Wusakile Lawmaker Accused Of Abusing CDF

Some Wusakile Constituency Development Committee officials have complained that area Member of Parliament Pavyuma Kalobo has started engaging unknown individuals to indentify projects that will be funded using the Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

They have indicated that even with a committee, the area Member of Parliament has opted work in isolation with the unknown individuals to identify the projects.

The officials claim that the unknown individuals are close friends to the independent Member of Parliament and assisted him during the campaigns in the 2016 General elections.

“He has been insulting the Committee that they are blocking his plans of taking services closer to the people, as we speak he has engaged his friends to identify projects that needs to be addressed in all the Wards in his constituency,” one of the officials said.

The official complained that without consultation, the unknown officials are already making plans with allocations per ward for various developmental projects.

“He is talking about street lights in most wards and plans to distribute K 50,000 to each ward, something we don’t know about and when advised he is getting upset. What is more shocking is that he is planning to allocate about K 60,000 to a private school…things the CDF guidelines don’t support,” the officials added.

There are suggestions that the CDF committee has rejected his plans and the lawmaker has reacted angrily by sidelining him.


  1. Hummer where it hurts

    Some of these youthful lawmakers are a let down, image how much he will deprive the citizenry in such tricks in his new found political path.No wonder some elders cling to power,they don’t believe that such youths are the leaders of the future.Their pockets are too wide and numerous,they would rather spent most of their duty time filling them.Imiti ikula teyaku chetekela for the’re so many dack clouds.

    • kambole

      You ignored PF and chose this independent who has no boss to discipline him. Deal with him yourselves. You should have knon better.

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