Letter: Poor Conditions Of Service At FINCA Zambia Frustrate Employees


Dear Editor,

I would like to bring to your attention the exploitation at FINCA Zambia.

Am a concerned employee there and what employees are going through is hell. The company has robbed us of our time to rest, relax and prepare for the next days job. Just like any other financial institution out there, we ONLY used to work Monday to Friday and last Saturday of the month. But this time we made to work all the Saturdays throughout the month and when you speak out, you are intimidated with contract termination. Sometimes we would work up to 22hrs, no overtime or whatsoever is given to us.

These private companies are the major culprits when it comes to Labour laws violation. Employees live in fear at FINCA, we get insulted at during BM meetings, Supervisors trainings. There is no professionalism at FINCA Zambia, how can a CEO coming in meetings drinking? Ranting threats, unprintables words at us.

I just felt I bring this to your attention as we don’t have a union.

Concerned employee.


  1. Umuntu

    Report that matter to the Office of the Labour Commissioner and not writing letters here. Do you expect an online newspaper to solve your problem?


      come on man…don’t be a wet blanket!!
      online/social media is playing a big part in our lives as a way of communication. its one way of getting the message across,but am sure he has also reported to the labour office if its serious.

      • analyst

        @Chishimba, Umuntu is very right and your comment is not surprising. It is typical of the cowardly Zambians to always hide behind online media and failing to confront their oppressors. You are a coward!!

  2. mulongoti

    Eeven if you’re not unionised you have signed the the contract which is valid that’s evident enough And things change Saturday is a working day what’s your problem if the company has introduced Saturday the only thing I find the problem is Working at night

  3. Papa

    Mwalefwaya inchito e nchito iyoine koseni mayo…m

  4. vern

    It seems You’re all not educated

  5. vern

    You’re all not educated

  6. vern

    You’re all not educated

    • BM

      This grievance can only come from a lazy employee with a very poor work culture.

  7. brexit


  8. James mbewe

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  9. Kasongo Wa Kasongo

    Every little helps. Keep that job by working hard. If you think you’re being exploited try running from one end of Cairo rd to another and sell nothing then you’ll know what working hard and getting nothing is.
    You’re lucky FINCA is a financial institution which teaches how to be frugal and prudent.
    Stop that stupid complaint, teach one confidant how to borrow from FINCA and you will be better than an employee there. Stop mourning you’re standing on gold.

  10. Jonathan

    Shame I will discourage my friends and relatives to stop supporting you guys.

  11. the bossy

    Just report 2 yo labor district.

    • fines@5

      Countrymen learn to hear and analyse the story This problem is countrywide and to solve it is to change leadership When Mc data came in power things changed overnight now Ecl eat with these criminals what do you expect ???What can agogo the Veep offer !!Let’s try GBM to give them vibaka na makofi and investors will fear not chagwa afisama muliba kapokola nishi ebakabolala bama copper mu Kitwe ,,,,shame

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  13. Ernest Liyungu Liyungu

    Work hard my brother you are adding on your cv

  14. Mulenga & Patience

    Report to the labour offices

  15. sap

    report to labour office near u ,u be assisted my friend this problem is found in somany private companies.labour unions shuld supervise these private companies coz their are not even observing the condition of service signed during employing someone when trying to remaind them they terminate the contract without benefits,those working in private companies know what the cornced is saying.

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