Pres. Lungu Presses His 2021 Candidature Case

President Edgar Lungu gave the clearest indication that he will on the ballot in 2021 by warning Constitutional Court judges that anything ruling him out will lead to chaos in the country.

The Head of State sent his warning in the wake of the Kenyan example where the judiciary stood up to the President over alleged electoral malpractices.

President has made it clear that he is believes that he is eligible to contest the 2021 elections with a motion filed in the Constitutional Court by PF aligned opposition political parties.

“To my colleagues in the Judiciary, my message is just do your work, interpret the law without fear or favour and look at the best interest of this country. Don’t become a copycat and think that you are a hero if you plunge this country into chaos,” he said.

“I want to close by saying that those people who don’t like peace and freedom will say President Lungu is intimidating the courts of law, I am not intimidating the judiciary, I am just warning you because I have information that some of you want to be adventurous, your adventure should not plunge us into chaos please.”

President Lungu is in North Western Province on a two day working visit.

“People are saying Zambian courts should emulate Kenyan courts and I want to be very sincere on this one, people are saying Zambian courts should be brave and make decisions which are in the interest of the people but look at what’s happening in Kenya now,” he said.

He added: “I am saying the courts of law in Zambia should also see what’s happening, they should not behave like they are not part of our African continent.

The most important thing I can say now is, 2021, I am available to stand if my party chooses me.”


  1. chansa chiluba

    People who claimed to have no control over judiciary are now publicly intimidating the concourt judges. He is a pure dictator

    • Bee

      Lungu Out, HH loose foolish opposition to give both ecl and hh a heard~key. ck work up

  2. Mubanga

    Pliz twapapata, let justice prevail..

    • lubinda mukelabai

      Ecl you are an idiotic completely intimidating the judiciary?

  3. mengmoreler

    Hmmm!jst imagine mwebantu! a person hu kod 4 fastng and prayr/reconciliation showing kabu christu,z now teling us to xpect chaos n 2021 jst bcoz Yaka mupando kuwama.Ha!I’ll never attained fyabupuba again,kanshi u’r da lion n a ramb’s skin Batista lulu.

  4. Master kay

    Judges do you work according to what you inherited from school

  5. Hendrix simudini

    Lungu is a most Stupid President in Africa

  6. Lawrence Chungu

    Armageddon+Chaos=X.Where Zambia is a christian nation blessed with christian leaders.find the value of X.50marks.

  7. Don

    Hey has started crying so early before zambians deny him through the ballot. He’s not a presidential material. People voted for him out of sympathy, particularly because of the late president the PF founder whom most of the people liked very much. You will be bruised badly. Don’t take zambians for granted.


      You are such a good leader, Mr Edgar Chagwa LUNGU. We will vote for you sir.

  8. don

    Don’t ever make such a grave mistake. You will be bruised badly. People don’t like you. People voted for you out of sympathy especially after the death of Mr sata .

  9. delele

    Dictator dont threaten the concourt judges.

  10. MyZambia

    Archbishop Teresford Mpundu said it, Zambia is under a dictatorship, and if not yet then it is heading that way. ECL just keeps proving the archbishop right every time he speaks.

    • Kkybite

      We in my house shall continue voting for ECL. Those who don’t want him can also vote for their five time loser and privatisation swindler.

      • epikaezo

        walanda bwino boi 5x losing ,pls get lead of that rubbish

      • Michael me and I

        Only you a fake parent without a vision of your own children I see can say only if you are doing better but what of your future children they are dead with this government

  11. ck

    I’m afraid,are we really in a democracy? Worried. I never expected such a comment to come from our own Zambian leadership. Where are we hearding to…?

  12. petty

    This is bad..very bad very bad..the man is bad very bad

  13. Mpelo saulo

    Its time to work for the Good of zambians and not exerting energies about who is eligible to stand in 2021. We are now ranked third hungriest country globally and these are alarming revelations and yet people with the mandate to work have misplaced priorities of serving personal selfish interest. Leadership is about leaving a legacy, what Will people remember you for. Please work work work work.

  14. Chipata

    Without any prejudice Lungu is on firm ground even if I’m not a lawyer. The current constitution is clear. A full term is 3years. Lungu only served one year plus of the remainder of SATA’s term. I think people are just playing games

  15. papandreas

    if constitution court says so go A head

  16. kauzganga

    Kasonde is laz pesdt 4 ever! U are the one who does expected deeds.we are in support of u

  17. TJ

    According to our law including our customs, another persons tenure of office can not be transfered to the other incoming person.One can confirm this in all parts of Zambia. In short, President Michael Sata (may his soul rest in peace) period tenure of office is for him alone and not the one who comes to rule after his death.Therefore For His Excellency ECL this is his first term of office as president and therefore qualifies for 2021 presidential elections

  18. dawnz

    Uuuuh BA lungu what’s that’s ? Trying to treaten us…? Thats a lie …….kuya bebele.

