BBC’S Sackur Roasts Hichilema on HARDtalk

The BBC’s Stephen Sackur put the UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema on the grill asking him why he should contest elections again after having lost five times.

On his tour of London Hichilema appeared on the world popular Hard Talk program where put his grievances with the electoral process before the whole world.

Sackur asked Hichilema if he was going to run for elections despite having lost elections five times in a process, “the whole world fairly acknowledges as free and fair.”

“Whether I am going to run again is not the point, the point is we are concerned about the process under which these elections are held…anyone is free to run including myself,” he said.

“How many times have I gone to court? We are calling for a fair process.”

The seasoned presenter said that if President Edgar Lungu wanted to kill Hichilema he would have easily done that.

Sackur said, “with due respect if he wanted to kill you, he could have killed you. Clearly the intention was not to kill you.”

Hichilema decried the conditions under which he was jailed and held in solitary confinement in the first eight days of his arrest.

The UPND leader said that the arrest should never have happened in the first place and alleged that accusations and trumped up charges against his followers were the order of the day in Zambia.

Sackur asked Hichilema was he had continued throwing salvos at President Lungu despite having committed to dialogue.

“In some countries, you might still be languishing in prison. Why are you making
such a fuss about this whole episode? The United States undersecretary Linda Greenfield congratulated President Lungu, the British High Commissioner, and President Jacob Zuma meaning the election was fairly credible?”

Hichilema said that the country should wait for the court to rule on whether President Lungu is eligible to contest the 2021 general elections.

Hichilema is in the United Kingdom after being invited to give a speech at Chatham House.


  1. medhone

    u see how drunk with prison he has become .hh can u reason zambia is not a farm where there ar more of live stock and crops than humans and mind u zambians hav not forgeton that you squandered a lot moneys during privatisation. impwa tashikola mwaka washilwa

    • Ganizani kwenda

      look at him,ma ma ma

      • Angels

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      • Gilbert mulambya


    • mboro nyele

      HH z just OK u Zambians who bewitched u at first place. The man plays Games of cash behind what he stopped u to do. Lift up your eyes and ears over do u understand . We work very hard but no money .Late payments is on our heads. Let us use Hh to find a good leader if we don’t want him . let read his stance plz Zambians . PF z failing but let’s not insult it because it is part of leadership . pF has shown its strength and failed . Mr Nyele

    • jj

      That issue u hv say i was concerned with it too but i tried to find out but no one has evidence,and if he sue u do u hv evidenc?politisian failed to proove that in court and u go ahead

  2. HH Junior

    Good questions from good interviewer kikikikiki, not abaku prime and the other small small private media, Ku BBC kupiba kuma questions kikikikiki

  3. Sj

    ‘whether l’m going to run again (for Plot One) is not the point.’ What arrogance, indeed Steven Sakur has put him in a tight spot by reminding him that incaceration was not meant to kill him (but to reform), for if HE wished to do so he’d ‘ve done it long before. What a waste of time and valuable resources this trip has been. Better to come and sponsor our Asylum Seekers from DRC. Comment

    • Pansa

      HH was dodging questions and the world saw that he is just a problem

      • mistone poto

        HH is not just choosen by GOD he could have ruled that tym wen Rupiah Banda got into office that was his chance

      • sakx

        It is true,is a very big problem that man, he can’t rule this country unless otherwise.

    • D.L

      Whose money did HH used for this trip?
      Tax payers or his own?

  4. James Zulu

    Our media houses must learn from Stephen. The man was surely roasted. Kikikikikiki

  5. nshilimubemba

    If I was the adviser to upnd I would ask them to replace HH with some one more cleaner than himself.
    I can remember how veteran zambians propelled Chiluba to stand against KK in 1991 , they looked among themselves some one with clean slate , they found Chiluba and put him in front and they managed to unseat KK.
    Those guys were more intelligent than the present crop of politicians .
    Look they have just insisted on one dirty corrupt leader to win an election really it wont happen the guy has made so many mistakes.
    HH is implicated in two hatefull doctrines one tribalim and stealing through privatisation, these stories will not go away.

