Zambian Man Dies In Johannesburg Hotel

A Zambian man has died in a Johannesburg Hotel, a report from the High Commissioner’s office has announced.

Leonard Mushili, 46, was on a business trip to South Africa died today after collapsing at a hotel.

The report states that Mushili was in the company of his wife Tuyate Joyce.

According to Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, the deceased had a history of diabetes.


Pretoria – Wednesday, 8th November 2017

A 46 year old Zambian national has died at an identified Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa, minutes after collapsing in his room.

Mr. Leornard Mushili, a resident of Chingola district in the Copperbelt Province, was pronounced by paramedics declared he were called to his room to attend to him before he could be evacuated to hospital

The deceased was in the company of his spouse identified as Tuyate Joyce Mushili aged 37 when he collapsed in his room.

It is reported that the couple was on a business trip to South Africa when the husband suddenly fell ill.

Mrs. Mushili who confirmed the death of her husband to Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba, said the deceased had a history of diabetes.

She narrated that the deceased suddenly collapsed in their room after complaining of not feeling well and was declared dead by paramedics who were called to the room by the hotel management for an emergency

The body has since been deposited in a Johannesburg hospital mortuary awaiting for repatriation to Zambia.

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  1. MartinLuther king Jr

    Too bad. As friend and business associates, I say may his soul rest in eternal peace..

  2. Madiba

    Sad. MHSRIP

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    Sad indeed

  4. Patrick BWALYA

    My heartfelt condolences to his family.May God comfort them.Mhsrip

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    Too bad M.H.S.R.P

  6. A bena Z


  7. Evelyn

    Diabetes has become the number one killer in Zambia, especially among men due to poor management. I think that there is need for govt health officials to start doing talks on TV and radio on how best to manage diabetes and fatal symptoms to look for. Very sad indeed

  8. Aaron sinyaman

    Too bad for that but i agree wth as suggestion that the media takes it as a matter of urgency to sensitize the multitude on diabetes mellitus mentioning clinical presentations and necessary investigations and control of the same,otherwise twalapwa.note that diabetes and hypertension are considered silent killers.GodHelp us.

  9. Tessy

    R.I.I.P what a bad news to us Zambians

  10. Patrick Chama

    Comment May Your Soul Rest Entenal Peace

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