M’membe’s Bid to Halt Nkonde from Post Case Fails

Former Post Newspapers Managing Director Fred M’membe has lost his bid to have High Court judge Sunday Nkonde removed from presiding over the liquidation of the once largest circulating publication in the country.

M’membe had raised preliminary issues that hinged on Nkonde to be biased against him with alleged previous dealings with litigants against The Post Newspapers.

However, the preliminary issues were dismissed by Nkonde for being defective with the main matter expected to take off.

Former Post Newspapers employees led by Abel Mbozi filed a notice to wind down operations of The Post Newspapers on account that it has no capacity to run given the heavy debts.

Lawyer Lewis Mosho is leading the charge to finish off The Post Newspapers with some of its assets already disposed of.


  1. Michael Saviour

    Everything that goes up @ some point in tym, must come down….Adieu M’membe!!

  2. Chilankalipa

    How can the same Judge have his cake and eat it? That is what we mean when we say the Judiciary like the legislature and the executive in Zambia is rotten to the core. Corruption and lawlessness have become the norm of this country under the masquerades.

  3. Daniels

    No regletes on the post.

  4. George Mainza

    Zambian Judiciary, Tatukwete hope, cawama ukwikala fye ukwabula ubupingushi.

  5. mbuzi

    Ata take care

  6. mulongoti

    Mr kambwili you did well to close the post it was misleading And confusing

  7. kelvin

    Membe deserves that. It’s true what ever comes up must definatly come down….





  10. Leonard chanda

    Good point

  11. talala

    the post needs to reopened. the post was an alternative source of information.

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