  6. Mautho Ndolo

    I am searching for the video on U-tube, but to no avail. Will try later to see what kind of pressure the man was under.
    Why will you contest for elections after being rejected 5 times was a lovely one…., but again, no honest answer was availed.
    It would also have been interesting to have asked him the question he always dreads; One about how he became rich….lol.

  7. HH Junior

    I heard that interview 2de kuma 11:00 ,awe ba HH kuwayawayafye,it’s only here in Zambia bayumfwa.he was asked “are you not going to recognize President Lungu as a Zambian President for the remaining 4 years meaning up to 2021” and his answer was “I didn’t say that” so mufulofye bacita when he knows that Ecl is his President.

  8. happy

    Teku muvi TV mwadelela mwafikwako madala

  9. Ignorance is a desease. You seem to be ombeded in hate than reality. Leave HH alone

    The display of hate for HH from these trivalists is unbelievable. I thought HH poetformed mych better from the tough questions

  10. Pansa

    HH looked liked a dull person please local journalists kopeniko Steven Sackur temunobe kupiba Ba HH

  11. Kalasau.M

    But why does ECL,shun such programmes!Bone to chew eeeeeeee

    • Amagenge

      He has a powerful PR which knows his weakness to face the likes of Steve. It is always important to have a PR that manages the bosses’image. You know Lungu cannot stand that. Even HH cannot stand that but chose to be embarrassed. Once Lungu attempted to be interviewed in USA but his PR had to cut in and made he run away.

  12. Jeffrey

    HH must learn to swallow his pride and be a reality person

  13. Lukwe

    Indeed Mr Sackur nailed HH on a hot sit, Ku BBC tekwakuya na mano yaku chema ing’ombe. H.E Mr Edgar C Lungu is eligible to contest in 2021 general elections

  14. R Mulenga

    Clearly the intention was not to kill you ba under 5 / big headed .

  15. k k

    Life and living you are making history in Zambia

  16. KP

    Politicians especially oppositions often talk of free and fair election every hour and then, but one concede the defeat when he or she fails to make it, so even in 2021 expect issues like petitions

  17. wapya

    Muntungatialibenzelu ninshialibenzelu.look at how he has disappointed himself very sad

  18. Chimba the 1.

    Bamuyasa nondo muliso…… speechless,voiceless and without any senseble answers… Sorry ba HH.

  19. davidzulu

    What roasting imwe ba mbuli,ignorant thugs nga ntweno has he ever been interviewed by an international media before?imagine if it was your thing being interviewed he could have fainted lol.

    • Chris

      Iwe if you can’t see how badala was sweating then you have a big problem as the longest opposition party. For example, you lost to Ba Levy, Ba Bwezani, Ba King Cobra and twice to Ba Chagwa? What makes you think you should continue losing progressively like that?

  20. Ht

    Wow! This is shocking, indeed he was on brai stand not of chaco but coal.

  21. Ht

    Wow! This is so shocking, indeed he was on brai stand not of chaco but coal.

  22. Chez

    Afikako lelo makaka,afilwa ukwasuka amepusho bwino bwino kachema was ng’ombe.

  23. Palyapene

    This guy is un-embarrasment to our nation.

  24. Nasilele

    Its called “HARD TALK ON BBC WORLD” and not Muvi or Radio Phoenix.
    This ideology of globle trotting for winning sympathy is not only a danger but also contiguous to would be leaders after kicking our buckets in death. So be careful with washing linen in public for the world may not be friendly st times. Yaba! In http://www.bbcworld.com. nankwe-nankwe

  25. gobrine

    wel spoken journalist sackur, H.E never wanted to kill HH



  27. Bwacha

    Sackur said, “In some countries, you might still be languishing in prison….” Umwaice ekalisha ilyo anya. Alangabalikusula ninshi balikusula. HH, give chance to your friends to contest in 2021. You failed to give the reasonable answers.

  28. mmmmm

    That was bullshit questions from sackur, nonsense hh for life.

  29. mwalimu

    Ba HH must be humble from now because those questions teyabana big ups to the BBC journalist for those questions he made Mr HH To recognize ECL as the republican president

    • Mr nofavour

      During the interviews, we can see that hh is just pretending to be smart and carageous while he is a coward who is too dull to lead the nation.”pretenders are always unstable” when hh is in Zambia he says he does not recognise lungu but in the interview he did.now does he stand.be careful zedians don’t accept people who are passive.

