Kambwili Acquitted on Traffic Offences

Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has had the last laugh on the three traffic offences slapped on him by the Road Traffic and Safety Agency.

Lusaka Magistrate Brian Simachela acquitted Kamwbili saying that the prosecution failed to prove its case.

Kamwbili was brought to court after being charged with being in possession of a jaguar with a false registration mark CK 900.

The car was impounded by RTSA on August 13, 2017 whilst being driven by Chileshe Chileshe along Dedani Kimathi Road.

In the second count Kamwbili was charged for allowing Chileshe to drive the car without a licence while on the third charge the out of favour lawmaker was accused of failing to display a certificate of insurance.

But Kamwbili has been cleared of all charges with the prosecution witnesses found wanting for having “concocted lies”.

The use of politically laced number plates is a hangover from the election period with the better connected citizens allowed to use preferred acronyms on their number plates.


  1. kk

    I think our police should first investigate properly before taking someone to court it just shows unprofessional to them to them .

  2. Mwape

    Am excited Dr CK is acquitted.

  3. DUTYW

    Elo Elo Iz Fucked Up, Vote Out Elo Elo In 2021

  4. Kt

    Corruption Is The Best Answer.

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