RTSA In Tech Glitch

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) on Saturday were left shocked after the network system went down during the open day organised for Copperbelt Motorists which was held at Mukuba Mall in Kitwe.

Like the case has been in the past, Motorists have complained and asked RTSA to improve on service delivery but Saturday was true reflection of challenges the institution is grappling with.

RTSA had invited motorists through a press statement that various services which included issuance of road service licence, issuance of drivers’ licence, motor vehicle examination both physical and automated, road safety education, driver testing (oral and practical) for provisional driver’s license, payment of road tax and payment for certificate of fitness.

However, the case was different as a few motorists turned up and those needed services that required network were disappointed that RTSA had no better explanation on the poor services being rendered to its clients.

“We came so that our issues are resolved because the Kitwe Office has failed us in so many ways and when he heard that officers would be here (KITWE) it was an opportunity to understand why they are failing us, but alas we are being told to visit the same station because the system is down, so we left wondering if this institution is serious” one of the motorists stated

“Personally I have been going to the same RTSA Station and every time I am told the system is down, so then what is this ICT they are talking about if they can’t offer us the services?

“Look at the people that are here obviously each one of them has complaint or needs to be attended to but with the system down I guess it’s business as usual” he added.

They complained that most of them had been asked to go back and come later in the day as the system would have returned to normal.

RTSA Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko was at pains to explain why the system has been down.

“It is a challenge; yes, but we are trying to address it. We want to migrate to Zamtel and other and we know how much it affects people,” Soko said.


  1. Monk

    Twalibelela bwalaca

  2. Biggy

    Ratsa must really be as serious as it is when it mounts a road block. The network thing has become their song everyday. My main surprise is as to why they can’t work on the problem they are facing. They are tough when it comes to collecting money on the road. pliz improve.

    • HNL

      Then they should be giving motorists some provision document to carry along on the road to show that one is from Ratsa because road blocks are always mounted everywhere and anywhere, in fact ba traffic even go an extra mile in their duties by following motorists, should you be fined in such a case?

  3. Kabova

    The CEO is not adquately educated. The chap has no clue of his main role. So what kind of system do you expect. He simply cannot think beyond his A, B, Cs. That position requires a highly educated change manager who will have the capacity to make RTSA efficient

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