Nevers Threatens To Abandon Muvi TV Program After His Claim To MMD Presidency Is Challenged

There was drama at MUVI television studios on Sunday where Dr Nevers Mumba accused the producers of the popular live talk show program The Assignment of setting up with MMD national secretary Raphael Nakachinda without prior notification.

Dr Mumba was incensed when his former spokesperson Nakacinda called in via video to challenge his claims regarding the leadership of the former ruling party.

Dr Mumba who was featuring on Muvi TV as “party president” refused to engage Nakacinda whom he said was not his equal.

He told the producers that he would engage the MMD President Felix Mutati because he had a claim to his position.

“If he is National Secretary let him talk to his equal number, if Mutati comes I will stop here and talk to him because he claims to have my position,” Dr Mumba said.

Presenter Master Chimbala insisted on having Dr Mumba continue as Nakachinda mounted the challenge.

“No, am saying to you that if president Mutati comes right now and sits where he is seated (Nakacinda) we will have the discussion. Right now you are making me talk to somebody who I have no business talking to,” the visibly disturbed Dr Mumba responded.

Dr Mumba later tried to force entry to the production studio of the TV station where he accused the producers of the program of hiding Nakacinda.

“I know you planned this so that you can embarrass me. I should have been told that I was featuring with somebody. This was a scheme to embarrass me. This is wrong and you know it,” fumed Dr Mumba as he stormed out of the studios

He is reported to have threatened to go to Prime Television to expose Muvi Tv on what he claimed was a scheme to destroy his argument against the duly elected Mutati.

Dr Mumba waited for over 30 minutes so that he could prove if indeed the MMD National Secretary Nakacinda was not right at the studios as well.

Nakacinda had courageously called in to confront his former president so as to prove who the true office bearers of the once vibrant party were.

Nakacinda produced evidence to prove that the convention was legal as per constitutional requirement of the party and produced the ruling from the High Court which threw out the injunction petition against the holding of the convention.


  1. Sj

    Honestly are these the calibre of Leaders we should expect to grace our Corridors of power? That hot presenter from BBC, Steven Sukur would ‘ve them running TO their heels if he only fired them an opening SELF searching question.

    Try taking a leaf from Dr Chilufya, a ready listener,humble and all embracing. We realise no two people can be alike. The voter makes the best spectator. Comment

  2. Giogio

    Matthew 5:41-42 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.
    Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away

  3. Arthur

    Holding on to power by whatever means possible, these are the so called champions of democracy

  4. sir roy

    I thought Mr nevers had long time ago turned back to his pastoring duties?no money in pastoring but politics? Alass!! Jst leave the game to the mutatis & get back to your church party claim your presindency there if they refuse never mind jst start one bcoze you good @ lying blind christus than lying blind mmd surpoters

  5. chewe f

    Mumpuwelwa.Leave politics to the talented people

  6. Daniels

    Nevers is right what those people( mutati, banda and Edgar did was wrong), he is just claim his right position. Muvi TV am very disappointed with you.

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