Tayali Congratulates Hichilema For Performance on BBC’s Hardtalk

Opposition leader Chilufya Tayali has picked some positives in his counterpart Hakainde Hichilema’s performance on the popular Hardtalk show.

Although Hichilema came under some fierce questioning from presenter Stephen Sackur, Tayali believes Hichilema managed to use the internationally respected platform to his advantage.



I will stream live, on my page, the recorded BBC, Hardtalk, interview of HH at 10:00hrs, but before I do that, let me take you through some of the points I picked in the 30 minutes difficult interviews that HH has ever had.

Firstly, it was good for HH to have featured on one of the World best platforms, any of the political figures, me included, would want to appear on. I wholeheartedly congratulate him, at least he has gone thus far, even though his political fortune, locally, does not look promising.

The interview started with HH’s Treason case where the interviewer put it clearly to him, in a question, that he should have given way to the Presidential motorcade on that road.

But HH responded adequately by stating that, the facts are not correct and wondered why only him and 5 others were arrested while there were many other cars on the same road at the same time.

Clearly HH was very right in his answer which is why, as an objective person, I stood by him, because that was a clear injustice and victimization.

The interviewer brought in the aspect of respect to HH by the PF Govt, due to the fact that, in spite of police raiding his house to arrest him, they released him and he, now, has the privilege of even traveling to London.

However, HH answers intelligently, that the arrest and incarceration should not just happen, to anyone, irrespective of the respect, or lack of it, the Govt may have on anyone.

Surely, HH is right, a wrong was done and the PF should not be congratulated for correcting their mistake. However, I agree with the Interviewer, that HH has been making too much fuss about the issue, making Zambia look like it is one of the waste dictatorship in the World.

In fact the interviewer reminded HH, in some way, that, in some Countries, he could still be languishing in prison but because Zambia is not so badly off, he is out.

HH could not fail to slide into his usual exaggeration when he described his solitary confinement, which I really think was not as he tries to portray it. HH says that he was put in a dark room for 8 days, without water and toilet. I really don’t think it was that bad compared to what many Zambians go through in police cells.

The punchline came when HH was questioned about his commitment to reconciliation, yet he continues to insist that President Lungu is illegitimate. But HH sheepishly took cover in the law that, there is no legal requirement for him to do so.

From my point of view, this is where HH has everything mangled in unreasonableness, ungraciousness and egocentrism. It is clear that HH is not ready to reconcile with President Lungu no matter how many times he says so, even if he says it in Church.

The interviewer did get that sense from HH which is why he followed up with the question of, “Are you a democrat?” to which HH responded in affirmative, “Absolutely!”.

But the interviewer spelled out the irony that if HH was a democrat, why was he part of the people risking Zambia’s democracy?

HH claims that our democracy is in great danger but he does not seem to care because of his selfishness, it is all about HH and nobody else.

The interview actually puts it directly on HH that he is pursuing his selfish interests other than national interests.

The embarrassing question was about HH’s 5 times losses in elections and yet keeps crying that, Zambia’s democracy is defective and elections are rigged. HH had difficulties answering and you could see that the interviewer recked his nerves, it was like a technical knock-out.

HH could not be spared on the issue of violence which he keeps accusing the PF. The interviewer reminded him of the strong language of his Vice President and his own.

The interviewer told him that, he has no evidence that President wanted to kill him as he claims, because if he (Edgar) really wanted, he would have, but he is alive and he better knock-it-off.

Generally the interview was not easy but I think HH did pretty well, though some hard facts are difficult to put off, regardless of where you do the interview or who is interviewing you.

I envy HH for the platform and international exposure, but I think I am cool with our local media, because the votes are here, when I am President BBC will follow me for an interview and I will not run like Ba Edgar.





