Canada-Based Lawyer Condemns Deportation Of Nigerian Pastor

Canada-based lawyer Elias Munsya wa Munsya has condemned the deportation of Nigerian pastor Augustine Obosele of Omega Fire Ministries.

Munshya says the decision to expel Obosele from the country was excessive and unreasonable.

“The Zambian government has deported a Nigerian pastor. So far, GRZ has offered no clear explanation why.

“I condemn government action. It is unreasonable, excessive and has the potential to interfere with Zambian religious liberty. To be clear, the Ministry of Religious Affairs is assuming a role that is contrary to the constitution.

“Zambian religious practices don’t need to conform to the government’s opinions. Religious practitioners in Zambia don’t have to fear retaliation from the government.

“If this gentleman has committed a crime, we ask GRZ to explain which crimes he’s committed. If the dispute is about religious doctrines, GRZ lacks the competence to arbitrate religious doctrines,” Munshya writes.


  1. bishop


  2. Emmanuel

    Mr Munshya, you are a lawyer and without facts you are passing judgment by condemning the government.It is important to understand that the government has a legal obligation to protect its citizens from every manner of abuse, harassment or exploitation.I do not want to say anything against the pastor because I don’t have facts about the reason why he was deported.Having said that the government has a responsibility to protect its citizens from people who come masquerading as pastors or men of God in order to exploit innocent vulnerable citizens.So Mr Munshya I would appreciate if you could avail this platform the grounds on which you condemn the government.Do you know the circumstances in which this pastor was deported? Do you know the kind of visa he used to enter the country?Was he conducting himself according to the regulations defined by the kind of visa he had?What exactly was the reason for his deportation?

    • Ba Lion

      Justice wat is it

    • Susan

      Munshya ukamusende paator nganacikucusha ukamukonke ku Nigeria

    • Lolo

      Emmanuel I do agree with 100%. How can a lawyer condemn the government without any ground? I personally the lawyer in play is worse than the government itself. What the government don’t want to expose what the pastor did in order to protect him. Us pastor should be examples in all what we do more especially in honouring the law of the land where we live. I did not hear what he did but I respect and trust my government. How many did the government deported at once? Why didn’t they deport earliar than that time? How many other foreign pastors have remained on the land? Why picking him and not everyone else?

    • Col S G Musonda (Ret)

      Let us protect our country from undeserving criticism .
      Zambia deserves to be Respected by all people.

    • Big Chilu

      In fact it is Emmanuel who should be lawyer and not Mr. Munshya.

  3. mulongoti

    Not everyone who says father father will enter the kingdom of God so lawyer munshya be careful don’t when this is the Christian nation then every crook shud come in dressed in a posters suits let them go back to there countries

  4. Ba Lion

    I honestly think and feel that state ought to be fully transparent on such issues especially if its matters that involves all

  5. Joe

    He is another attention seeker, ignore the chap, not worth reading the crap

  6. patzan

    There are so many foreign pastors enjoying their stay in Zambia as long as the abide by the laws of of our beloved land. There is something wrong he did that did not please the government. Even in Nigeria if you misbehave you will expatriated. Chinese who dubiously enter our land are also banished despite the bilateral relationship we both enjoy.

  7. vn

    Where ever you are, you must respect the law of the land. Break it, you are on your exit way. Munshya you are in Canada, try to break their laws and you will agree with me. It won’t take long for you to find your self Kwamununga Luapula.

  8. Abel

    If Zambia is a Christian nation it doesn’t mean we should be allowing destroyers in our country.

  9. doms

    Ts fine let him go.

  10. shoes

    May the father give us wisdom to save this nation Christ die for us no desperaging scandalous against each other we are all one with different offices .hence it good to talk in away were everyone wud listen what u say. Give what belongs to seizer and for God.

  11. Ovido

    Mr Munsya you are a minus reasonable contribution. You condemned GRZ for an action taken. You don’t what the pastor did that did not please the GRZ so its good you keep quite. The government is playing its role to protect its citizens jealously against voodoos, people with no philanthropic heart. Don’t judge the GRZ ignorantly.

  12. kk

    Only God knows who is right let us not judge anyone pls BA pipo.

  13. piriton Ntembusha

    Ati baLawyer wth such low mental faculty.Am disappointed wth u.

  14. analyst

    Mr Mushya, when are you coming to Zambia for holiday?

  15. Jordan tour

    You are a lawyer we except you to be intelligent. You are not a Zambian ,why should you be concert with matters which are not your business. Us Zambians are not complaining about this matter ,why should you be concert just mind your own business which is law or look for a case to fight.

  16. Simeo Musonda

    Emmanuel, you are absolutely right.
    Zambia has pertinent laws and the Zambian Government has mandated Responsibility to protect the people in Zambia from discernable predatory propensities.
    The Canadian -based Lawyer Should try to quietly get facts , even from the Zambian Government, before jumping to wrong conclusions and outlandish public utterances.
    It is unethical of a lawyer to pass. Judgment before listening to both sides of a story.

  17. Christopher mwelwa

    Let magicians practice in there respective countries. Bamunsha emwe balala bekanaumfwa mutakwetepo mano.

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