Hichilema Brushes Off Paradise Papers Link

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has brushed off insinuations that his being named in the world famous Paradise Papers that discloses secretive overseas arrangements for high profile global citizens amounts to illegality.

The disclosure of 13.4 million previously-secret documents ties major companies and political figures to secretive overseas arrangements.

The majority of the leaked Paradise Papers come from Appleby, which specialises in offshore accounts.

Hichilema said on his appearance on Let the People Talk that his involvement as director in 2006 of a Bermuda Company, AfNat Resources Ltd was a mark of entrepreneurship.

His stint at as director lasted for five months before he resigned.
The company was incorporated in 2005 and explored for nickel and other metals in Zambia and other African countries.

“I am actually very pleased with that document because it outlines that there is no illegality, they are just revealing information which may be held and that information is not a secret Axmin is a Canadian company which bought the company from the stock Exchange in London. London stock Exchange has various windows if I may use that terminology,” he said.

“One of the windows is what you may call the main window, the other window is what small businesses go to list their called Alternative Investments Market, and it’s called AiMs, it is part of the London Stock Exchange. How can information on the London Stock Exchange be a secret?”

Hichilema said the information was in public domain and nothing illegal as the generators of the global story had indicated.

“I was reading through that document myself, it is basically very clear saying there is nothing illegal about that and it links so many people like the queen of England, the Canadian Prime Minister and several other people including the current Secretary of State of the United States of America. People decide to invest here and there legally not illegally, there is no tax dodging,” Hichilema said.

“You can read the document again. I am actually very pleased with that document because it outlines clearly that there is no illegality [but] they are just revealing information which may be held and that information is not a secret.”

Hichilema said that it was one of the ways of raising money that could be brought back in Zambia cheaply.

“This is what I want to do when we form government, raise money out in the London stock exchange where the cost of money is lower. The cost of money is cheaper on that market and bring it to Zambia and invest in a ranch so that we can produce beef and help to improve the nutrition value of citizens and also help create jobs so that we can invest some of that money through our credibility internationally be able to help citizens get a job from an investment made here but money sourced outside which is cheaper,” he said.


  1. Mk

    Mr Hichilema telling the people that you will use the LSE market to source cheap funds whn u form govt is not true. You will jst use the market to enrich yourself because you don’t have the heart for the people. From 2005 u are mentioning wht have u done for Zambians? Nothing.Sir, don’t celebrate ,the peope will find out very soon about your deals.

    • Bima Bima

      If he can be the highest share holder in ZamBeef does it not mean he has employed a lot of Zambians and probably the highest employer in Zambia second to civil service

  2. Click

    It seems only wealthy people are found in the Paradise papers. Inbox me click.mega@yahoo.com and i can show you how internet marketing can make you passive income

  3. Sunta sunkutu

    Am not going to comment on this story because it’s the first time am hearing of paradise papers and I missed his interview on let the people talk.
    But I only have one thing to say to HH. My friend’s father passed away many years ago. His window has not yet received his BP money and she’s been living in near poverty. Saturnia Regna, Who were tasked with the responsibility of managing and distributing packages of former BP workers are still holding on to this money. Despite high court rulings in favour of the former workers, saturnia have continue to delay effecting the judgement through protracted court actions. Mr HH, you’re connected to this company and reaping benefits of investments being made using money that belongs to impoverished people. Yet you stand on the podium and preach to Zambians of how you are going to improve the welfare of workers as president. This is very satanic hakainde. People say you are a good businessman, to me you are just a ruthless Dick whose no better than Donald Trump.
    As for the hardtalk debacle, you’re even very lucky it’s these New boys bene Stephen sackur who busted your balls, had it been the original Tim Sebastian, you would have crapped yourself up on that seat.

  4. zedoc

    HH is a very arrogant man. He does not tell us the source of his capital that enabled him to invest externally. Yet he wants to tell Zambians he is just more entrepreneurial than them. This guy is really cheeky, to say the least.

  5. Stanley

    he only thinks about ranching, ing’ ombe… kkkkkkkkkk

    • Pharaoh

      You have a problem with ing’ombe?
      Well Botswana’s major income eraner is ing’ombe for your info.

