OPINION: Dr Chilufya a Testament that are Still Good Men in Politics

It is very fashionable to just get to pinpoint the negatives about government officials. Half the time they are often seen to be villains in the narrative of governance.

When they are not painted as corrupt they are seen to be fighting to get to the top and gunning to replace the number one statesman at the nearest election. But some have kept their head above shoulders admirably with Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya topping that list.

Dr Chilufya has stayed clear above the petty squabbles typical of politicians within the ruling Patriotic Front and can reasonably claim to have an above partisan appeal.

Few people if any can raise a finger in Dr Chilufya’s direction as being among some of the most divisive elements in our politics today. He has studiously stuck to the requisite demands of his office opting to only let his works speak for themselves. Dr Chilufya has not been one to raise political dust.

It is not surprising that he hardly makes headlines in political circles but by far does one of the most critical responsibilities of any imaginable government. Even when some high profile personalities still get airlifted for medical treatment abroad, Dr Chilufya has not been one to stand on anthill to proclaim the good deeds of his government. He lets his works speak for itself.

The Mansa lawmaker had the dignity to be understudied by the late Dr Joseph Kasonde as deputy minister of health before he could count himself worth of a full cabinet portfolio. If anyone doubts the dignity of being willing to serve as deputy minister when one thinks themselves worth of higher office they better look to the misery that has befallen Miles Sampa.

The former Matero lawmaker began to yearn for more action at top level thinking himself better as a full cabinet minister of even Head of State. He did not have the humility to value himself at his right portfolio.

We do not say this to make Dr Chilufya grow wings but remind ourselves that amidst so much pomposity and power hunger there are still leading lights in humility and performance.

It is a reminder that amidst the political chaos there are still individuals that could restore some hope that there are still good men around that see the five year mandate as a time to work and not knifing each other ahead of 2021 which is still some miles away.

In the words of iconic Reggae star Peter Tosh. “Live Clean and Let Your Works be seen”.


  1. The Chosen One

    Spot on, this article. Dr Chilufya reminds me of Mutati under the MMD govt. In an environment where ministers an MP usually scrounge for headlines to be noticed by President, Mutati rarely made politically appeasing statements, it was all about statements in line with his ministerial work. I am also reminded of the late Sikatana when he was Minister of Agric. When everyone was in Kabwe at the MMD national convention, he chose to visit farmers in Southern Province. We’ve had sane people in politics, these are people that deserve a mention

  2. Joze

    One Chilu, a man of action. You are really doing what you were called by your electorates. Work and don’t get tired of those who are just politicking. I am proud of you.

  3. Japhan

    Unlike most ministers, Dr.chilufya is not a cadre turned minister and his academic attainment is not bogus. Others? Big question marks.

  4. Lingumbwanga

    He is the man who comforts me when I remember the late Mwanawasa Levy. Truly good people are still there.

  5. commando

    When Mwanawasa was president,i was supporting the opposition PF,but i liked some things Mwanawasa’s government did.I openly told my fellow PF supporters that we have a good president in Zambia(Mwanawasa) and a good finance minister(N’gandu Magande).Mwanawasa’s government was a listening govmt,it was indeed a government of the people by the people and for the people but i don’t know if the same can be said obout the PF govmt.Today you hear this person has been arrested by the police and charged with such and such charges,after the accused has spent some time in prison only to hear the state has filed for nolle prosequai.Look at what the govmt has done to the farmers in terms of pricing the maize this marketing season.In zambia today the prices of everything is going up only the maize has been reduced.I heared some rumours that the govmt wants to close the borders so that no one will be able to export maize,if it be true then i don’t know what our govmt is up to since they said we have a bumper harvest.

  6. Sj

    That’s how it is when one genuinely sits that long behind a desk and don’t pass with a Push. They will easily understand @ what station they’re in life and try to serve as is required of them as was inculcated when they sat behind the desk and attended their lectures.
    Even in the last days the Bible reminds us that they will still be ‘few’ people that can be likened to the ‘Job and Joshua’ of Bible times. Comment

  7. Joe

    He is a man of action viva chilu

  8. Sj

    Stiffer laws can curb the non export of maize across borders but in our country, the same custodian of the the law will be the same Law breakers. For instead of tightening the law they’ll may make the arrangement porous. Comment

  9. Charles Phiri

    Bravo Honourable, very true indeed, the works widely speaks on his behalf. I know him personally.

  10. hanene

    Bwana author of this article, your observation is very correct. I think you are not aided to see properly like myself. If our leaders could be of the calibre of honourable chilufya Zambia could be a better country. Most of our ministers and MPs are just advanced call boys who mostly betray reasoning. Iam not a Pf supporter but likes how Dr Chilufya works. The man is an example of quality.

  11. man chilu

    proud of u sir..
    looking foward to see u in upnd govt come 2021

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