Losing MISA Zambia Candidate Counts His Losses

The just ended MISA Zambia elections have exposed the deep lying political hand that has ruined the once vibrant media institute.

Candidates pushed their case on the strength of political affiliation. MISA Zambia has been on the slide for a while now and events surrounding the elections only served to confirm how troubled the Zambian media landscape is.

Losing candidate for the position of president Wilson Pondamali whose journalistic credentials are hazy wrote this in the aftermath of his loss to incumbent Hellen Mwale.


Good morning comrades in the media and outside the media fraternity.

Yesterday I contested and ‘lost’ to Hellen Mwale at the 19th MISA AGM. As to whether I lost genuinely, only the voters know and I would not challenge this action through any legal recourse.

Due to events that were exposed ahead of the AGM, I could have easily blocked this onslaught on media freedom but at whose cost? MISA? NO! No because I know the financial status of MISA and wouldn’t want to ‘liquidate’ the organization through a court action. I would rather that money goes to defending media freedom, which am so passionate about.

And after the AGM, I have seen many ridiculous social media comments such as ‘Pondamali’s campaign team of Ben Kangwa, Chibaula Silwanba, Bob Sianjalika and Thomas Zgambo protesting’. I want to categorically state that at no time in this particular election has Mr. Ben Kangwa and Chibaula Silwamba, Bob Sianjalika and Thomas Zulu ever been in my team. I have great respect for these eminent personalities who have served the nation at high levels at home and abroad as regards Mr. Kangwa and Mr. Silwamba.

This appetite by one media house located in the industrial area and working with known crooks to try and erase everything that Sata did sucks, especially if the fight goes now even to people who were merely appointed.

I have never even discussed anything pertaining MISA elections with the said gentlemen. Yes I had a campaign team but to say they were part of it is not only malicious but criminal intent. Mr. Kangwa particularly has been mentoring young journalists and I think it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to subject himself to the insinuations in the articles.

I can only urge the blogs and other people who are circulating such to stop, not that there’s anything wrong with them supporting me but simply because these are falsehoods with unknown intentions. I apologize to the two gentlemen for the ridicule this has caused to their reputable standing in society.

It is Me Wilson Pondamali you didn’t want and you succeeded but for you to soil other people is unacceptable. Take me on squarely and leave these people out of this.

Finally, my resolve to fight for media freedom remains unwavered but if the constitution violations we witnessed at MISA AGM and condoned by election managers FODEP and by the AGM moderator from SACCORD is all we have, then we have a lot of potholes to fix, in our nation and of course in our heads.

In fact my resolve for a free media is more activated than it has been in the past because now things have just come to the fore as to how degenerated our nation has sunk.
Aluta Continua.
Below is the item I have been reacting to.



Mwale beats Wilson Pondamali 106 against 33 in a whitewash
Incumbent but comprised Media Institute of Southern Africa, MISA Zambia Chapter Chairperson, Hellen Mwale has won with a landslide

The Annual General Meeting that held at Cresta Golf View Hotel in Lusaka was almost derailed when large number of voters were disqualified.
However incumbent Hellen Mwale was headed for victory after an eventful day of jostling and manouvres.

Earlier, Mwale’s chances looked deem when her core set of voters were disqualified on the claim that they renewed their membership way after August 31st Deadline.
But electoral officials from FODEP have since admitted this set of members as valid and admissible to vote.

The campaign team of Wilson Pondamali headed by Thomas Zgyambo, Bob Sianjalika, veteran broadcaster Ben Kangwa and Chibaula Silwamba and others protested at this move as it was deemed to have undermined the chances of Wilson Pondamali.

However many members felt uncomfortable with Pondamali’s open association with the UPND media campaign team.

Voting is underway and Hellen Mwale is tipped to get re-elected.

Earlier in the day, it was feared that for the first time, MISA members were at the verge of electing a non-media person, non-journalist and non competent person in Wilson Pondamali as Chairperson of the critical media institution.

The Media Institute of Southern Africa-MISA Zambia chapter is holding its elective AGM
Members was at the verge of electing a non-media and non-journalistic person Wilson Pondamali.
Wilson Pondamali has recently excited members with his run with the law and for supporting The Post during the period of its closure.

Incumbent Helen Mwale had faced stiff competition and might be lucky to just scrape through, to beat a determined Pondamali!

The AGM is being held at the Cresta Golf View Hotel on Great East Road.

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