Letter: Liking the Unlikable

He is a leader of the opposition in Zambia.
He is too greedy for my liking
He is too selfish for my liking
He has overlost elections for my liking
He’s too fool or sorry full for my liking
He’s too unsociable for my liking
He’s too crooked for my liking
He’s too politically misplaced for my liking
He’s too illogical for my liking
He’s too hard hearted for my liking
He’s too difficult for my liking
He’s too pompous for my liking


But I like his voice projection especially lately. I envy his business acumen
God for us all

By Hon. KJ


  1. Shazi

    Leave my HH alone u fools HH 4 2021 watch out 4 pat 2021 u PF fools idiotic chapse

    • Hummer where it hurts

      Hh is too much for my liking his free mind behind the harsh walls of jail made me like him more.His insiring messages he kept on writing from that hole in mukobeko did not only make I and pilato like him but you alike. his down to earth manner he left his comfort zone to sample the harsh conditions of the Zambian jail increased my liking him. his unwavering stance to fight for a true Democratic Zambia is to my liking. his ability to draw sympathy world wide makes me wonder. I like him. his love for equal rights and a corruption free Zambia is my liking. his ten point plan to liberate Zambia economically, I like him.I LIKE THIS MAN!…”HATE HIM IF YOU SO WISH” but always remember that millions globally ,LIKE HIM.

      • Twaambo

        Mockery, that’s all they know about? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the person who put up this post is a cadre, let’s not pay attention to them…you are right my man, he stayed strong despite the harsh way he was treated over a useless charge in prison. He continues to fight for better lives for not only us but even the people insulting him. That’s called “SELFLESSNESS” Ladies and gentlemen. I rest my case.

    • sakx

      Azaluza nafuti muzalila

  2. mumba

    Why insult and yet you want votes in 2021? Free advice hh should start dancing as politics is a numbers’ game

  3. mulongoti

    Guys whoever has written the poem this other guy just concluded that its pf So whatever critics let it b because even for me this smiley is the first one to see and this was when he was released from jere

  4. barotseland

    Stupid PF cadre how can u insult my President like that you mother fucker to hell with your drunken master PF president Kuya bebele in 2021 its forward with HH

  5. Mk

    The truth of the matter is that HH is too hard to controlled in his crusade of injustice. The writer has just said the truth, he is selfish and greedy, and believe or not he is about to land himself into another serious trouble if he is not careful. I am not a cadre of any party but i do understand politics.
    Lastly, lets not insult on this page please

    • Don kelly

      U fuker!

    • Betterman

      What do you understand? You are just brainwashed cadres,just supporting rubbish coz the economy is very bad to ordinary citizens & lawlessness is at it’s pick, the same criminals are busy breaking the law

  6. mmmmm

    So what if u hate him, u ar nobody I like him, to hell wit yo stupid article o post.

  7. Dexter

    Be careful you guys on your political comments, otherwise, you maybe the most wanted at the end.think twice before you exponse your ignorants.

  8. hanene

    I do not know as to where the country is going to because there is too much hatred. I wonder if Zambia is really a Christian nation. You will know them by their fruits. The fruits coming forth have very little to be desired. Think before you ink anything lest you become irrelevant.

  9. Tontapo

    Can you guys elaborate on your greedy selfish comments

  10. Professor G N

    All the critics are meaningless but most important thing keep your vote a secret in 2021 goodbye…!

  11. MWANSA

    The fact that he has lost doesn’t mean that he is asistance failure he is an ambitious man Determined to make Zambia a greater nation,He has asistance dream for Zambia thats why he keeps on…Dont Criticise people when you Cant Even Achieve 0.000001% of wat they have achieved.

  12. Don kelly

    Silly,nonsense & u are barmy!

    • CK

      You can hate this man if u are sailing in the same boat with failures

  13. Damzair

    Don’t insult plz we ar chrician plz to God sak

  14. Emmanuel

    Why can’t you just keep that to yourself?. Don’t you know that HH have a large following nearly to the president of this country? Do you think you are more intelligent than million Zambians behind him??. In as much as you have the freedom of expression, you have the duty

  15. Emmanuel

    Why can’t you just keep that to yourself? Don’t you know that HH have a large following nearly to the President of this country? Do you think you are more intelligent than million Zambians who are behind him?. In as much as you have the freedom of expression, you also have the duty to ensure that your speech does not injure others.
    Tell us justifiable things

    • Kabamba

      More like ‘a million tongas behind him’.I’d rather support Chishimba Kambwili.

  16. cts

    De more u hate him,the more God lift him higher.be careful with yo writing ,this z wat used to be wt sata.MMD guys used to call him all sort of names,but wat happened ???? We r all Zambians n we kno very well wat happened.U guys in power better concentrate in doing wat u promised pipo during campns,stop talking abut hh whenver u workup frm yo slamba de tym z moving forward n not backward.leave hh alone wethr he doesnt lik yo liking ,it doesnt mattr.the problem of pfools yo jelous over his riches z unexplainable.