  30. joseph

    good interview

  31. Tyson haluuma

    Omucende wasika antondwa,bola balaliilwa,alimwi 2021 uwinide kale.u fools ar dead fuck you

  32. bbc

    What come next Ba hh now

  33. Cahill mulenga

    Tonga,s huuuuuuuu!!!! Ukushishita.

  34. George Reader

    UPND have no media of their own and their propagandist is not effective, so that interviewer is only fed with all the PF propaganda from ZNBC and other PF vuvuzelas. The man knows very little about the political situation and economic situation in Zambia. It’s either that or Balimulishamo. It’s possible. Why was he against HH all the way Kwati Niwotumiwa?

    • Sj

      The questions were genuine and hh should ‘ve ‘d enough ground to pull down PF as one given unfair treatment. Comment

    • Sj

      The questions were genuine and hh should ‘ve ‘d enough ground to pull down PF as one who portrays as to be given unfair treatment. Comment

    • MUBITA


  35. Angels

    As for me I ask HH to stop being Boobnious, pomposity ND Bragadocious atherwise he is a late down,what a shame hence he was called under 5 politician ND he still remains the same.

  36. captain chanda

    I told you that aya mukuilanga ubukopo. Ala ubukopo bubi pantu tabupwa. Ubushilu bulondapwa nokupola balipola abengi. Useless Mr HH.

  37. mwila mwamba

    hh kikikikiki

  38. BRITON


  39. Top ten

    @HT You have made my day. Where is chichi and company. He is lucky he is alive ask shangarai in Zimbabwe.

  40. Daniels

    He should not have agreed to the interview as is the case with zambian presidents who do not know how to debate. Hh just exposed the caliber of leaders we have in Zambia.

  41. mulongoti

    I said it that mazetting teyapa he Thor he was going to get it all now thAt he knows that ecl is president he shud start bowing his head before him So Ba upnd mube mupepi n.a. ifwe uyu makaka amicusha fye mulwele ku mafi yangombe lwenu cant you chnge the president in upnd atlaest gary hes a gentleman And moreen as a running mate bushe kano fye mutonga?mu upnd napapamu munjasuke Ba upnd thanks n.a. tongalised party mwe

  42. A.C.M

    HH gat nothing to tell ba BBC alemona ati ni Muvi olo prime, ubulanda kuli ba hh!

    • otis Light

      That white man knows what he was talking about, do u know what the law of the land says about treason? If u knew you will thank Ecl that’s why the western community knows that Ecl is a good person, pliz don’t display your ignorance in public go and research

  43. Simon Kabwibu

    Congrat sackur good interview and all Zambian journalist you should learn something on Mr sackur not muleipusha namubaila

  44. mulongoti

    Bt I still don’t support the prime tv especially that presenter calany and that uwachunsu Kwati nimushala nganimwebo if you’re upnd cadres don’t waste your tym on prime tv the two of you the two of you are making upnd unpopular due to tribalism everyone check them out on Saturday at 17 hrs this two are time wasters

  45. lh

    Kwene you looked stupid. ECL would have easily killed you if he so wished. International community recognize ECL as Republican President and why not you. He is not not talking about the constitution Mbuzi. The issue of being self centered. You certainly need some brain scan my friend. It is not too late.

  46. Mk

    Dats interviewing …am sure mudala was even sweating right there

  47. sheikh 181

    Well gone hh for yo dope answers on BBC

  48. Emmanuel

    Stop having the slave mentality.No one has the right to kill anyone and Stephen Sarkur is being arrogant and stupid to say if Edgar Lungu wanted to kill HH he could do it at anytime.Am just wondering whether Stephen could make such a statement to Jeremy Corbyn.Zambia is an independent country with its own judicial system.We don’t need approval from UK or USA about our electoral system.Wake up Zambians, Unless you want to be colonized again then you could agree with Stephen Sarkur.Our constitution does not put a limit to the number of times one is able to stand for presidential elections.It is a right and HH can stand as many times as he want as long as his political party allows him to do so.How many times did Abraham Lincoln lose elections, how many times did our own late MIchael Chilufya Sata lose elections? And you want to agree with Stephen Sarkur who thinks an African opposition leader’s life is worthless it can be taken by the incumbent president any time he feels like .That is shameful and derogatory. Has anyone got a n audio or video of this interview?

