PF Elects Youthful Official As North West Chairman

Young Jackson Kungo is the the new Patriotic Front boss for North Western Province.

Kungo, 34, was until his election North Western Province youth chairperson. Emmanuel Chihili in a landslide victory.

Kungo has proved to be the lone voice for the ruling party and his loyalty paid off when he garnered 174 votes against Chihili’s 101 votes in a conference that was officially opened by Party President Edgar Lungu in Kabompo District.

Chihili, who seems to have been imposed on the people, had become unpopular within the shortest period of time after being ushered to lead the provincial office a few months ago.

He has in the recent past been accused of embracing only his friends from the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) where he came from before joining the Patriotic Front.

But Kungo extended an olive branch declaring he was ready to work with every person in the province to ensure that people appreciate the ruling party’s government’s desires to transform their lives.

“Don’t make me hate people that did not support me, let us all work together as a team so that our people begin to appreciate the works of government,” Kungo told members that gathered after his election.

Kungo will be deputised by Tharzy Sichalwe a prominent business man.

The New executive has seen an increased number in former District Commissioners joining the party leadership.

Former Solwezi District Commissioners Folobisha Fulayi and Dennis Kanyakula have taken over as Secretary and Vice Secretary respectively.

Former Zambezi District Commissioner Catherine Mukuma takes over as Women’s Chairperson while Former Mufumbwe District Commissioner Emmah Mankishi is the new women’s secretary.

Amino Hara, the former provincial treasurers, has been elected Youth Provincial Chairperson and will be assisted by Harold Zholomi.


  1. Mpombo

    The battle for this province has been lost.The new executive needs to work hard to remove the tribàl inclination that has been indoctrinated.

  2. Joseph

    Go people of north western to support pf please we need Development

  3. Hendrix simudini

    There’s no PF in North Western province

  4. k moyo

    ok nayo nayo but king of god for com

  5. moyo k

    jesus come

  6. Sunta sunkutu

    We never hear of Congress or conventions In the upnd. Yet they’re very quick to judge others as undemocratic. All leadership at every level in the upnd have fallen foul with their own constitution.

  7. David Daka

    It’s true my brother don’t lie yourself that PF is so live North Western province. Is dead!!!!!!!!!!!.

  8. David Daka

    don’t lie yourself that PF is so live North Western province. Is dead!!!!!!!!!!!.

  9. Bwalya

    Pf will go beyond twenty twenty one election

  10. Anosh Chipawa

    PF is Democratic which can not b compared to that animal party which has never held inter part elections.

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