Nawakwi Resurfaces on Political Scene

FDD president Edith Nawakwi has resurfaced from her over a year self-imposed isolation from the Zambian political scene and reconciled with her deputy Chifumu Banda.

Nawakwi, who had been in the middle of a succession fight within her party of her continued stay in office beyond the mandatory two terms, says that all the issues around the differences with Banda had been resolved.

She said it was not her desire to change the constitution but only two thirds of the members could do that.

Banda also mouthed some conciliatory lines without making it clear whether the crusade to oust Nawakwi over constitutional breaches had been abandoned or not.

“When you say the nation has missed me, I have also missed the nation and I thought when we went to the polls in 2016, the nation actually put out a clear choice and we need to allow our friends to exercise their authority and see where they are taking us,” she said.

Nawakwi also said Zambians had given the ruling Patriotic Front the mandate to rule until 2021 and must therefore give them space.

Banda and Nawakwi were at loggerheads during last year’s general elections such that the former opted for another person to stand as her running mate.


  1. k pllus

    Welcome madam president

  2. k plus

    Welcome madam president

  3. millz prod

    Are u sure

  4. Mpombo

    Nawakwi is as beautiful as they come

  5. Chawela Nyirenda

    Long time Madame

  6. wayne

    Am happy to see you again my President

  7. Namzcool

    Surely madam

  8. Mike

    ‘Nimayo fye’ …..so we the slogan!

  9. Angoni

    Bravo the wise lady is back. Much advanced than the finish HH.

  10. Solomon Pleito

    Missed you madame. A courageous and focused woman you are

  11. Sj

    Welcome, you must ‘ve sponged enough politics whilst away and it will be wonderful to let us know what’s in store after all the silence. You definitely were missed. Comment

  12. Daniels

    Is she still president of FDD or her term expired.

  13. Daniels

    Is she still president of FDD or her term expired?


    What about the convention?We need to change all our leaders in the party or maybe we just defect back to PF.

  15. PASTOR wisdom mubanga

    Your time will surely come don’t give up my president

  16. Lungu Sylvester

    Welcome, Mum we are banking on you in 2026,you have been patient like your courage.Bible says those who wait for the,shall reap blessings. Your time is coming closer and closer, you started FDD,therefore no one shud remove you because people know Edith Nawakwi,and if you are out,the new person will not be recognized by Zambians. Finally we need a woman president now in 2026.

  17. B-wise Siawela

    U have been quiet madam we love u never give up our tym will come.

  18. Jr

    Democracy entails that leaders have to be elected once their term of office expires. Ecilya mulemona bantweno, he has failed to make it to plot one, kukakatila pakafulo. Buwamuyaya bwapwile mwa Kamuzu Banda. Be Democratic madam, otherwise you have potential of becoming a national leader. Chishinka, your wise counsel has been missed! Ndeloleshafye!!!

  19. George

    Oo!! What a strong woman with an amazing spirit


    Welcome on the scene . Mama Edith is popular & likeable . She is intelligent , honest & brutally Frank ; yet she is also reasonable , predictable , thorough & humble .
    She could be the next alternative for Zambia as opposed to the pompous Riff-Raffs who think they can free a people that are already free & independent .

    We love you.

    One of Us

  21. Raymond= Nampundwe

    Nayo Nayo Never Give Up Mama ………….

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