Cops In ‘Soup’ For Conniving With Chinese Nationals Over Black Mountain

Senior Police Officers at Kamfinsa Mobile Unit are in trouble after they ordered junior police Officers to guard the premises belonging to some Chinese nationals running the dump site commonly known as “Black Mountain” without clearance from the high command.

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba exposed the unethical conduct of the officers challenging Inspector General of police to explain why police officers were guarding the house occupied by people of Chinese origin working for Nkana Alloy.

However, after investigations it has been established that the operation was executed by officers from Kamfinsa Mobile Unit without the knowledge of the Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga and Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

Sinkamba said “we wish to confirm that the officers have since been withdrawn from the unauthorized operation as the operation was not authorised by the command”.

He further said it is regrettable that lives of unsuspecting officers were unduly put at risk and further hope that no such illegal operations will be tolerated in the Province.


  1. Hummer where it hurts

    Money speaks volumes, even the impossibles becomes very possible.With a fat wallet dwindling somewhere the law is shot down at will. Following laid out measures, is a great hindrance to someone who is after the wallet. Will corruption really came out off our arm pits ?,ku koosa.

    • Dayuk

      Its a clear case of state capture by the Chinese in Zambia. But it does not necessarily mean the PF is behind it.

  2. Sj

    That’s our Chinese counterparts for you. Very easy to flout the Labour Laws of the Land and will stop @ nothing if not stopped early in their tracks at that Black Mountain. Give them an inch and they’ll take an extra mile. Of course we value the Zam-Chino (and vice versa) friendship.
    We are surrounded by 8 neighbouring States whose Nationals live in Zambia but we’re yet to experience their illegal breaking of Labour laws in their numbers.
    Kwanabene tulapeta umuchila. Being a Christian nation should not be taken as a weakness. Ma Choncholi should try to respect our way of life and laws. Comment

  3. Sharon

    I second your comment my fellow Zambian.. Good one i hope they understand our views.

  4. GUS.

    Please demot that commander because the money was directly into his picket. But of course even the Copperbelt command was get a share.

  5. Anne

    Sometimes we as Zambians should also guard our heritage sites”black mountain ” busy guarding the Chinese futi..let us take a lot of emphasis on the heritage impact assessment… Because now they will start taking even things that our children need to come and admire,stay in your lane and stop crime,instead you are in the forefront busy committing crime. Some policemen are just to corrupt,good for them,I hope they get an expulsion. We need real cops.

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