  1. shakkkur

    ba tayale,what z there to congratulate hh for?that interview ngayali chess ninshi ni fools mate!!hh elo namona ni mbuli,BBC si vintu,

    • Chichi

      The seismic tremor that was felt in Lusaka and around Chisamba is a strong warning of God’s anger over the inept leadership of blood-thirsty Edgar Lungu and cronies. God is sending a message of what he intends to do to Zambia if the devil remains at the helm of power. Zambia was declared a Christian nation by Chiluba more than two decades ago but the nation has now been handed over to a blood-thirsty king much to God’s disapproval. When Sodom and Gomorrah fell into sin, God did not waste his time but destroyed the cities in an instant. The same happened to those who mocked Noah when he built a vessel. Strong rain-floods consumed them. The scripture is consistent about God’s wrath on sinful people. Don’t treat the tremor so lightly. Heed the prophesy and don’t complain that you were never warned. Right now you’re cursed – being the third hungriest nation on the planet with escalating HIV/AIDS cases. God is about to destroy Zambia any time soon if the horrible king insists to cling to the throne. According to the prophets, God is losing patience over Zambia.
      Signs off cute Chichi girl.

      • Sj

        God does not spare a praying (Christian) nation or a failed state. To each he can bring tourmoil.
        For Job despite being a God fearing man, was afflicted/smitten by all sorts of suffering.
        This God allowed to be done to him so the Bible says.
        So the tremour experienced can not easily be attributed to HE ECL. Geographically the region the tremour took place is land in the S/ern region where such earth movement can be experienced. Comment

  2. Boyka

    But, you are stable in your sentiments, today you condenm something, tomorow you are supporting.you don’t have direction

    • e he believes it is due. The fact that he disagrees with HH on other issues does not mean that he should criticise HH even when he is right. This what you may call constructive criticism.

      @ Boyka I disagree with you Boyka. Although I do not agree with all that Mr Tayali has said. I believe he is honourable enough to give credit where he believes it is due. The fact that he disagrees with HH on many issues does not mean that he should criticise HH even when he is right. This is what you may call constructive criticism.

    • Bamuzo

      At least he has the decency of giving credit where it is due, that is civilization. You don’t need to be paid to do so.

  3. zedoc

    Ba PF tabalekapako ulupiya lwakunyengela utumaule ku Barn Motel ka Tayali. No wonder his misplaced praise even when he knows HH embarrased himself before the entire world in that interview.

  4. Vipers of sanen

    you shall cry pipos cries.nobody knws 2mrrw either u wll not rule like him or not the fact is tht our president is already chosen even 2021 u shall see by thunder by force.

  5. Mutale Davison

    No one knows who will win 2021 elections he can not be Edgar o HH so y troubling yourself by judgng don’t judge u will be judged.

  6. chansa chiluba

    We thought HH will runaway like others. HH is a real leader,congratulations mr HH

  7. Sandwich Phiri

    Sometimes people should just take some time and breathe. Tayali, take a chill pill. You comment on everything and ‘shoot from the hip’ without analysing what you say. Just because a person appears on BBC it does not make his interview ground breaking, earth quaking, orgasmic or relevant. I heard the whole interview and there was nothing there to get all orgasmic about.

  8. nshilimubemba

    HH has been in the game for a long time so he cannot fail to answer some common questions.
    Twelve years is not a joke he has the experience.
    However what remains is , is his party democratic! He must be happy because only a few zambians can talk about his ill acquired wealth .
    We shall wait if he can win an election in 2021.
    With political knowledge he is more senior to the incumbent.

  9. mulongoti

    Tayali you’re such a vibrant boy bt you’re not stable with what you do todAy you support tomorrow you condemn what’s that even when you become president we will not trust you

  10. Mr. BJ

    Wen in Zambia u can b interviewd by such locals as bena Mwansa Ku muvi who are always bent on destroying ds govt by whatever means. Ichisungu chakusala mufishala, pa London bwafya! For one to make it, one needs support from pipo with intelligence. That interview was viewed by many pipo world wide. Their views are such that we in Zambia have individuals who are too selfish. Democracy to them means getting to plot one at all costs. Wamya ukoulefuma, lyena noko uleya nga akuwama! Mwashingukwa na bantu Ku schools balekele pa break! Ichibemba chitila : inama ifwa Ku mushi : mumpanga tuyamukutolafye! Plot one is open for whoever has support of the majority. Zambia has 10 provinces, get to know that. Three out of ten nipeka apakale. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  11. Marcubetth Kabwe

