Ndola City Council Move To Combat Cholera Outbreak

The Ndola City Council has started undertaking preventative steps against an outbreak of cholera or any related diseases such as typhoid and dysentery head of rain season.

Council Public Relation Manager Tilyenji Mwanza has said the local authority will play a proactive role to prevent disease outbreaks by ensuring a healthy environment.

Mwanza said statistics have shown that 25-30 percent of the burden of disease is linked to the environment.

“The linkage between health and the environment is definitely very strong and thus we as a Local Authority embarked on clearing of historical waste around the city which in some places has not been collected for almost three years.

“The Local Authority is also alive to the fact that the rain season is knocking and with it comes a history of stagnant water because of blocked drainage,” Mwanza said.

She said the Ndola City Council has been excavating drainage across the city especially in trading areas.

“We would like to appeal to our residents to ensure that surroundings are kept clean, solid waste is disposed off properly and most importantly we appeal to our residents not to litter, as an authority we say ‘Love Where You Live,’” she added.

Zambia has already recorded cases of cholera with Lusaka registering close to a 100 cases.


  1. Sj

    Good move, these are deadly but preventable diseases. A Stitch ln Time Saved Nine. Though if you love where you live keep it clean 24/7. And not just because water borne diseases are abound. Comment

  2. Hummer where it hurts

    Wait a moment ! , you said ” historical waste around the city which in some places had not been collected for almost three years.” Gosh….! what is that heap of trash doing there?. Three solid years, anyway I’m sorry maybe it is beautifying the city and part of tourist attraction.

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