PF Try To Diffuse Backlash Against Lusaka Mayor

The ruling Patriotic Front has published academic qualifications of Lusaka mayor Wilson Kalumba to diffuse a growing backlash against the civic leader.

Kalumba has come under severe attack for what many Lusaka resident dim poor performance. This morning, a picture of Kalumba seemingly dozing on official duty went viral with his critics confirming the 53-year-old is not up to the task for his role.

Some of this critics, among the PF cadres, wondered how the ruling party settled for him as their candidate in the 2016 general election.

There are those who even went an extra mile regretting the decision they made to vote for Kalumba.

Former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa (UPND) and Fisho Mwale (Independent) were among the candidates in the race for the position.


Academic Qualifications for 53 year old Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba
+Chartered Accountant ACCA – from Emile Wolf College in UK
+ Fellow Member of ZICA-Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants
+ holds MBA – Edingburgh Business School at Herriot Watt University in Scotland
+ Certified Forensic Accountant – American College of Forensic Examiners
+ Strategic Financial Analysis- Havard Business School at Harvard University
+ Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitration-CIA
+ Certified Credit Rating Analyst by Moodys
This summary has been compiled by the Local Government Association of Zambia.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The picture accompanying the article is a satirical depiction of the Lusaka mayor by artist Choklet.


  1. The Chosen One

    All these tuma qualifications being flashed were obtained via correspondence. That explains his incompetence. In any case, Kalumba isn’t supposed to be boasting about his qualifications right now, but about his track record, what he has achieved over the past 12 months. Qualifications count for nothing

  2. Matuzi

    Pf mwandi sivintu.
    Kwasala BA President.the bear guyz like wen on duty sameone will deificat in the office.
    I prefer BA Maureen Mwanawasa not BA mbuli BA of.

  3. Matuzi

    Pf mwandi sivintu.
    Kwasala BA President.the bear guyz like wen on duty sameone will deificat in the office.
    I prefer BA MAUREEN Mwanawasa not BA mbuli BA pf

  4. Bernoulli

    Qualifications without achievements is nothing. In fact there are people including me who have far much better qualifications than kalumba. He should just point at what he has done.

  5. Hendrix simudini

    Edgar Lungu must also stop dozzing in public,,, Winangu azakashula

  6. dc 10.

    Nanga yako ma acadenic qualifications?. Whether by correspondence or not he studied hard to earn them..But he should work hard to change the face of Lusaka.the city is too mch littered wh used plastics.Lts move forward by banning th use of plastics as dobe by iur friends in Kenya.Council must move in to put a by kaw tht punishes shop owners frm Heaping their mechandise in the cirridors.we cant walk thru freely.its akl mattresses,chairs plus plus.this shouls cone to an end.sanity sanity pls

    • Silk Road

      The city of lsk, is littered with plastic.
      An introduction of a company to recycle plastic and trash. Make egg trays. And other materials.

  7. Benson Kampukwe

    My dear kalumba you should wake up and do the work of a Mayor see the late Micheal Chilufya Sata (mhsrip)when he was a Lusaka governor he used to go round inspecting all areas including workers in order to see everyone is doing his/her job I remember at one time or more he personally fired lazy supervisors of certain departments e.g. Lusaka city council workshop behind provident fund now known as revenue authority he replaced a supervisor with a watchman because of mishandling government resources

  8. Briankasy

    This is uncalled for how can he sleep lyk dat on duty? Hehehehe ababantu ba vutaa

  9. Mpombo

    His dozzing is an indication of him being overworked so any time he catches a chance he takes a nap to refresh The problem of Lusaka isn’t about the mayor its a reflection of the Zambian mind set even personal hygiene throwing of litter having sex in Kabwata video you want the mayor to intervene Some people condemning’re just hating because their candidates were walloped

    • Hummer where it hurts

      What more do you expect from a dununa reverse dancer, let him produce more hydrogen gas in his sleep it will rejuvenate his brains and he will wake up revitalized and ready for more wine at state house. “More snoring bwana till 2021..”



  11. ROKA

    This is a fake picture.It was taken from a video, slow motion and pause at the time he was turning.

  12. IAN

    Sleeping on duty ninshi na nchito igona may b he waz with hung over

  13. innocent

    Mama mama sleeping on duty tefintu


    Once again I will ask, ‘What if the photo was taken during lunch break?’ Is it wrong for the mayor to take a nap during lunch break? There could be some people bent on tarnishing his image, who could stoke on him and snap him during lunch break.

  15. chewe f

    fake fake photo. There is no credit on this article

  16. maybe he z tired wo knws

    Wen wre datx wat money can do you

  17. Teddy Mwaba

    Do you think Maureen or Fisho we’re going to better than KALUMBA? The secret tribal elements in the council and public service are killing the system coz they have a hidden agenda.Mayor and fellow Councillors have an ambitious programme look at what is happening after policy implementation it’s something else.

  18. Prince Mande

    Qualifications or degrees are mere pieces of paper. Ones performance is dependent on the application of the knowledge acquired. Get a degree and stay in bed, it won’t work. MCS never had degrees but look at how the man applied his energies to better the lives of people wherever he was given a responsibility to perform.

  19. Simeo Musonda

    Please let us help our Mayor by working together with him on collectively identified projects and programs.
    Previously, Mayoral Positions were Ceremonial Town Clerks are the ones who used to run around.
    When the late President Sata was District Governor, he proved how getting closer to and working with people can produce better results. Academic Qualifications were not an issue then, and shouldn’t be now.
    It is what you do with what you know and have that counts.
    Bill Gates is not a University Graduate. Dr Kenneth D Kaunda became President with Grade Nine academic qualifications.
    We have to learn to effectively influence people and efficiently manage our resources to prosper.
    Leadership is working with and through people. One Finger can not pick lice.
    It is high time we collectively addressed the issues behind Under or Poor Performances .
    Acquisition of Essential Knowledge, Professional Skills and Appropriate Attitudes are the Bridges between Underdevelopment and Development.
    Just like was done for Administrators, which saw the advent of National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA), let us come up with a National Leadership and Management Academy to equip people, across board ( Students, Youths, Teachers, Politicians, Government Officials- Civil and Military, Women, etc) with TOOLS to Thrive.
    Leadership and Management are key in National Development.

  20. Joe Kawimbe

    Qualifications on paper must be substantiated through performance; One can be highly educated, but extremely incompetent – that’s how life goes.

  21. Joseph

    Hahahaha, kumalilangoma. he got, this behavers from lungu. sleeping on duty its serious crime.

  22. Kennedy

    These are repercussions of unwise voting, wrong leaders

  23. Silas

    Okey quite alright the man has good Qualifications but the country doesnt need qualifications don’t matter what really matters is the performance

  24. Mk

    Who supervises the mayor? Keeping people like him is a share waste of time. Let the authority act regardless of political affiliation because he is destroying our reputation as Zambians.

    • Mubanga kwaba Chikoti Luwingu

      Let him sleep, that’s not ur job….. Infact iwe ushipula nge ciombe cifwile….. Muleke alelya alisambilila ninshita yakwe fusek……. wefontini we !!!!!

  25. G vittal

    Intrest t establish solar power power prajects coal coal Ming any mining. Business. P cantact.

  26. Rosa

    It is not just incompetence. The man forgets like hell. I wondered why PF adopted him.
    Those of you that are talking about tuma qualification. He is also experienced. Are those not the things that make people hire?

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