Letter: BoZ Must Investigate FINCA Zambia


I am a Finca employee who wish to remain unknown, working at head office. The earlier story you had published about poor conditions of service at Finca is very true. The Finca of today is not the Finca that Thomas our immediate past CEO left. The company has been destroyed to the core, workers are not paid enough. The difference in pay between top management and those at the bottom in branches is extremely huge. The people that bring money to Finca are the field workers but these people are the ones that are suffering.

Editor, here at head office you can tell that people are living large, the vehicles they (top management) are driving are straight from showrooms. Management is seriously exploiting the field workers, these guys can’t speak out as they are intimidated.

The labour office should carry out an investigation into this matter and believe you me they will find a lot of wrongs happening at the bottom level. When poverty levels are high in a country, it’s the poor that suffer the most. Such is what is happening currently at Finca. Employees are mistreated, insulted and all sort of emorional abuse you can think of making one not to even work well.

People want to come out but they fear to be victimized by fellow staff. Your earlier story from another Finca employee has left the entire management in an awkward position forcing the drunkard CEO Douglas to task Dr. Chilao our humble HRM to clear the air with employees. We know how much they want to hide the dirty under the carpet. The issues raised by that bold staff are just but a few of the many issues happening at Finca.

People are getting fired to create room to employ people they know (nepotism) in strategic decision making positions. We had a very hard working manage called Jackson, who turned around Finca but the way he was fired one would only conclude that there is a wrong leadership at the helm of Finca. The CEO Douglas and CCO Ruth have destroyed once was a vibrant company. The two are running Finca like it’s an animal farm.

Government should come to the plight of it’s citizens. We are suffering at Finca and it’s not a lie, only top management are enjoying and those they favour.

BOZ should institute a private investigation in the Finca issue.

Thank you for your space.



  1. pundit

    Comparing your perks with your superiors is not appropriate. There is no way you can be getting the same conditions as your bosses. Actually, that difference in conditions should motivate you to climb the ladder. I further urge you to avoid this idea of “hide my ID”, it is the cowardice that most Zambians have and that is why things never get solved here.

    • Mwansa Kabinga

      You sound like one of the idiots enjoying at FINCA.

  2. Zambia@53

    Unproductive people like economists and lawyers tend to over value their worth. This is why HH should no become president.

  3. Lameck

    So my housemate tells me that what has changed at finca is that new management team has changed the ball game and is demanding results from people who previously had an NGO mentality, forever waiting for salaries without having put in the work. This has made a number of under qualified and non performing stuff nervous thus their running to social media for help. Am told the current management is taking no passengers hence the apprehension for those who miss the good old days, the current CEO especially is a no nonsense intellectual who only speaks numbers and some have taken a dislike because he is exposing them and they wage personal attacks on him. My opinion, its cultural thing which we need to change as Zambians, the days of the copper spoon are over, if this country is to develop we must change our attitudes both in the private and public sector. As the economist say, there is no free lunch, defaming people on social media will not improve your condition, working hard will.

  4. Matuzi

    you show not die with money mwanya fikashala

  5. dc10

    Work hard my friend.crying in sicial media will not help.present yo issues wth th union they may help you.field workers applied fr tht job and agreed on th perks wth th company. ..You want your CEO to drive a wreck that will gobble so mch mobey on repairs?Work hard and study hard to become CEO of your company to earn what yiu are crying for.a wrong doer st work will always get a backlash..

  6. Layaway Chi Colour

    Mbuli…you want to be getting the same salary with your management team who are employed to think, strategize while you wallow in your poverty mentality…why can you improve on your qualifications and aspire to join them at too management chi colour…we have friends from Finca here at Unilus who have taken advantage of what the management at Finca has introduced…an opportunity to learn…not planning sabotage like a upnd zealot chi colour…get a life….you are such a bore…machine yobe…lol

  7. Sarah

    People relax ..maybe the guy doesn’t know how to bring out issues but he has a point. Some of these companies are abusing our people its wrong to compare yourself to your bosses but a Humble pay would be good especially where hard work comes in …soo o much fear in zambia , u will b suprized to see how many people working in these well known companies are getting if asked to see
    How many are getting 1500 #terrible.
    Degree holder!
    Rent 2500
    Food awe kwena
    Transport te kumanda
    Nabo ba ERB
    School fées

  8. umuntu

    Mr cry baby learn to send your grievances to the right people not social media…come up with facts then approach ministry of labor since its to do with condition of service and not Boz.

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