  49. Xmonk

    HH the most failed political project in the History of Zambia politics. You thought Sackur is a common journalist who can be bought by your chicken change and ask you soft question. Look around you HH, you are just alone and in fact BBC Hard talk don’t vote here in Zambia. Inside of campaigning in rural areas you thought of going abroad seeking international sympathy. Now you met your own medicine, you were clearly humiliate , out played and proven that your focus must be on relevant issued. Your fellow PF crooks released you from Jail with the heart of reconciliation but after being release you played clever Kalulu. You have realize now , the world knows now that you are not worth trusted that stolen wealth as corrupted you, you can not think clearly, when you plant reconciliation you will harvest reconciliation but when you sow hatred you will harvest hatred. my free advise to You HH and GBM grow up the sooner the better. Come back home and ask forgiveness.

  50. Last Ngoni

    Mirror! Mirror! show me the stupidest individual in world
    HH my son,HH my son. Mirror! Mirror! on a wall show me the fattest person in Zambia politics; GBM my son ! GBM my son! than I hear a loud laugh. Kakakakak! Hahaha! Go my son tell them! Tell them ! Tell Them. HH on serious note your interviews never when well even your followers and Cadres are ricking their wounds. If it was in Zambia you would have accused SACKUR of being a PF cadre. If you really want to be a president change your strategy; go in areas where you are not known

  51. Master kay

    Zambia we separate ourselves through what comes from our minds,surely those insults to Tongas ,because who has made a mistake is a Tonga,guys we are old enough let’s think like normal and destroy this spirit of separation,we are one Zambia one nation we value other tribles there are also people of this notion,where it’s wrong let’s stand up us a Christian nation we in courage each other to be in a right path ,just last month we had prayer and fasting which brought us as one nation,but it shows like some people didn’t know what they where doing that day because they are insulting like no man’s business.

  52. Zambia

    Stupid and foolish HH you have disappointed us Zambians to the extent we that maybe only your fatson(GBM) will give you a vote.

  53. terror

    HH will be rejected yes for now but who knows what the future holds for Zambia and him victory or mess again And if victory are you ready to stand on a hot ground also are you strong enough maybe him atleast coz he’d been imprisoned before @watch out

  54. Nshimba Rodgers

    Bane hard talk BBC is something else neither would do better, if you have been a follower of the program, you recall that even the brilliant Mwanawasa looked foolish under the same,so spare HH we need opposition to keep the balance in our country

  55. Solomon Pleito

    Zambia will not vote for you hh because of the money you stole during privatization. And mind you those British are inviting you to only give the morsels of what they took. Ask them if its OK broking the prime m s motorcade is right or try you will called a terrorist. Zambia can forgive but will never forget thieves like you

  56. Bms

    The reason why I don’t like politics

  57. Reminder

    This was not the only disappoint interview. Have you forgotten that interview in south Africa he was failing to answer questions; even a simple question about education he failed to answer and I felt very angry with the man

  58. Shadie

    Chalo ichiiii……

  59. Joseph

    HH his better than, your jemason who run away for bbc interviews last time.

  60. TJ

    HH had a point to say anyone is free to run elections including himself because we Zambian people need is freedom not dictatorship because we live in a Christian nation and if the head of states can think of not having elections in 2021 then what of a leader is that Ah,you people should stop talking anyhow instead take your time,look around and see that Zambia is norlonger the same you people have been misled by wrong people called your savior,its my prayer that Zambia will be restored by the grace of God because only Him knows what is good for Zambia.

  61. Mutale Davison

    When a contractor he was gven work and he failed to work we do look for other contractor’s so 2021 we must change if our Edgar has failed to fulfil the promises he made don’t do thngs as if we are blind.


