Kitwe Court Adjourns Case Involving Stolen Copper Cathodes

The Kitwe Magistrate Court has adjourned to November 30, 2017 the case in which five police officers are charged with one count of stealing copper cathodes worth K 102,000.

Levinus Mukana, 42, Swift Mumba, 31, Richard Sailoni, 27, Prince Kabwe, 29, and Gideon Longwe, 30 are jointly charged with theft by public servant.

Particulars before Court are that on October 25 this year, the five allegedly stole 1,527.30 kg of copper cathodes worth K 102, 487.97, the property of the Zambia Police Service which came into their possession by virtue of their employment.

When the matter came up for trial before Kitwe Magistrate Chongo Musonda, the state informed the court that matter could not go on as the witnesses had not yet arrived as they were coming from Lusaka.

Magistrate however, adjourned the matter to November 30, 2017 for commencement of trial.

The five accused pleaded not guilty to the charge of theft by public servant.


  1. Mwape

    These officers shud face the full ruth of the law,on one is above the law this is unfortunate,uncalled for n unacceptable they shud b arrested n sent to Chibokaila,Mukobeko or Kamfinsa wit hard labour shame on u!!!

  2. Pf/upnd

    please investigate thoroughly these police officers are just tails of the scandal but big trees their behind them,copper is an international adventure thereby needs expertise who knows the MKT of the item printing nessist documents that will conversed ZRA guys.so its 100 meters chain of big fishes.

  3. Pf/upnd

    Let them feel the Zambian constitution coz its just too much we all wants money but not in the way of steeling nation dependable big driving economy machine.anyway maybe they perfected themselves into the same adventure sometime back.

  4. Jose

    jail, those officers, their is no short cut, to be a rich. u have to work hard.

  5. Given

    No one is above the law,there is too much corruption in police service and I could like the accused to tell the court all the bosses who are involved before its too late.

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