Hellen Mwale Bounces Back As MISA Zambia President

Helen Mwale way yesterday re-elected MISA Zambia chairperson.

The Elective Annual General Meeting was held in Lusaka and was contested by Wilson Mondamali who got 33 while the winner polled 106.

Former Radio Phoenix editor Hyde Haguta was elected vice chairperson with Fr. Barnabas Simatende, Martin Akende and Veronica Mwaba joining the NGC as committee members.

The three committee members went unopposed and they will serve on the MISA Zambia NGC for the first time.

Mwale thanked members for their confidence. She expressed gratitude to other contestants on the positions of Vice and Chairperson.

The MISA Zambia National Governing Council provides policy direction to the strongest media advocacy body’s secretariat in Zambia thus rendering it a true democratic membership driven organisation.

The new body will serve for a term of three years.


  1. hanene

    Congrats madam.

  2. jeff kapembwa

    It’s good Hellen retained the seat. The team must steer MISA ro higher heights and ensure the advocacy body fulfills its mandate. Keep it up Hellen and your team, as founding members all we cherish or hope to see is progression.

  3. Munahisali

    keep it up guys.work hard,God bless u all.

  4. G.Mwale

    Hellen,keep It Up

  5. Muwowo

    Keep it up all winners

  6. Chiku

    Comment: Congratuation Madam Hellen

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