    Even if we say things about hh is already rich or maybe he would lost 12 times the one who suffers the most is us people because we do things without thinking at first lets work hard and help one another one zambia one nation

  63. Lilo

    Zambians just let him stand stand again if he loses again he won’t accept coming to BBC issues BBC iS one of the best on can say BBC knows nothing in this country BBC gets detailed news and true news for sackur that lungu is not for the idea of killing hh yes it’s true lungu is not for that idea of killing hh and mind you linguistic is a Christian I know some of you will reject what I have said but BBC is one of the best remember the death of our late president Micheal sata we heard it through BBC before znbc could inform us so BBC knows everything intact hh was reminded same the points that had happened that he should accept

  64. jj okacha

    he has done something better than yo chakolwa who runaway

  65. cmc

    The only thing hh needs to do, is not even going on BBC world news talking about the current government the president Ecl, hh should be not going on international level talking about the government it not the BBC who vote it is not the international cummity who votes it me here in mbala, shangombo, masamba, who votes so my word to hh stop going to south africa, London to my area mbala convince me on your word stop talking to the, us I am here in shangombo I do not have BBC channel, I do not know the international cummity, I only know radio one and tow znbc one so use this platforms to continue with me, please forget about hardtalk give to other countries, be here like myself, sorry for equestion you studed what was not coming and that is not problem for me cause also pupil studied what is not coming, you studied what was not in the mind of Stephen, that was the reason many people in Zambia thought you fiiled, cause you studied about the electron. Corruption, but he was asking you about you personal life so it was hard like the show hardtalk

  66. Hachintombwa HH

    Agony is tempering with the law of the land so that you can be arrested in a view of improving your cv of being arested 16 times & use it gainst your opponent on BBC hardtalk

  67. dalice

    Political issues; I once voted for someone but I didn’t see any benefit. Since then I have made up my mind not to vote for any in my life no matter how smart he/she can be. Some people say that even if you don’t vote but the one who wins becomes your leader. Which means it is as good as voting. As for me I don’t agree with that coz I don’t panic and no BP effects. Yet still I advise our president ECL, HH and others to respect each other.

  68. mulongoti

    Master Kay tongas are good people but hh has taken it that his tribe is the only tribe that can take Zambia upstairs uyu wine hh has caused the my son not marry a Tonga lady change pls this man is destroying Zambia because of his tribal xenophobia and your chiefs themselves especially from his village they also come in the open victory does not come from the southern

  69. lnd

    u ar thinking of people you ar familia good welcome one country and a nation die hard or live longer

  70. TJ

    @T.J. You are not the actual TJ but me who has strngly supported His Excellency President ECL and PF. No one will ever dribble me but will only delay to my progress.My,principle always is to act whithout fear or favour and not tribalistic like HH.Check the email address of the real TJ whose real address is malungalungu@gmail.com and so this is a fake TJ.Congratulations fake TJ but what u should know is that I once studied my education at Chatham Maritime in the UK and during my studies lived in Birmingham.You fake TJ will never defeat me and mind you I had a rare opportunity to grasp at HER ROYALMAJESTY with other foreign students who lined up on one of the route ways she was to pass as she came to officiate the University of Greenwich at Chatham Maritime in late 1994.BBC hardtalk Sackur and the British people talk the truth.You FAKE TJ AND HH instigated people of your tribe in your province start beating and burning properties of people from other tribes. That HH you interviewed is not fit to rule Zambia!

  71. Matuzi

    HH guyz is a real man and suitable to lead Country Zambia.
    He didn’t wanted to disclose Zambia,s secrets or to blem any one if you conker to his answering.
    You just hate the MAN.
    Nevertheless you will never rich hem.
    Its renseason guyz let’s consent in farming plans.

  72. Francis sulako

    Has Zambian we don’t want problem in country

  73. Jerry

    Nice Going My P

  74. Kasman

    Selfish politician!!!! Shame on u.

  75. SIR ROX

    Let him learn something from that interviews thank you.

  76. Njunta

    Ba hh the issue of pravitasation will not die just leave for someone without issues

  77. Collins jencarlos Angel

    awe sure kutiwaseka ????????????? HH ???????

  78. maybin

    U at even going to the SDA church why can’t learn from that song u sing that kuicushafye nangu mwingeminina 100times I’ll never be a president in this nation unless u bring back Mr data to life



  80. emmah jay b quan

    Hh is the Ryt person for this country coz he failed before first attempt in learning(fail)
    2021 am behind you nipa is behind you

  81. Kuihhgy


  82. Chileka Levy

    No back ward only forward HH better Zambia and nice response to BBC’S keep it up.

