Chingola Roads Start Getting Facelift

The construction of roads under the Copperbelt 400 have commenced in Chingola District.

A check in the once cleanest city reveal that the contractor had mobilised enough manpower on selected roads just to make them passable in view of the rain season.

However, the construction of the roads has come with challenges that have seen most roads closed leading to unbearable congestion.

Some motorists are excited with the commencement of works and are now calling on the contractor to speed up the work while others are appealing to the local authority to help grade alternative routes to reduce traffic.

“We are excited that the road works have started. This town has really been a mess. The roads had become impassable and we have been wondering what has gone wrong. I think we had a leadership crisis in this town, the situation didn’t have to be this bad for someone to respond to our concerns,” one of the motorists said.

“The contractor should speed up the works to help reduce the traffic that has come as a result of the ongoing works. The rain season is here obviously soon we will not see these contractors anymore and we will be told they will get back on site after the rain season,” another added.

Other residents have called on the Chingola Municipal Council to grade alternative routes to help reduce traffic especially within town centre.

“I think the council needs to help us, we can’t have congestion like this. The situation has potential to lead to accidents,” they added.

Chingola roads had become impassable with residents growing frustrated.

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  1. Hummer where it hurts

    I stand to be corrected, when will some other areas harvest from the link-zambia whatever? e.g itezhi-tezhi-namwala road …….itezhi_-tezhi ……mumbwa road via nalusanga check point. Will these roads ever be gravel?. I’m seeing a situation where northern , muchinga and the copper belt being the sole beneficiaries of the link_Zambia whatever.Mutanda_chavuma is the only pride of the Northwest and so is mongu-kalabo for the westerners. Down south is the bottom road .Zambian politics scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

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