Lusaka Residents Meet Mayor Over City Activities

A task force of Lusaka residents formed to contribute to the management of the city yesterday met Lusaka mayor Wilson Kalumba.

According to a member of the Lusaka task force team Ephraim Shakafuswa, the meeting with the mayor was successful.

“We would like to thank His Worship The Mayor of the Great City of Lusaka, Councillors and Management for giving us an audience to airout our grievances and taking our views as citizens in development of the City,” he states.

Shakafuswa lists the following as the agenda items tackled;

1. Quarterly advisory meetings
2. Waste Management
3. Drainage systems
4. CBD and community cleanliness
5. Street vending and trading
6. Plastic use reduction
7. Revenue and diversification
8. Emergency preparedness
9. Bylaws and Enforcement
10. City congestion and street lighting.
11. Systems strengthening and reforms.

“As a way forward, we shall create an action plan and follow through with the council and ensure we advise and participate in implementation.

“We emphasised proactiveness and community engagement in arriving at solutions for the problems the city was facing. We looked forward for continued engagement,” said Shakafuswa.

Lusaka residents are pushing their civic leader to be a lot more active in the management of the country’s biggest city.


  1. Sj

    Lsk Task force try your best to do the job you’ve tasked yourselves, as the City lags behind in those activities listed above.
    As for Lsk Maor you put your job on the Line. Comment

    • nineo

      You PF idiots, you should call this your “PF Task Force”! How dare you call it Lusaka Task Force? Who appointed you? What right do you have to even engage the council which was legally voted to run the affairs of the City of Lusaka?

    • Chichi

      I thought they were meeting the mayor over his sleeping on duty.
      Am also expecting crowds to meet a thief at state house over among other issues: fire trucks, ambulances, highway tender, his mansions, etc.
      Some should also meet Home Affairs minister Kampyongo over the cars he received as a gift from the very company that supplied horrible fire trucks.
      Signs off cute Chichi girl

      • Jimmy mk

        Where were you Chichi ?it has been Long time . Have missed Your comments

        • Chichi

          I was busy with school Jimmy. How’s life with you that side? I hope you still have enough because kaminamisa is stealing everything.
          Signs off cute Chichi girl

  2. Marker

    Thanks Very much for Mature way you have used to engage the Mayor other than those condemnation he was receiving as the saying go “Twende babili temwenso”

    • RB

      That’s the only way we can move together with our leadership. I salute the team.



  4. Musial

    I wish the other cities in the country could do the same, especially in Kitwe.

  5. Marker

    This is what you should be doing other than going to the media, unless the Mayor becomes unaccommodating you’re free to expose him.And for the Mayor when you are up don’t forget those below one day you will need them.Work together .


    Kalumba is sleeping too much so lets just change the capital city to Kitwe.This mayor is just a common kalyafye.

    • ROKA

      leading Lusaka town is not easy at district level especially the council and Education. This is because every one wants to lead plus interference from headquarters of a given ministry. They simply order. for the reversal of any decision made instantly

  7. Mwale

    The task team MUST examine the City Plans and halt all the new developments which do not include water borne sewer systems. We must stop all septic tank solutions and all new development areas MUST have streets, Water sewer lines, Water pipes, and ZESCO lines. The old model of just dishing out land without any linkages to a healthy occupant is diabolic and must be discarded. Development costs money and there are no short cuts. The only short cuts are the outcomes of such practices which lead to miserable citizens denied of basic sustainable services due to poor planning by the city planners and their authorizing councillors.

  8. Michael Kopano Mwanangombe

    Task force also involve communities and Corporate Companies in your team. Suggestion boxes must be introduced and if possible also include some ex ZCCM Executives ,the likes of Max Sichula in your team. The roads in the main business centres needs upgrading and outright cleaning 24/7.

  9. xmonk

    The moment you mention that lazy man ?, I feel my stomach. That man provokes me. I voted for him under the expressions that he is an intelligent but I have come to believe that leadership is a different thing.

  10. Daniels

    These street vendors you allowed to trade in town have shops in their residential areas which they have abandoned and rented out to foreigners. Pliz can you ensure that they are removed from streets in town at all costs.

  11. why

    an amature is now able to categorise yo facaulty and yo .long live our maya we love u long live pf.put the camera man in the cells

  12. mulongoti

    Oooh Lusaka so far is the dirtiest town in the country Lusaka city council, the ministry of local government, the national housing authority to negotiate the housing authority to build houses for the council and give them to the public for rent l Lusaka is to congested

  13. cts

    Lsk city z too dirt,,,unga vele nansoni to tell a folena dat diye captl city yatu.u cant even compare it to Harare ,,,these street vendaz awee mwandi so disgusting.

  14. Nathan


  15. Jose

    tell him to stop sleeping on duty, that’s bad behavers and stupid manners. its time to clean lusaka city.

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