Kelvin Sampa Empowers Kasama Villages With Popular Indian Scooters

Kasama Central lawmaker Kelvin Sampa is introducing a new mode of transportation common to the transport system in India.

The MP has purchased 14 Bhajaj Tricycles also known as Auto Rickshaws for distribution eight wards in his constituency.

Sampa says this is a form of empowerment to local residents.

“I will distribute them to the eight wards in my Constituency to help with Party mobilization and equally help our needy members in different ways to alleviate poverty as they will also be used as taxis,” he told PF media.

“The Bhajaj tricycle can also be modified for business use as mobile selling platforms.”

Sampa also notes that Auto Rickshaws, which is synonymous with the transport in India and seemingly part of that country’s identity, use less fuel as compared to normal automobiles.


  1. Shawa

    Well done sir keep it up

  2. Abena kafue

    Has Zambia started allowing three wheeled vihicles to be used as taxis? Good initiative ba sampa to think for vulnerable but I suggest better vehicles. Can RTSA correct me on this one.

  3. Wil sky

    Mr sampa you have done a job and developing our nation thanks Mr sampa

    • Shameless

      I’m not quite sure whether you’re serious or being sarcastic hopefully the latter. You actually refer to this as development! BTW I am selling my waterfront property in the Sahara Desert at a giveaway price.

  4. patzan

    These so called trIcycles, if my memory saves well, were bought by a renowned business man in Mufulira, ten years ago, also to be used as local taxis, but RATSA refused entirely to use them on our roads, saying they would be causing a lot of accidents which would be ending up in a lot of life loss. Equally, I saw sense in the decision to stop the move because once hit into, it will easily flip over and disastrous.Today a law maker buys and nothing bad is seen. Let him buy spacios

    • Shi Mumba

      Ba mudala Ba Patzan; please see the the glass as “half-full”, and not as “half-empty”. Give praise where it is due, rather than delve instantaneously into a salvo of criticism of what this Honourable Sampa has done. Here in Johannesburg, these Bajaj’s are one form of official transport, in the city of Sandton. What is wrong with using hem n the villages of Northern Zambia?!! Congratulations on your initiative, Honourable.

  5. edgar chibuta

    great development indeed

  6. Giogio

    Hon MP the gesture is a good one. But do we want our transport system to be crowded by these scooters? Do far we have managed to resist motorcycles as “taxi’s”. We are even phasing out mini buses in the name of improving road safety. Dont u think this is a step backwards for the transport syatem. Get your constituents reliable and aafe modes of tranaport. Dont be like the Lusaka mayor who wanys to build communal toilets in this day and age. Be progressive.

  7. ANDY

    Comment Good to hear that. Every MP should strive to leave good legacy to the voters.

  8. John mvula

    Good work your Honor let other MPs emulate you more specifically Chama MPs Chama is very vast people travel long distances ie To and fro Chama boma to Chikwa
    Lundu.Tembwe Chifunda Kambombo. Buli.Nthonkwo etc take note Chama MPs you can team up

  9. patrick

    They have beeno tried before. They are not safe to be used as taxis. Once hit into they easily flip over and the result is usually disastrous. May be at the farm.

  10. BSJ

    From his pocket or cdf?

  11. pop

    Well done sampa.

  12. Transporter

    Well done Sampa. However, the caliber of leaders at ward level cannot handle this type of transport, cadres are reckless and lives will be lost, try buying utuma Corolla or so. Good initiative though…

  13. elvis

    Well done Mr sampa. And it should be an example to the other MPs

  14. HH Junior

    “okeke” are this not the same okeke used in Nigeria kikikikiki. anyway job well done sir,at least you are working than aba Bambi abaishibafye ukutoba abanabo ama plasma(amapi)Ku parliament.

  15. bhajaj

    Its good transsport for the locals. but please warn them not to overload them

  16. Clement Mwila

    Job well done sir we are looking toward to see the improvement in kasama

  17. Mwila Clement

    Job well done sir we are looking forward to see the improvement in kasama

  18. Joe

    This is the worst mistake done. Zambia does not need this shit. Next will be border borders. We are moving backwards bwana

  19. Kopala

    Political milage …at least he knows his electorate that’s what they deserve, our kangombe is doing exploits in kitwe town noti ifi. Tricycles? Soon taxi drivers will be driven away and our society will be so wheelbarrow ladened… look at his nice shoe and what he decides to give to his community elo 14 chabe…

    • MUZO

      Comment: Pipo,Just Appreciate Were It Is Due.Some Of U Cant Even Buy A Single Bicycle 2 Empower Others.Mwakaililafye Ukubwata Bwata Nokukondema.Job Well Done Ba Sampa.Keep Up Ur Good Work.That Is Very Much Far From Those Who ar Doing Nothing 2 The Electorates.God Bless U.The Devil Is Shamed.

  20. chewe f

    Use CDF properly. You will be making money from this business. There are so many foot bridges in Ksssma central which you need to do bwana.

  21. Kk

    You can not community empowerment, it’s party empowerment because it’s benefits the party not the community

  22. JoeK

    I like the comments but what does the Road Tranport and SAFTY Agency say? They are the ones who decide what should be on our roads and these were discouraged a while back

  23. JLL

    mp new mode of transportation will caution and alleviate your problems a slice of bread is better than zero bamakaka

  24. Simzy Kaleo

    This is our MP whom i know.. . !!!

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