Katumbi Says “People Power Movement” Will Oust Kabila In December

Democratic Republic of Congo opposition leader Moise Katumbi has warned President Joseph Kabila against stretching the people’s goodwill.

Katumbi says President Kabila mus cede power in December when his extended mandate expires or risk facing an uprising.

Katumbi, who has been in exile for two years, announced he will be returning to the central African nation in December to participate in elections.

Speaking to Salim Kikeke on the BBC’s Swahili section, Katumbi – the former governor of the mineral rich Katanga – says it will be treasonable for president Kabila to continue in power beyond December 20 when his extended mandate expires.

A team of Catholic bishops helped broker a temporary peace deal late last year when it brought the opposition and the ruling party together to agree on a timeline that would have seen elections held before end of this year.

The Congo elections were due in December 2016.

However, the peace deal has broken down after the Electoral Commission announced it could not organize elections until 2019. Tension is high in Congo with civilians and police clashing over President Kabila’s continued hold on power.

Thousands have fled the DRC to neigbhouring Zambia and Tanzania.

Katumbi is barred from returning to Congo where politically motivated charges have been slapped on him.

“We don’t want bloodshed in Congo, but the opposition has given conditions for dialogue leading to the elections. One of the conditions is that President Kabila should announce he will not contest the election,” he said.

Katumbi says Kabila has served his two terms and is constitutionally barred from contesting the next election.

“If he does not hold elections, he ceases to be president as at December 20 because that action is tantamount to treason. He is going to betray the people,” he said.

Katumbi says the people of DR Congo have duty to rescue their country from an undemocratic regime.


  1. George Mainza

    Katumbi must work hard, other wise it’s not easy to gain victory.

  2. Jeffrey

    African leaders always addicted to power

  3. Abel

    Let’s hope you are going there to make peace with people.than the way it is now in congo,because as am talking we have received a lot of Congolese in nchelenge district.

  4. Chikoz Chiks Chiz in one Name

    Please, work on; at liberation.

  5. Gilbert

    Comment:Kabila should give chance to others,Katumbi is most credible opponent.

  6. Jackson

    Another lungu in a foreign country.




    Pliz Congolese lets unite for peace in DRC.Zambia is good country for peace.

  9. chapi

    people of DRC have suffered a lot, we need someone to deliver the country. kabila should leave in peace not in pieces.

  10. captain chanda

    Kabila lleka abanobe babbombeko because you will. Face the bad decision

  11. Abena kafue

    But is running away a solution? Won’t the numbers decrese to fight this selfishness?

  12. Kikengi

    Please Kabila let my president to rule my lovely country DRC ,your two terms are over

  13. Murray Franklins

    African Leadership style, they claim “Parentage Ownership “

  14. muntungwa

    I wish Moise Katumbi all the best in his quest to lead this poor neighbour of ours.

  15. Fally ipupa

    Moses katumbi the Man of the moment
    Viva katumbi

  16. cj

    Africans that’s the problem anger for power

  17. Justin Tj

    Go help our continent mother Africa

  18. Titus Kapanga

    Kabila he must give a chance to his friends please! Why are you so selfish?

  19. benson chibale

    please our neighbouring country president of congo you have finish two terms just live it peace

  20. sonnysiwale

    Let’s give chance to others god will also give u …,..that day.

  21. Matuzi

    Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Congo DR Presidents, we are tired of these stupid presidents for they don’t want to give chance to others.
    You think you will die with riches people?,nay,give chance to your friends otherwise them can even do march better than you. Can you Repent before you die.
    I think you have heard.

  22. Leonard chanda

    Ok bad to our bro n sisters

  23. Umuntu mutwe

    Kabila must go we don’t want such kind people in Africa .

  24. Cornelis

    Kabila son of Bitch !

  25. kafulwe

    Moise chapwe kalapwe I love that sprit my presidant go go love you

  26. Isaac phiri

    let katumbi get th chance I luv u my president…..

  27. Vainqueur

    It’s unfortunate that the stories our parents used to tell us about joseph Kabila are turning out to be false basing on his actions if clinging to power and massive killings. We loved him but now hate him for the time he will continue to stay in power against the people’s will. In Katumbi chapwe and Co we trust to deliver our nation.

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