Photo Focus: RB Overseeing Kenya Polls

RB With Rachel Fowler, deputy field director of the Carter Center.
President Banda with Keith Jennings of the National Democratic Institute.
RB and Commonwealth observer Martin Kaiserye (left) and a local poll officer.
RB with former South Africa president Thabo Mbeki
RB with Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga.
RB with Head of EU Observer Mission in Kenya
RB Meeting Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Hon. Amina Muhammad Omar.

Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda is in Kenya overseeing the elections as Head of the observer mission appointed by the Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland.

Deputy Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Fourth Republican President Chibeza Mfuni says president Banda is honoured to be part of the foreign mission in an election that has put Kenya on its edge.

President Banda says Kenya is an important country and was playing a critical role in the East and Central Africa regions.

The former Head of State says it was a humbling duty to be in Kenya at a crucial time as this one.

President Banda is expected to leave Kenya on Monday for South Africa where he is expected to give a keynote address at the African Presidents Leadership Centre conference on higher education issues on the continent.


  1. Mikel Mufumba

    Peacefull polls

  2. samuel kaputula

    Not free and fair

  3. mkv

    Rb the old fool

    • Zambia@53

      mkv, you are the young i.d.i.o.t. RB is a great man who conceded defeat unlike your HH who thinks that cattle were voting and not humans.

  4. Mpombo

    Good RB show them how its done in Zambia they’re very far behind our Democratic levels

    • Jackson

      Mpombo, you’re very big lier. Kenya is very democratic, it’s leaders do not interfere with the country’s judiciary.

  5. jonathan lukwesa


  6. Chikoz Chiks Chiz in one Name

    1.Abaitwa beengi lelo abasalwa………
    ” Many are called but few are chosen.”
    2. Ombela umo ombela, amenso ya bantu tayalya………..
    ” Do what ever you supposed to do, fear no one.” It’s not only being in higher positions, it’s of that of service. Jesus Christ Himself served, what about us mere mortals. Let RB do the work he suppose to do, and don’t resist this.

  7. Always On Point

    One Rb

  8. Abel

    Let’s hope they won’t be conflict again.because the way l know Rb.

  9. George

    Election observing is a joke. Rigging happens b4 election day and far off from the air conditioned offices/hotels. RB, Mbeki…r jst here for free tickets, meals, feed dollars in their pockets, & photo opps. Don’t make any real difference.

  10. Odoka

    Rb do yo job freely we are here to support you

  11. Destiny

    Peace mr Banda serve that country’s peace we believe in u.

  12. Sawphirii

    Many have read and many are learnt: (the tongas say they are the owners of the country,ZAMBIA.But alas,they give me the proof,”THEY ARE LEAST IMFORMED’.I”ll add on later

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