Muvi TV Journalist Mwape Kumwenda Bags Free Press Award

Zambian journalist Mwape Kumwenda has scooped the 2017 Free Press Award.

Mwape, who in 2015 also won the Courage Award in the US, was presented with this year’s honour in the Netherlands last night.

She was one of the two female journalists that made the final list with the other four being male.

Mwape beat among others Iraq war journalist Huner Ahmed who works for Rudaw Media and has an impressive record of covering war events in the most conflict places such as Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The only other female making the finals was 23-year-old Marina Ansiforova of Ukraine.

Ecuadorian Andersson Boscan and Vino Lucero from the Philippines were also in the final

The Free Press Award organisers describe Mwape as a journalist known for her perseverance.

“Once she gets involved in an investigation, she won’t stop until the guilty parties are held accountable for their actions.

“It’s not an easy task in a nation where government entities routinely censor news content and harass independent journalists and news outlets.

“But she takes her responsibility to disseminate accurate, balanced information far too seriously to let any acts of intimidation silence her reporting,” the organisers state.

Mwape is currently a community news and political affairs journalist for the private owned Muvi Television which at one point suffered closure in what was dimmed government attempt to muzzle the press.


  1. Pastor Titus B Kakupa

    Congrats thats the way to go.we are behind you go go go Mwape,you are an example to the coming up Journalists.May the good Lord bless you and increase you.

  2. Tisa


  3. Wise me

    Please “free” in what sense? Are you saying she did not deserve it or that the award is about press freedom?

  4. Eustace Kalunga

    Congratulation Mwape and i wish you the best in your future endevouirs.

  5. zedoc

    Congratulations Mwape Kumwenda for the award.

  6. louise halw

    Congrats Mwape. That’s very good and encouraging. Keep it up

  7. Kalimina

    Congratulations MWAPE, I like the way you report

  8. Mweene B

    Congrats madam Mwape

  9. Mweene B

    Congrats madam Mwape

  10. Mweene B

    Congratulation madam Mwape for scooping da award

  11. bennie.k.

    Go for it mwape,only the sky is the limit

  12. Evans Kazonga Ngoma

    Well done Mwape Kumwenda Keep up the good works Zambia needs people like you

    • Sofia

      Mwape you are my best reporter I like your courage keep it up my dear and may God continue giving you more wisdom.

  13. Kbm


  14. Golden Simfukwe

    Congratulations madam Mwape

  15. Mpombo

    What about ba Fred naba Funga ku Mast’ The paper that hates deeper ‘

  16. David Mushoke

    Great motivation to upcoming journalist

  17. mmmmm

    Congrate mwape kumwenda,u were alone when competing bt when u made it ,its for evry Zambian.I did it as well.

  18. R B

    Congratulations sis

  19. R B

    Congratulations sis

  20. ck

    Facilitations, dear.Have no fear,work hard especially in our own Zambia were its hard to report truthfully.

  21. Naphitally Daka

    Congrats Mwape Kumwenda! Let the sky be the limit

  22. Natalie Mashikolo

    Well done colleague

  23. Dickson Luwisha

    You are the light for the future journalists. I’m proud of you and Muvi Tv. Continue informing the nation and the world at large.

  24. John M. mwale

    Congratulations Mwape .
    You always inspire us in the media player

  25. Muule muleya


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  28. cts

    Congra ba mwapa,keep up wt de same spirit.we need pipo wu say de truth n not wu supports what z evil in de eyes of God.congratlations once more.

  29. DIZZO


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