NDC Claims PF Take Over On The Copperbelt

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party has claimed that it has taken over part of the structures from the Patriotic Front in different parts of the Copperbelt due to its popularity.

Party National Youth Chairperson Charles Kabwita has said Patriotic Front officials from different parts of the country are freely joining the NDC in which most of them have gone ahead to form structures.

He said the recently registered political party has continued to receive support and will continue to welcome those frustrated with the governance system of the Patriotic Front.

“We are on top of things. The response we are receiving from the general public is overwhelming, and it has become easy for us to form structures,” Kabwita said.

“The formation of structures is actually being done by the people themselves and bringing the structures to us, and they are telling us, we are so many and we felt we could form a branch in our area. In NDC the simplest exercise is to put up structures.”

Kabwita, a former Ward Councillor for Chimwemwe under the Patriotic Front, said it was difficult to form structures in the PF adding that NDC has attracted a good number people with less than six months in existence.

“Our role is to kick out the Patriotic Front and bring hope for the people that have remained hopeless under the current regime; our people need food on their table to survive,” he said.

Kabwita said the party has continued with the recruitment of members in all parts of the country in readiness for the 2021 elections.




    • sir roy

      NDC? ok.by 2021 hw many political cooperatives are going 2b there? cacine kuwayawaya fye

  2. Kapatu villager

    This kabwita guy is a dreamer chacine.Soon you will cry blue murder. You are depending on kambwili when the guy is busy trying to find time to meet the president for readmitting back in PF

  3. khokhokho

    ck make sure come 2021,hav my vote

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