  6. Sj

    Well sourced information, ‘ve we not had five previous presidents with each promising people part of the sky? (figure of speech).
    After tasting the grounds of state house, it is wishful thinking as life becomes harder for Leaders to fulfill compaign promises because they become near sighted and blind about real issues that the country grapples with.
    Just who can save this Nation from Leadership greed so Citizens enjoy it’s God given resources? Maybe as a year elapses it should be Sonta Epo Wabomba for those elected to Plot One? Comment

  7. Zambia@53


  8. HH Junior

    mwabweleni Ku hard talk dad kkkkk

  9. Sitali

    Do any of your know a thing about stock markets because even a person would with k100 can turn it into k500 with an hour if you know what you’re doing and have enough information

  10. chansa chiluba

    MK, HH is already rich ,he is not like others who have become so rich within few months in leadership.

  11. Soldier

    After Botswana got independence from Britain, it was ranked 3rd poorest in the world,sir seretse khama invested in the same cattle’s , but look at Botswana now as compared to Zambia.I think trying some of his ideas might improve the nations economy at a faster rate.

  12. mulongoti

    Blood colour all over the table Tiyopa Mwe

  13. sky kumwamba

    Tiye tiye hh,

  14. Sir

    HH 4WARD

  15. Adage

    Please fellow Zambians lets develop an interest of reading and searching. In todays world it is easy to access information and be well informed. The problem we have as Zambians is that most do not have a reading culture. As a result sometimes we comment irrelevantly or off the topic. Please go on line GOOGLE PARADISE PAPERS and hear what it says and then come back and comment. I dont think those who are supporting HH will be happy after comprehensibly going through what the Paradise Papers are all about and what they say.
    If we are not well informed we will always be mislead blind zeal for these Polticians will yield us nothing.

  16. John Musonda

    HH this is nonsense and not fit for plot 1. Paradise papers reveal selfish characters

  17. Mukukamfumu

    Ranching is a ‘Tongish’ venture or business and not a proper country investment. Is that HH level of economics? God have mercy!

    • Pharaoh

      For your info. Botswana depends on the same “Tongish venture” as u put it, for their forex. And here you without any business idea ati it is not a proper country investment kikikiki. It’s the level of a country’s economy. Imwe musula ati Tongish venture while your neighbor is developing economically

  18. Bima Bima

    If he can be the highest share holder in ZamBeef does it not mean he has employed a lot of Zambians and probably the highest employer in Zambia second to civil service

  19. Pharaoh

    Ma levels OG. I mean where u find Queen Elizabeth’s investment na HH eko singila ishakwe, ma levels, only very High profile individuals ku paradise papers.
    HH alikwata umutwe

  20. samuel mhango

    no one can curse what God blessed.HH

  21. Jet Speed

    I tend to wonder at people
    who claim their country is a Christian one yet they galvanize collosal hate rage against some particular tribe ! Ash !Zambiaans let’s love God genuinely and only then shall we appreciate our nationalism ideology and as a people .

  22. James

    one factor that hinder good citizenship is allegiance to a political party above national interest. let’s take time to Google things that we don’t know before commenting not just comment on the basis of our political affiliation.

  23. Nmk el sparx

    Hh you’re just a damn cockroache no matter what you do you shall never be a president bet ill even start politics and be president you shall die a opposition am nmk el sparx by the way

  24. cts

    James u r right,some pipo just comment rubbish just bcoz they hate him.there z much sence in wat he said ,,,,,pipo it’s gud to wakeup from yo slamba

  25. P M Si

    Nwebo ba Poor family/Pay foward(PF) ndimwaambile masimpe uuno mwaka HH. Ulatweendelezya kusanganya. andinwe nomutayandi

  26. Ian Mutuka

    Only fools can belittle economical tactics of mr Hichilema

    • song

      Dear countrymen,women and general citizenry,dont be negative on your so called quest of finding out from google searches but be positive to learn how you as an individual,family and community can eradicate poverty,these principals can be borrowed even in our locals communities gives chances to each other for agreed interest rates,and only have something concrete to do,without breakdown of process,if not we shall keep on saying so and so is cheating,or he just wants to archieve personal ambitions,when poverty is eating our bowels until death.Just from being opportunists,winebrowlers,use your mimd as astrength of investment,no one has been barred from investing anywhere just follow conditionallities,you will succeed,full stop.

  27. j dollar dollar


  28. dks


  29. henrymuuka

    we are suffering because of your promises you made; ruling the goverment it just a dream you had….

  30. Joseph Wachie

    HH uzawina 2021

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