Today’s Photo: Lusaka Mayor “Dreams Big”

He is the most talked about civic leader in the country.

Residents of the capital city are up in arms with their mayor Wilson Kalumba.

They may have to be a little patient.

Mr Kalumba believes in big dreams.

Until he is done with the activity in this photo, Lusaka resident can pend while they marvel at other civic leaders do what they were elected to do.



  1. km

    big dreams for my country

    • Hummer where it hurts

      What more do you expect from a dununa reverse dancer,let him realise more hydrogen gas in his sleep he will wake up revitalized for more wine at state,more snoring nwana!…till 2021..

  2. George

    Shame on him. Lusaka is as dirty as the word it’s self. Just look at lumumba road for example. That road disgust me to the bone. Now here is a mayor sleeping on duty and been payed for sleeping. Look at cairo road all dity.

  3. Abel

    Was he at home or in the office?for him to sleep like that.

  4. Matuzi

    If on duty they are sleeping wat can we say ? Let the President see by himself wat his carders are doing.

  5. fernando

    this our lordship shud seek guidence from the likes of lordship Daniel chisenga.his wud b easy.


    Muli babyabi sana! Which ‘activity in the photo’? What of if the photo was taken during lunch break? Let’s respect our leaders.

  7. maison mere

    Muligone muligaga imwe ba chiwelewe.PF chinakunongoka nge luka khulu maphamda waza wacho

  8. maison mere

    Muligone muligaga imwe ba chiwelewele.PF chinakunongoka nge luka khulu maphamda waza wacho

  9. Chiku

    Comment: Dreams Comes True. Zambia Need To Be Rich, Only That Budget Is Poor, Due To Oposition Leaders No Share Of Ideas.

  10. Sj

    Well, what do you expect from senior citizens? Did you not pick him from the Ballot box. He’s seen better days, give him a break. Comment

  11. Hendrix simudini


  12. Joseph

    his busy sleeping on duty, at ” sela tubombeko. ” very IDOITS. worsting tax money.

  13. Richard

    Iets give him chance to think twice as it is shown in the pic.

  14. henry

    His a fool dreaming after drinking wine at state house

  15. green mukabila

    His a fool dreaming day right after heavy drinking at state house where I saw him dancing dununa reverse

  16. jairos

    niboza baba

  17. long G

    With mopani it is fireble offense but government good fruitful duety

  18. mwila mwamba

    it ok

  19. green mukabila

    His a fool dreaming day right after heav y drinking at state house where I saw him dancing dununa reverse

  20. chinku

    He was tired from her second wife nowander his chin is dirty like some of the above mentioned roads let’s shake the man up for him to work like our beloved late President Michael Sata mhsrip ,he was really a man of action not the above sleeping so called mayor his embarrassing the nation .

  21. samfya lizimu

    Very fan

  22. winter

    Sleeping on duty what a shame balusaka mayer you must be serious with your job sir, if i would have been your boss i would have fired you!!!!

  23. Komz

    That’s why our country will never develop coz amashilu eyafula muma politics.

  24. Benson Kampukwe

    If at all great leaders like this one could show such working behaviour to the juniors do you think there can be tangible development in the country? Boss wake up from slumber and work like the late Micheal Chilufya Sata (may his soul rest in peace )Lusaka is suppose to be the cleanest city but shame it’s the opposite

  25. Bombs

    From night club to work, woo nice one Mr Mayor

  26. PADRE

    Thats what we get when our leaders spend most of their time partying and having quality time with whores.

  27. ROKA

    This is a fake photo!In the digital era, anything can be manipulated.

  28. mathewskakoma

    iyeeeeeeee ba dununa

  29. emmah

    kikikikiki it feels gud to talk abt yo friends bt nw it u doing it gave us a answer

  30. Mr mugala

    Lol my country pipo mayb naba kwata HO never know

  31. wawa

    Time to remember

  32. Pam

    The headline ?? “Dreams Big” awee sure

  33. muntungwa

    What a shame.

  34. Chisha christopher

    Let our mayor
    Try to rest some
    He makes sure that he perform his duties…
    And now is tired
    Its part of life



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