Pres. Lungu Assures Congolese Refugees Fleeing Civil Strife

President of Zambia Edgar Lungu has assured Congolese refugees fleeing civil unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo of government’s support and protection.

The Head of State was speaking when he visited the Kenani refugee camp in Nchelenge yesterday.

President Lungu says Zambia will continue caring and showing compassion to people that found its boundaries a safe place.

“We have demonstrated in the past and continue to do so by keeping our boarders open.” He said.

President Lungu admitted that hosting refugees would put a strain on the national budget urging the international community to join in mobilising resources for the new communities being created.

“All indicators are that the situation is getting worse. As we prepare to move the new refugees from Kenani to a new permanent site, there is need for the international community to move to greater action to sustain and augment the efforts that my Government, with support of its partners, has made so far to stabilise the situation,” he said.

President Lungu praised traditional leaders and the community in Chiengi and Nchelenge districts for welcoming the refugees into their areas.

The Head of State urged the refugees to feel at home and promised that his government would do everything humanly possible to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Over 6, 000 Congolese refugees are being hosted at the 56 – hectare site in transit to a permanent site with the support from the UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR and the Government of Zambia.


  1. Kk peter

    It’s good move to each other as Bible says

  2. Kk peter

    It’s good move to help each other as Bible says

  3. Kasman

    Well-done mr President, indeed u are the President of all people.

  4. The Chosen One

    This is so touching. I cant believe the humility & human touch of our President. A great expression of love & care for fellow human being. God Bless you Mr President & God Bless Zambia!

  5. hills dube

    Indeed you are the president of all national

  6. Kayandabeavance

    Let’ Congolese behave like Zambians.we are same bloood

  7. GMT

    it could have been better if you had helped our grandmother who is still spending her night on cold,

  8. Joseph Kampalingwa

    Comment Thanks Alot Mr President, Indeed U Ve Shown The True Picture Of Christianity, Thats The Type Of The Leader We Need In Our Nation Zambia, Caring 4 Our Other Pipo, Thats Awesome, May U Continue Doing This, God Wl Never Overlook U, On Behalf Of All Meaningful Zambians I Say , Thank U, We Love U All, Zambia Loves U. This Is Really Gud, No Politics Here.

  9. Kampalingwa Joseph

    Comment Mr Lungu , Your Works Always Motivates Me, I Knw Am Typical Tonga But I Cant Run Away From This Fact, Your Leadership Is Transparent , Even 2 Find A Chance 2 Work Or Join, Am Always Ready, Y ? Yo Heart, Your Type Of Leadership, Am Always Contented With U, But Am Sure, 1 Day, I Wl Find A Chance 2 Work With U, Nothng More, Nothng Les, Nothng I Can Do, U Ar Nw My Rightful Leader ( President ).

  10. Mpelo saulo

    I totally agree with u GMT.

  11. Jackson

    Security personnel should screen these refugees before giving them a permanent stay in our because criminals will start terrorising our innocent people

  12. Lucas Lungu

    God bless u for doi this mr pres

  13. Enockio Jordans

    That’s how you do it I hope it inspires those who kill each other

  14. owen

    Well done

  15. don

    You people clearly support ignorantly on issues and things that have no values. Do you know that there are alot of Zambian people that are starving worse than those refugees? President Lungu’s action is simply showing that he supports war in DRC. This is merely a way of capitalising international political gain. Zambian people are suffering terribly without help. Those refugees from DRC can even be given land, but Zambias will be ignored.

  16. don

    You people really luck things to support. Your people in Zambia have been starving worse than those refugees. Those people will even aquire land, and your people will be ignored.Those are international political gain by the Zambian government

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