Police Release 55 CBU Students

Police in Kitwe have released the 55 students from Copperbelt University arrested Tuesday for staging a peaceful demonstration after being left out of the bursary schemes.

The students were released Tuesday after paying admission of guilty for public disorder.

Over 500 students that have already been admitted into the University were left out of the first selection despite having been in school for over three months now.

The students, who were denied to access to the University services, are demanding that government attends to their issue immediately.

However, after attempting to stage a peaceful protest, police in full riot gear pounced on the students and arrested them.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga confirmed 44 were male and the rest female who ere intercepted around Kitwe’s Mukuba Mall as they headed to Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu’s office.

The students displayed placards demanding that government attends to their demands.


  1. ck

    Only a few people connected to the powers that be are benefiting from this bursary.. It is better to cancel this program for its serving only the rich.

  2. Marrmi


  3. nasmpi

    What is happening in Zambia,? The poor are only considered in election time bussury is for poor people but in Zambia it is for those in government ,why can some one help to understand this?


    am happe to hear that……

  5. muntungwa

    Give the poor guys what is due to them.
    I have spent all my savings getting my guy through Mulungushi University without a bursary. But help these poor souls imwe ba PF.

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