Kamanga Holds Press Briefing

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga this morning held a press briefing.


Football Association of Zambia
PRESS STATEMENT (For Immediate Release)
Football House, Lusaka
3rd November, 2017


Following the Football Association of Zambia Executive Committee meeting of 28th October, 2017, I am pleased to brief the media on the following developments:

1. Referees

The recent match officiating controversies in the league have not escaped the notice of the Executive Committee and corrective measures are being taken to rectify the situation. The referees’ department will be strengthened by the support of additional human resource and external support from partner Football Associations in the field of training. Further, integrity remains an integral part of the game and the FAZ executive will not allow fair play to be compromised.

2. Sponsorship and League Management

I wish to thank all club sponsors for their role in building Zambian football to where it is today. The Zambian game has been built on the back of their commitment through many difficult times in the past. The Football Association of Zambia recognizes their role and partnership in building our beloved game. FAZ sponsors, MTN, Barclays Bank, First National Bank and SuperSport must have special mention as they have been with us when we went through the difficult process or rebuilding the team, to today, when the fruits of this rebuilding are now being seen.
It has always been the intention of this executive committee to de-link the League’s from the Football Association of Zambia. This is standard and best-practice worldwide, and Zambia should be no exception. It is our belief that this decision will go a long way towards making our league’s attractive to more sponsorship opportunities, including some that have already been presented to the Association. Before the renegotiations of the MTN league sponsorship, we will engage all stakeholders, particularly our members whose input is critical to structuring a deal that meets their needs and the current business environment.

Further, the league will function in a fully professional manner, with little disturbance or interruption in the programme. This new structure will create a multitude of sponsorship opportunities for corporate partners to associate with the national teams at all levels.

The Association will focus on managing all national teams as well as provide regulatory oversight in line with the statues and regulations. A working committee will be appointed immediately after the end of the 2017 season to undertake this assignment and provide the implementation timeline.

3. Registration of Players

The Association continues to face legacy challenges dating back to 2014, regarding registration for both local and foreign players in the leagues’. This unfortunate position arises from failure within the Registrar’s office to follow the correct regulations regarding player registration. An amnesty to streamline the correction of all anomalies was extended to all clubs to normalize registration.
New regulations for foreign players will be introduced to ensure that the leagues’ attract quality players from outside the country.

4. Audit and Compliance Committee

The association has with immediate effect appointed members of the Audit and Compliance Committee. The committee will be responsible for monitoring financial activity, and ensuring compliance with FAZ regulations. The committee members will be announced once the eligibility process is concluded.

5. Ethics Committee

The association has with immediate effect appointed members of the Ethics Committee. The functions of the ethics committee shall be governed by the Code of ethics of FAZ. The Ethics Committee may pronounce the sanctions described in the Statutes, the Code of Ethics, and the Disciplinary Code of FAZ. The committee members will be announced once the eligibility process is concluded.

6. Staffing Changes

The General Secretary will, in the next few days, announce changes in the secretariat to streamline operations and to ensure that it implements the vision of the executive. In line with my constitutional mandate, I will assess the impact of the reorganization and, if necessary, make additional changes.

Furthermore, the implementation of FAZ offices in the ten provinces will start immediately after the close of the 2017 season. As you will appreciate, the constitution was revised earlier this year and the association has to proceed with the implementation of various changes.

For and on behalf of:
Andrew Ndanga Kamanga


  1. Sj

    It seems FAZ had no Code of how to run and no wonder anything could be done hapharzadly with out the rule of who was incharge where. Comment

  2. Sir Rox

    Let’s try to do other things apart from football because we all know that our faz president doesn’t know anything about football.

    • Kwena mwe

      Imagine leading a national team that never won anything! It won’t even qualify for afcon. Ebufutu ubu!

  3. muta bravo

    Kkkkk good one

  4. Ntamanyile

    Nganamufilwa incito,shileniko abengabomba please.

  5. MyZambia

    When people with a vision lead organisations, results are clear to see.

  6. xmonk

    Andrew Kamanga! ! Stay away from football ⚽. You are confuser of men.

  7. Muchemwa

    Kamamga also aweeee

  8. harry

    Kamanga is OK as far as I’m concerned….. results are there for all to see….bravo ba president…. That’s how it should be.. No politics involved… My opinion

    • What results?

      What are you watching? We go to the stadiums to see Zambia lose but you go to watch Kamanga and you call that results? Silly

  9. Wrong accused

    What is yo work I we kamanga and yo group if u don’t know how to be a Leander just say

  10. Lusilk

    Leave’s a lot of questions as to what the passed administrations have been doing on registration, audit and ethics……… the President’s concerns are indicators of the reasons why football in this country may not get to the old days….. no more prolific players

  11. Munahisali kambiza

    mundilekele mudala wangu basa mwabazi kayi.

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