  17. JKL

    time is of esence and people should put it to good use shud you say yes shud you say no say your reasons kk children of to day child of tomor

  18. JLK

    Comment people should defend the sofrvenity of SA

  19. muti

    Be consistent and do not pretend just to win votes. Some politicians have failed to enjoy life after leaving office because they lied when trying to get into office.

  20. chansa chiluba

    Exhaust all types of insults if you want, us Zambians have already decided to vote for HH in 2021

  21. Chabz

    Bad post

  22. Arnold Hampeyo

    Respect Him as your Billionaire
    He is your Donor
    He is your Father(national farmer)
    Do not Insult your Fatherland for political cause,otherwise God will not grant it politically but Biblically,why dying because of Ignorance?

  23. kaumba james

    2021 kuya!

  24. Mwebantu

    HH has created an impression of what he is not. He projects himself as the richest Zambian and very intelligent. He is not at all. People will believe that he has so many farms, this not true. Yes, he is part of those who benefited from the reckless privitisation if Chiluba regime, that is all, beyond that, who was HH. He benefited from MMD’s bad policy of privitisation that brought misery on Zambians. He is no genius at all. He is just a simple Zambian like thousands of us.

  25. justine yay kotati

    nation leadership is not about how fortune you hav accumulated or how educated you are,it all about wisdom one has and that can only come from almight God our creator .Without his blessings forget about your favourity being president of this great nation.You can stand 100 times but to no avail other persons will come nd over pass you.This is simply means God has not blessed your ambitions so turn to God and ask for wisdom to lead the masses

  26. Kapiri President

    Only people who are not wise can insult HH

  27. Kabamba

    I can’t imagine life under leadership of the guy in the picture . He doesn’t really care even if he plunders the resources of the nation to enrich himself and his tribemates at the expense of the majority of Zambians,afterall he’s from a minority.He did it before during privatisation and people on the Copperbelt and indeed the majority haven’t benefited tangibly;he’s bound 2 do it again – it’s in his blood 2 b greedy,moreover history repeats itself.

  28. Fuck boy

    Fuck you chikala why should you be saying shit about someone who doesn’t even know you mother fucker his even successful than the Cadre you call your dad idiot

  29. Hon Komani Jere

    Another wako ni wako post.

  30. kamwizi

    u fool stop criticizing my president

  31. Zimba Tumeyo(mbachi)

    watch out 4 2021 pf dununa rives

  32. zimba tumeyo

    to much insult’s uka tuka naba wiso

  33. Kanabesa

    It is both shocking and shameful that the editorial team of notable publication like Zambia Reports could publish such a piece online. The article reeks of hatred and bigotry which has no place in our modern day Zambia. I urge the editorial team to resist becoming purveyors of personal hatreds and limit what is published on its website to well researched and professional journalistic articles.

  34. Luby

    HH 4 2021

  35. Somadoma

    We are one Zambia one nation. Dnt insulting pipo of God plz…….Thank you.

  36. Master kayz

    These people like kabamba are the ones who will still be voting pf in power,mwa tuchusha bane kabamba wake up

  37. mulongoti

    Look my dear brothers and sisters see hh was there before ecl came on board hh was ored popular then why did God bypassed him and chose a drunkard as you call him God has his own way of doing things and I love the way David did it to goliath so God can raise another David so as as am concerned and am telling the truth nothing bt the truth so help me God this was the first smile had seen forgive me if am lying

  38. Asm

    All you say u are write.. And Ba Zambia report what you post you are very much correct coz u are no God.. To see if this person is what. People who are educated can see that all you do is childish..

  39. HH

    BBC hard talk exposed hh dullness
    By falling to answer simple question

  40. Lucas

    This is the kind of meaningless slander Mumbi Phiri pays cadres like “Chilfie”, “Elvis” , “Jessica” and “Governor” to call radio stations.

  41. I saac0

    Dear country men my humble advise to our brothers in upnd is they should emulate what mmd did when ousted unip out of power they chose somebody who bad clean record according to Zambian people at that time ,,,,ftj to tell you the truth HH is not clean Zambians will neverforget mind the issue of privatisation, the. massonist the Bounds, God knows better than you blind andfrustrated supporters

  42. Isaac

    People if upnd guys wanted to rule Zambia they should have chosen clean person not in this case Aman with issues of which Zambiancan not forget remember privatisation, Bp issues and massonist his workers salaries and many more issues God who is the giver of leadership is not blind pitty to blind and frustrated supporters.emmulate mmd who chose FTJ at that time as clean man in the labourmovement and Zambians at large in order oust unip.

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