because of you have a country at heart, stepping down from the position was just. But someone did not do that and wants to shove how just they are down our throats.

    • Jk

      Correct one day will be for HH

  13. Paul C. Kapaipi

    HH deserved such recognition. Those of you who are against this move, I challenge you to put yourselves in HH’s position and critically consider yourselves spending 127 days in the filthy zambian cell for a crime you didn’t commit – be realistic as you do so.

  14. Eddie mayamba

    Nice one

  15. Ed

    Nice one

  16. Mpombo

    Very ironic his people performed ethnic cleansing on other tribes after the elections.We’re really taken for idiots in Africa

    • His people? Does he have people? And who are they? What tribe are they? I sense a spirit of tribalism in the statement avoid saying his people coz we are one its like you are giving segregating him to one side even us we can be his people at anytime along he is a Zambian.

      One Zambia One Nation!!!! When one of us is recognised we just have to rejoice.

      • ricky

        Wise words my brother, we are one pipo

      • Wise me

        His people are his supporters like yourself and many others who went a mile in justifying violently the claim that his votes were stolen. This award is no backed by facts at the moment. Why not award those who negotiated for his release via a nolle. The question is why is he receiving it South Africa. There has been a rumour about it being a rendesvour for Neocolonialists. That’s creating doubt on how genuine and credible that reward is.

  17. Collins S. Tembo.

    Congratulations for the award. I thought that we were a free country but carelessness of our security system could lead us into trouble

  18. Mr A.M. Jnr

    Let Justice prevail in our peace country Zambia. That award should have been given to him during 53 th Independence and not outside Zambia. Akaso

  19. ray mulowa

    bravo my president this is the sign of better things to come.

  20. Samuel

    What criteria has been used to reach this selection? Perhaps they should enlighten us so we whole heartedly accept it…

    • Amagenge

      He was improson for 127 days. Go to prison and shout freedom freedom. Id you are rich you will be awarded. But id you are poor like Captain Solo you will die wuthout recognition.

  21. kms

    Congrats hh.you deserve it man

  22. Macha moses

    Congrats to HH may GOD guide our Zambia ukuya muyayaya

  23. Hugo five

    This award is from one those organisations funded by Anglo American.
    It has not come as a surprises at all.
    He is one of their boys.

    • Sachi

      Prove it to us,don’t just say things from without man..

  24. emmanuel

    He z guide by God everything has got time

  25. jj

    The world speaks surprisingly to good and bad people hahaha bad to all pf member,bad people you ‘re forgetting that you ‘re ruling but busy with somebody who not ruling instead concentrating to your plans.

  26. cool g

    Zambian muselela kwakaba

  27. Calvin

    Congratulations mr president HH,may GOD Almighty be With you

    • Mumba Kenneth

      What award does HH reserve to be awarded. Which freedon has he fought for zambia. Do not make him big headed to bring confusion in Zambia HH does not qualify an award

  28. Mulenga b

    South=hh no wonder he can be awarded.

    • Ukutumpa

      Awarded for fighting for democracy!! My foot!! …who is fighting for the upnd’s internal democracy??? 11 years at the helm of the party no re-election? Democrat my foot!! Go and seek a fresh mandate from your ka useless party, then you can have a bit of credibility to champion democracy in Zambia. All those people you’ve been co-opting into the party who are occupying elective positions are all illegally there. Gbm, mutale nalumango, William banda and many more are all constitutionally, illegal. Tell how many people can speak against Hh in upnd??? Have u heard how he talks to people in his belittling fashion. This upnd god must be congratulated for this award and we pray that some votes will come from his new german/south African constituency.

      • Paulos Tembo

        Those that are condemning the award or recognition of HH by the German Foundation should realize that Lungu and PF atrocities , disrespect of the Zambian constitution and the Laws of Zambia is the reason why HH has won international recognition . The brutality of PF is shocking and appalling.

  29. Muchemwa

    The way we congratulate others wen they do/ achieve something great that’s the way we are congratulating HH kudos to you

  30. Nambo

    Congrats to him..

  31. Ngoni Warrior

    Why do people pretend?anyway I end here coz am non partisan tikafuule one day

  32. Joseph

    Congratulation, mr HH

  33. Solomon Pleito

    If the award can be given then the world is full of idiots polluted with spreading anarchy.nevertheless continue dreaming mr hh it is your world

  34. Eustace Kalunga

    We are right behind you Mr. President be strongh

  35. Joe

    H H mwaume pabaume,He is great, and deserves recognition, Bambi bena kuwayawayafye. Nabasonte efyo bakwete tumone



    • james kaumba

      That’s what they were telling Late President by dola siliti,that he will never rule this nation now she is enjoying what he left,he is turning in his grave,God gives leadership!!mind u the difference between Opsition and now ruling party is minimal,watch out PF!

  37. Wingo

    Zambia has always been peaceful but no one is above the law. Law breakers need to be dealt with regardless of social standing

    • hanene

      HH was pronounced innocent through their own system. Which law did he break ? Zambia forward. Keep on singing your songs. The same problems we are facing are not sparing you. By 2021 someone will fail to cook..Zed kaaya.

  38. mmmmm

    Forward my president.