    Mr.Tayali can even congratulate a dog stealing meat hanged on the line to dry! I don’t see anything to congratulate a five time loser of Presidential elections! A true leader does cry over spilt milk! That HH must know that Zambians don’t want him for now but Zambia being a democratic state will always allow him to stand and lose again and again! I am very sad as a Zambian that an opposition leader can clearly show his failure to answer questions simple questions from Stephen of BBC but just to show that he can defend himself! This shows how far he is to grapple with real issues affecting our Country ZAMBIA! Its not good for a leader to appear on such programmes showing how incapable they are to answer questions! I can plead with Zambians to find where they can go and defend their failures and not running to the international media for self pity or to get recognition when we fail at home with shame!

    • BaKoswe


  12. Vincent Mwanza

    Yaba what a joke of a President failing to answer multiple choice ecz check his grade 12 Mwanawasa was the best no joke about it we are disappointed as a country to bring leaders who can’t express nicely he was suppose to compose himself not follow all the question but to inform the world that he is able to take Zambia
    forward muzungu’s questions were too march for HH next time be careful and take the interview to them not becoming answering machine anyway God knows.For tayali don’t take him serious he is making a joke of you HH.All best next time.

  13. Nakonde Cool Gee

    Good questions bt I cnt judge coz all of thm ar popular. Remember dat 2021 ni 50-50 kkkkkkk

  14. Think tank

    I think who so ever is condemning tayali 4 crediting hh is a tick, that never leave an animal skin even not until it dries up. When u know nothing about politics better u dont emerge on such debates. Tayali is a dynamic politician who can change when he sees positive and constructive i dears in a well meaning person, coz his is not just criticizing but development. So if he sees sense in hh answers dont blame him. Hh is better than lungu who is well known 4 running away from such events, how many times has he avoided bbc interviews. If i were lungu i would steped down for someone with courage to rule. And this is what all well meaning zambians should call for. Thats why zm is graded third on global hungrest country even when maize is just rotting in bans, poor leadership skill with lungu.

  15. HH Junior

    It is called “Hard Talk” kkkk not Sunday interview, HH was humiliated, crushed, butchered kkkkkkk Stephen temunobe. WASANGA BALETEYA!!!

  16. mulongoti

    Mwandini Ba lungu you did well to run away pantu akamwenso kalipuswike

  17. Satelite Mwembeshi

    Pa Zed palishupa so apa iinga bomba fye ni Interview ya Leakage. Comment

  18. Cre-mo

    I wish everyone replying had a breakfast first.
    I wonder what fight is there between tongas and bembas.
    Anyway all i see is that sometimes bembas are right and ignorat when it comes to politics.you know what.an adage says “fools are in cynicism”
    Simply saying other pipo in politics just know price of politics and has no knowledge about it’s value.
    What i am stipulating is that mostly we zambian in politics ,we only support democracy to the side we are falling and forget about other politicians’ respect,integrit,reputation,rights(democracy) and truth about their reality for change.i belong to any party,but folow whichever party rule.henceforth, to tell the truth, Honorable ECL is good but has failed.HH is good too ,but lost democratic procession and fought for what is right out of hand.
    but again all the same HH is just right coz even when the Harry,KK and many others fought for the freedom we attained it was all done out of their hand control mixed with anger and self denial.cool ,if u insult that shows your stupidity and a low level of ur understanding.HH you were right if it is true and ECL u did perfectly if u mean it truely.one zambia and one nation.

  19. Gabriel

    Those who sick danger were there is no danger always find them self’s in a pit… The govt is in control God be with as

  20. Edwin b banda

    HH should leave power to Mwetwa who is more intelligent than him and GBM

  21. mulongoti

    One of my friend said mwetwa I also see that mwetwa has also fallen on the feet of hh so Garry for me is the man at least he’s not tribal

  22. Alex Pandao

    Positive and negative towards things.

  23. emmah

    nice mr hh

  24. Vincent mooya

    Ba tayali yaba kikikikikikikikiki no plain

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