MISA Zambia Polls Degenerates Into PF Vs UPND Battle

The race for leadership of the Media Institute for Southern Africa-Zambia Chapter has degenerated into a political battle between the ruling Patriotic Front and the main opposition UPND.

According to sources, incumbent chairperson Hellen Mwale and all her sympathisers have been accused of being PF aligned candidates.

A team of journalists led by Wilson Mpondamali, Hyde Haguta and others are allegedly being sponsored by the opposition UPND.

The election will be held on November 4 at Cresta Golfview Hotel in Lusaka.

Five positions are up for grabs which include Chairperson and the deputyplus three board members.

Corcerns, however, have emerged that the electoral college has not been clearly defined.

Most journalists want MISA Zambia depoliticized although historical pattern suggests the organisation has been used by different interest groups to advance political agenda.


  1. Sj

    Why not put the suggested names in a Bin and ‘ve a draw done by a fifth grader from there, using the Zam.Lotto balls that feel and look alike, but names of candidates will’ve been written on them before the Draw? Comment

  2. Wise me

    Do these people some of whom on a Sabath pretend that are Christians and lineup for holy communion believe in God? Why are they praying idles such PF and UPND. God says love him with all your hearts, mind, souls and strengths and you should the do same to your neighbours. The Party you will only inter you into because they can create your breath. Let’s believe in the resurection. Journalists are suppose to believe in God’s word and demonstrate undestanding. Their job is to help people live as a family of God that lives together share food with with humble hearts.

    • BlackBird

      This is about Journalists and not Pastors. Why should everything be seen from the angle of religion? Cant we for once debate issues as they are without being holier than thou? Let MISA deal with this issue without Party politics. Only media politics should come into play here. Yes the current Chair is a PF Cadre but she should not be replaced by a UPND Cadre. Only media practitioners without Party Political affiliations should be elected so that MISA Zambia can do its work properly.

      • Wise me

        I believe in one God and his word. In these times people like you his word has warned me about such creatures like the blackbird. Stay away from me and continue on your path of destruction. It is my Christian role to speak out against evil without fear.

  3. mulongoti

    Yes black bird for a example kaseba kaseba m from prime tv shud not come even near he’s a up nd cadre and his frend calan let the prime tv presenters on political issues cancelled by their director of programs b like diamonds tv political professionals pls don’t influence people by your political standing especially the interview they had with tayali on 28 October 2017 so Mr museba what ever they call you will start switching off your program you’re partisan

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