Pres. Lungu Remembers King Cobra


President Edgar Lungu has paid tribute to fifth Republican president Michael Sata saying the man revered as “man of the people” had a passion to change the lives of the poor.

On the occasion of president Sata’s third memorial, Pres. Lungu said no leader understood better the challenges of the poor than the PF founder.


Today, we remember the life of a great leader, our dear late President, His Excellency Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, who passionately dedicated his life to changing the lives of the poor.

This great son of Zambia had a rare drive for success, embraced values that enabled him to accommodate everyone including ordinary members of the community. It was, therefore, no surprise that many people called him “Man of the People.”

To the Patriotic Front family, President Sata was a visionary leader who set the pace for the development path we are now pursuing because we shared his great vision for a better Zambia.

As a caring leader, he understood the challenges of his people and that’s why his policies were always pro-poor throughout. His strong bond with the people did not emerge in his adult political life but from his humble beginnings as a young politician, who dedicated his political work more to the cause of the grassroots.

You will note that in all his political life, he considered infrastructure development as a strong foundation and prerequisite for job creation and poverty reduction.

As founder and leader of the Patriotic Front Party, when he became President of the Republic of Zambia in 2011, he continued his crusade of developing and modernising the country’s infrastructure. As a result of his great visionary leadership, today, in our country, we see an increase in the number of roads, bridges, schools, universities, houses, clinics and hospitals.

As a devout Catholic, he ensured that his presidency was guided by christian values of love for one another, commitment he practically demonstrated in engagements, and publicly preached through his signature song of “tutemwane bane bonse.”

To my fellow congregants, I wish to encourage you to continue emulating his fear and reverence for God, his love for hard work and love for the people, especially the poor.

To Madam Dr. Kaseba and the entire Sata family, we wish you God’s blessings, strength and comfort.

Let us all celebrate the life of President Sata.

May the soul of our late President continue to rest in eternal peace!


  1. Jackson

    May his soul

  2. Jackson

    May his soul rest in peace.

  3. mwiinga

    sata had a heart to unite all zambians but u lungu is to devide n arest zambians

  4. Lawrence Chungu


  5. Alick

    May His Soul Continue To Rest In Enternal Peace.

  6. Chikoz Chiks Chiz in one Name

    Please, emulate him in your leadership “President Lungu” by at least reducing outstanding (Accruals). Zambia is a peaceful country and therefore, She must desert accrual. Please, free our mother Zambia from the debts #Inkongole#

  7. Tisa

    Rest in peace man of action.

  8. Tito

    May his soul continue resting in peace

  9. Jk

    King Cobra he was a man of action not …………u can fire a sgt for not reporting for junngle work beacause of unwell no mercy at all!2021!!!

  10. LLJ

    good lord be with your siblings in the name of Jesus father holly ghost our father our nation

  11. Fredo

    Question is ar u following his foot steps or have u lost your way?mhsrip man of action

    • George

      Its not question following ones foot steps. These are totally two different people. CMS AND ECL, simultaneously not same. No two people are same. Its question ECL to do the right things for this Nation. However, no matter what good he may do this country there will be people opposed to his ideas.

  12. Elder mubiana

    It is good that we can remember our leader,this show s how we ar united

  13. JJ

    legacy flexibility and love for his children the father of the nation mhsrip

  14. Abel

    Person for the people

  15. Mr. BJ

    Abasuma tabakokola pa chalo. Bashi Chilufya mwaliya bwangu. MYSRIEP? Let us grolify pipo ilyo bacili abomi. Michael was insulted by everyone in da mmd, who today are enjoying the fruits of this gallant man of da pipo. Mwebamutasha kali kwisaya. Mwala lwisha nokoca the most expensive bridge pa central Africa, God will not spare you for your being babumi munda! Ndeloleshafye!!!

  16. pop

    my his soul rest in peace.Lungu your presidence came from God because its like you were appointed to b, now why cant u emulate the actîons of Sata

  17. veronica

    May his soul be united with the souls of all our political leaders so that they may bring peace to our mother land Zambia Amen RIP

  18. Emmanuel Mumeka

    Rest peace and to us we promise emulate your values

  19. Jimmy

    I miss you man of the people. you loved this country and served us in honest and sincerity. may this current leadership emulate your love for the poor . lower taxes.

  20. jaja okocha

    may his soul lest in pease ba lungu cheger fr de better

  21. Mbomani Lusambo

    May his soul lest in pease

  22. Tingombe

    Death is so painful. King cobra we miss you. Rest in peace.

  23. James Banda

    Lungu is an embarrassment to the memory of Sata. The Cobra must be turning in his grave to see how the party he fought for so hard is literally an MMD party with the likes of Slit Siliya and the other MMD turncoats.

  24. titima

    Trully he was man of the people.a selfless leader.

  25. Musonda

    May the soul of my political Father continue to rest in peace


    The soul is fleash and we have even see’s the man of action his works

  27. Katong

    R.i.p my President, go well…

  28. friday kashitu

    Rest in peace

  29. Chibota

    May his soul rest in peace

  30. Mike

    Please PF is not under MMD. As we remember our galant son of the soul MCS let us also not forget that without MMD the party PF would not have been born as it’s great leader Sata was once a minister in the MMD government .
    MHSRIP .

  31. Simeo Musonda

    Late President Sata was a great man indeed.

  32. Daniel Nkhoma

    Michael chilufya sata was a very hard working man……. may his rest in peace.

  33. Cahill

    Rest in peace my late President.


    May his soul rest in peace

  35. Justine

    May his soul rest in peace.

  36. Justine

    May his soul rest in peace

  37. George

    I truelly miss you my president. RIP

  38. Martin Chansa Mwinyi

    Uwati abombeko bwino afwaaa!!!

  39. Amos Simasiku


  40. Amos Simasiku

    I wish he was still alive
    School leavers like me would have found Jobs
    He’s concern was on providing jobs for youths

  41. Taonga bwembya

    What a great man he was he never selected people to associate with what a great man you are rest in internal peace GOD bless sata family

  42. Patrick lwando

    Patrick lwando

  43. donald chileshe

    Always love papa

  44. Christopher silwamba

    Great Leader Son Of Africa Myrip I Miss You Father Meet On The Other Side. Br.Chris Sills

  45. Mutale Davison

    Rest in peace.

  46. Abena kafue

    A president who got down to work for the people of Zambia. He never travelled unnecessarily. That is why we have ambassadors to represent us in foreign countries. Kaya mwandi Chalo ichi nankongole.

  47. Abena kafue

    Rest in peace king cobra.

  48. f

    May His Soul Rest In Peace.. While in opposition he was branded all bad names by vision less people. Only to be elected when he was about to bid farewell. Too bad indeed . Zambia is eagerly looking for leaders that will fight corruption head on and reduce poverty levels to less than 20%.

  49. Moses Zuze

    Bashikulu rest in peace….. we madly miss you MYSRIP
    ba lungu wake up in peace we need you sir

  50. fm

    When he was in opposition the MMD did its best to frustrate him by falsely accusing him while they were busy looting the national treasury. Zambians should now wake up and say NO to political Falsehoods that made Sata take over when he was about to die .

  51. martin

    rest in internal peace my lovely president. always remember u

  52. Nsonganya lupupa

    You were a real leader, rest in peace.

  53. emmason


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