  39. lazz man

    Congrants ma homie

  40. mulongoti

    This is not a real one how abt the offences he Committed in namwala it was arranged by this boy maimane let those who are happy abt those offences b proud of him this award cud gone to Mandela post humously don’t wink anyone


      This foundation which has done this is fake .
      Where has it b

  41. simukonda derick

    Respecting the current leadership is cardinal, we shouldn’t disturb meaningful development. Zambians are not myopic, things in our country are on course. And those looking down upon our leaders’ judgements want to endanger our hard earned peace. Zambians are clever and are able to distinguish sense from no sense. Award how????? Dont fuel arnachy .CONCERNED CITIZEN

  42. Moving forward

    My president you are the hero,,,,

  43. Kabwanda Kj

    Zambia 4wad

  44. shin woo hyung sika

    HH Forward

  45. last Ngoni

    HH! Why can’t you leave politics and focus on other projects. You have failed in an election 5 times. 2006 to 2016 . I don’t why you still coming back.

  46. Lolo

    The Supreme Leader, Halpha and Homega. I do not understand this award in light of your past privatising us… maybe it is an award of coming back alive from Mukobeko?

  47. Fyakubantu mwanya

    Cacine ba muntu mwavokavoka nomba kwateniko respect bushe zambia yakwa noko?

  48. kadosi pike edward

    One day u wil be the presindent of zambia

  49. Chileka Levy

    Congratulations my HH

  50. Peter


  51. Ba Suntwe

    nonsense what awart which freedom? Tha guy and his 5 foolish chaps was treason issue not fighting for freedom which freedom? no it’s being awarded in South Africa all rubbish

  52. ganny

    Comment It is an insult to the freedom fighters.



  54. Prosper


  55. Ndunga pius

    This award is deservedly welcome looking at the aftermath post elections till to date,yah haters may say like that but the true will remain the same.to any reasonably thinking Zambian,developmental projects goes with economic booming not the reverse in the current situation.life among Zambians is becoming hard and hard while the bootlickers are busy praising the development.Those who are saying he sold Zambian companies they need to be pumped some knowledge, the gentle man by then he was a work in some corporate entities,he was far from government decisions which were made by the late H.E Chiluba who lacked the vision like these cadres,do not hate someone by tribe,the same tribe donated resource for first president to go to UK and meet prime minister and the queen.Go back to books !
    Ndunga prospect MP 2021

  56. Peter kubiwa

    HH for president not these fools

  57. sipoya

    May the God punish each and every evil mouth,,, you’re making innocent Zambians suffer because of your evil and tribal remarks all the time. What is so hard to congratulate your friend who has done better than you! Shame shame. … Shame on you.

  58. Vincent mooya

    That’s my pre HH good leader AMEN

  59. Misheck Mulope

    Beloved remember in the bible its says love yo neighbour as u love yourself.Mind u this gift comes as far and its not a political issue that’s y we all need to congratulate HH and Celebrate with him,we are one in Gods eyes in heaven their will no something like hating one another its time for Zambians to show love and unit gudda.

  60. Real man


  61. Emmanuelchipili

    Freedom under the law is the principal thing,constitution cattails anarchy,the rule of law guarantees freedom and rights,governance systems must be esteemed to avoid being counterproductive.Democracy can never be equated to anarchy.

  62. cts

    Chikubabe chikunyokose,,,viva my presdo u deserve Mr hh.wat award did lungu win since he was born apart from stealing votes ??

  63. Benny Sakala

    Congrats HH

  64. Mk

    Shameless pipo wil appreciate thisaward but those who are wise will see nosense.Lo hh was misbehaving and when he was arrested he started crying loudly to win public symphath. Do start wht u can not bear. This award might have been organised by south African opposition leader mr Julius Malema following his remarks whn they had a celebration this yr. This award has no backing coz Zambia is already free.

  65. Faruk

    Everybody is right according to their rights. Who am I to deny them their right to have an opinion? Whether HH deserves the award or not is none of my business. The people who have honoured him know why. Those who think HH does not deserve the award have reasons why. Should we hate each other over the matter? No. There are more important things to discuss than this countrymen.

  66. LLJ

    congrats HH may the good lord bless you in your endevourz

  67. Tom London

    You deserve it Supper HH . 127 days in ECL ‘ s poisonous dirt mouth . Zambia go forward with HH and GBM .

  68. mr east jarva

    umutima obe ube echurch,cont……

  69. Francis malala

    Coment Zambia forward

  70. james kaumba

    Lets hear when salaries will be paid to civil servants not condeming the award of HH si award ya nyoko?

  71. Luby

    HH forward

  72. rick sika

    You always talk about dimocracy which you have faid to Show in your party since 2004 we have never held any convension yet you point at Lungu as a dictator sir charity begins at home

  73. Zambezi Voice

    Since HH is a thief then arrest him because the Gov has all the instruments of power…so what are you still waiting for????? Dont waste time over things you lack knowledge about.

  74. Matuzi

    I love HH.Mukatukakilapo pena.
    Thanks for that reward to our President God See’s you whether outside or inside Zambia. I am with you as many Zambia’s. One day God will say yess and we will say AMEN.

  75. Haatombwe

    After election people suspected not have voted for hh in Namwala had their houses burnt by Upnd supporters .Our hh failed to condemn this barbaric act by his caders .He instead called them freedom fighters. Pain is still fresh in the mind of people that were left homeless.

  76. Haatombwe

    Hh failed to condemn his supporters to who Burt houses for people in Namwala suspected not to have voted for hh.He instead called those barbarians freedom fighters.

  77. Amos Chanda assistant

    Congratulations Mr hh continue with da same Spirit u have ,coz it’s not an easy task

  78. Amos Chanda assistant

    Congratulations Mr HH continue wit da same Spirit ,cuz it not an easy task

  79. Mr XXX

    Bom shakarajk

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