  19. petterxoh sk

    Mr President you are realy a dictator trying to bring more problemz in this country is you aim

  20. lubby mukelabai

    Stupid idiotic president

  21. mulongoti

    Mwebantu muleumfwa. Ichisungu pls lungu in short was telling the judiciary to follow what’s in our Zambian constitution And our laws and if read the latter part of reading it says and I quote am eligible to stand if my party chooses me meaning of he’s not chosen by his party he won’t for to warn he has heard and knows they’re over zealous judges who want to make a name out of nothing he’s not a fool so read carefully And don’t put words in someone s mouth

    • Emmanuel

      Its not about his part to adopt him to contest in 2021, but it’s about his tenure of office as provided by the constitution.

  22. D.L

    Felix Mutati will stand on MMD and all the strongest and founders of the PF have been shown the way out, the likes of Mwenya Musenge and Chishimba Kambwili. Who will battle it out with Lungu in PF?
    People have been preaching the sole candidature of Lungu and today he is threatening the concourt judges not to judge against him.
    Is Lungu a born again Christian or he is just pretending to be a Christian?
    2 weeks ago, he was praying for peace and reconciliation and now he is prophesying for chaos if the concourt judges will rule against him. Think twice Mr. Lungu if you really love this country.
    That is total one party state.

  23. kalloyd

    Yes icisungu but the intent behind ecl ‘s thought is questionable .Why commenting b4…. Meaning he has gone b4 the court’s ruling what ever ,ll come out it ‘ll not be seen court’s liberty.Therefore, to me alone our beloved pres. was wrong. And if he knows he is popular why commenting now.Pls. political advisors do the work.late pres.Chiluba may he rest in peace chose to remain quiet in times like these he further added ” teyonse ama questions umuntu awaba bwino enga kwatila ama answers.” Natampa ukumfwilamo ububi sana my ECL. Elyo ukupela isambu kuumuntu ulubile nibu puppet Zambian twapapata
    Ilukeni pantu if caaba court ngaikape ECL go ahead nafyo fine bukaba bwafya nokucilamo pls.pls ECL tondolo muweme sana.

  24. kalloyd

    Mulongoti.ubelengeshe psychology pantu already in pf tamwaishi umbi 2021 Mulanda ati ni lungu tulemfwaya ngaumbi tamwa kamufunde akanamakabishi,?

  25. zoona

    Ya,its time for development in Zambia not about those stories, 8years is not enough for you. Muzikhutila nayo thawi malume. Indeed we in the last days!!!!!

  26. nsampi

    Banana steam don’t produce twice be real time is ripe to go. Nothing is happening boi ,every one is criyng over taxition ,gas’s and electricity ,farmers etc,etc change is needed Lincoln failed 10 times but made it at last in America ..

  27. BA EVANS

    Its true dere is a physical difference betwin white and black races, which 4bid de 2 races living 2gether on terms of social and political equality

  28. Damzair

    Let’s pray for peace and unit only plz Zambian’s

  29. John The Baptist

    Fili eko tuleya…..

  30. shadrek alfred kay

    hehe, Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany-1930-1945

  31. Matuzi

    In all corners of our country Zambia we are crying and scared of wat this stupid pf President is doing.
    he is just focusing on eliminating Zambians so slowly. gat the point from Nsampi,
    Farmers are crying and pretending not to hear them.
    Development is moving in his rubbish porket party.
    Lungu me I hate your stupid ignorance of pretending not to hear people’s cry after putting you in the office and simply for gating to your promising. very stupid and idiot man.
    I prefer to start again elections so that you see how you can obtain negatives.
    Can you give fertilizer to farmers we cinshingwa we olo icibanda cakwa sata.

  32. Mutale Davison

    What is rule of law ? If u ar makng rules evn u hav to follow if it says two years it’s two years oenough is enough yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????

  33. Francis banda

    Ecl aligud koma ma MP nama councillor palibe vamene wachita chifukwa vitukuko siviwoneka mwamene tinavotela.

  34. kunda albeit

    Sorry guys let us inform/ exchange what is on the ground. if it is true the president said that our country is heading for war then he is afraid of the pertion by the opposition.

  35. Lusilk


  36. j

    Its sims everyone is tired to have life let us just fight and die for we re all visitors of the world same want to be hereos of the earth of which they just found alread shaped and made

  37. alonzo


  38. real man

    53yrs Zambia got independence but Still Freedom are only with leaders , what a country so called Christian nation

  39. pissoff!!

    we need a strong opposition that talks solutions someone who is not afraid to criticise with facts so that leaders use their head before issuing careless statements

  40. Learned Colleague

    What wrong has ECL stated in his statement. Why do you people like to read between the lines. Its clear the man has the country’s interest at heart. He says he will stand if party nominates him – whats wrong with that?? Tekanyeni ba Opposition. ECL for 2021.

  41. Uk

    Wen We Said Lungu Is Useless A Pretender U Were Busy Praising Him Saying Is Humble God Chosen Leader, Forgeting That Even The Devil Was Created By God. Pharao Was Ordained By God. So U See Now? Ths Your Pres Is An Hypocrite Period. Time Will Tell, Were Is The Gadaffis, Indi Hamin, Bin Laden, Savimbi, Hitler Today? Even In The Bible Pharao, Nebbgadnezer, Sheba, Herrod? So Who Is Lungu? Posterity Wil Judge Him And His Roten Gorverning Ways. So Dont Put God In Lungu Leadershp.

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