  83. Mwiinga David

    U guyz do u recognize God? Mmmm your words like u ar providing yourself life, too much judging, the way u express yourselves as if u never heard that there z God, fear God for u to leave longer & to huv blessings of eternal life. God bless U all as u ar thinking wisely.

  84. Jimmy mk

    HH you are demon possess.you need deliverance

    • Gj

      PF sign is boxing be careful come 2021 the face is showing. vote or els you will bleed.

  85. petex

    hh u ar stupid in deed atase

  86. Francis banda

    Ecl alichabe bwino hh ndiye mabvuto yakulu tizalilanayo nandalama yamene tikamba yasowa ndiye pamene izasowwlatu.Aluza kangati ngsti niwolemela afunachani chinangu? Asegule makampani wanthu wapeze nchito tiziwe kuti niwolemela

  87. timmy

    do u knw wat? u zambians dont know anything about politics. wat do u have againt hh? is because of his tribe? upnd as u all know is the most powerful opposition party right?
    pf is falling apart all the honourables r running from that party. if pf has falled to rule as then who can, mmd? or maybe poor people’s party? guys u shud think before u speak

  88. Willesty sangwiz

    Comment loading

  89. paks

    The opposition leader lacks a sense of being realistic in most encounters he’s had with pf. That’s a big blow on his leadership qualities. ‘Handed a cup he fails to identify it when a blind can’t if he’s given one.’ The way he answers has or will help Zambians not chose someone to come and ruin the country. We ve many capable leaders to be not some one who can’t understand with an unforgiving spirit. Zambians watch out!!!!

  90. North western

    Let God take action by not bringing rainfall so that you eat your own children you who condem farmers to be in power ba monkey.

  91. Dmm


  92. Madichi

    HH is a real man

  93. pf is just a party of leadership not a party of development no

    Pf is just a party leadership not a party of bringing development in the country if you where to look how workers are smashed away those that can bring change in the country which is not good.

  94. swazmwiinga

    Pf is just a party leadership not a party of bringing development in the country if you where to look how workers are smashed away those that can bring change in the country which is not good.

  95. Jerome

    HH is just a useless man in our Country

  96. SPJ

    The problem with Zambian politician’s is that they just want to be president’s without good reasons. They all say they will make Zambia a better place but a person who can really bring change does not Wait to be elected but with what he has… I see no good answers from president HH. if he really can be a good president he would have clearly Stated it. I don’t think HH can be a good president neither is ECL. if upnd can change its presidential candidate it could be batter…

  97. jj

    Voting or no voting who had and who had not vote tonse tulechulila pamo no different no work no food

  98. Cbm

    Only God knows mwebantu

  99. Sela

    Comment Bro how backward are u? surery how can u recognise someone’s presidency when there is a petition in court?

  100. Twaambo

    I have no idea what you people have against us tongas.God made us in his own image and why do we hate each other so much.what did our tribe commit to deserve all this hatred,anyway God knows what he has prepared for this country.

  101. Mwape

    HH is not a gud leader he always dents the image of his country he wants to rule to b president or is saying negative about his country this is unfortunate,shamefull,sour grapes n unacceptable that is y he is being losing so far 5times he is under 5 he is not fit to b president i prefer he resigns n luk after his cattle instead of wasting tym stand for elections then lose n go for petition.

  102. Mwape

    HH is not a political factor he is a under 5.

  103. Mwape

    Kachema HH.

  104. Nthalezhitha

    Ama Prophet ati shani ka prophecy ka mu 2021

  105. Nthalezhitha

    Ama Prophet ati shani ka prophecy ka mu 2021

  106. Danzazy Banda

    Mmmmm tinameni

  107. MUBITA


  108. HB

    Zambia never have a President who is not a Christian

  109. Hb

    If hh was chosen to rule zambia he will rule that’s it if he was not forget him so stop taking nosene God is the one who choose leaders people you only know how to make wrong desicions that’s all live everything to God you are not God to choose who shall rule zambia or not

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